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Duterte quite obviously hiding his wealth

Anybody with a bank account would conclude without a shadow of a doubt that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is hiding his unexplained wealth – at least P211 million in a BPI branch, as Senator Antonio Trillanes alleged.

Look, what would you do if somebody falsely claimed that you had P100 million in your bank account, when you had much, much less?

You would log on to your online account – which most banks and depositors now use, and which I suppose Duterte does, too, to monitor his wealth from far-way Davao – download your account information, its history, and then print it out.

Or the easier way would be to go to the bank, give the teller your passbook and ask her to update it. I did this myself recently and it just took 15 minutes for the teller to post on it my transactions since I opened the account in 2011.

It’s really as easy as that to debunk a false claim that you have such amounts as this and that in your bank account.

This is no longer the era of banks keeping information about your account in brown Manila envelopes and logged manually in those thick ledger books, folks. Banks’ digital information systems are designed to produce all of the details of your bank account in nanoseconds on a computer screen or a printed page.

Duterte could just have photocopied his bank statements the day after Trillanes made the allegation, released them and in his usual vulgar way, bullied him in front of national media saying: “O, ito ang report ng bangko, ko. Kainin mo Senator Trillanes, at baka isampal ko sa iyo. [Here is my bank account report. Eat it, or I’ll slap your face with it].” He could have done this and served the Republic well by invoking Trillanes’ promise to resign as Senator if his allegations were proven wrong.

But what does Duterte do?

Just to handle the P211 million allegation? Duterte joins lawyer-of-last-resort FIRST Panelo’s gallery of clients (from extreme right, the late Andal Ampatuan, Jr., and then Ampatuan, Jr.)
Just to handle the P211 million allegation? Duterte joins lawyer-of-last-resort FIRST Panelo’s gallery of clients (from extreme right, the late Andal Ampatuan, Jr., and then Ampatuan, Jr.)

First, as he and his followers can manage at their best level of discourse, he calls Trillanes names: idiot, putang-ina. I don’t have an account at BPI Julia Vargas, he claims.

But when a journalist and a staff of candidate Mar Roxas proved the existence of those accounts by depositing pesos and dollars into them using the account numbers Trillanes disclosed, Duterte changes his story, and admits he has those accounts at BPI.

He actually even plays the role, really hilariously, of the ignorant “promdi,” mumbling he doesn’t know how much money he has in his account because he is confused with the zeros. But a slip of the tongue betrays his ploy, saying that Trillanes is wrong to claim he has P211 million. “I only have a little less [than that],” he says, while the recorders are rolling. A day later, realizing that he has practically admitted to having a huge loot of unexplained money, he says he is just “playing Trillanes along.”

And if he only has thousands and not tens of millions in his account, why does he have to contract one of the most expensive criminal lawyers in the country, Salvador Panelo, to make sure the bank doesn’t disclose his accounts, or if it has to, only after the elections?

Panelo has built up a reputation in the country’s legal circles as the most expensive criminal lawyer “of the last resort.” His most well known client at the moment is the Ampatuan clan, charged with the most heinous Maguindanao massacre of 58 innocent people in 2009. (Panelo claims that the massacre was committed by Ampatuan’s political rivals, so they should get the blame!)

He has also served as lawyer for Denice Cornejo, who has been accused by TV entertainer Vhong Navarro – with the full support of ABS-CBN – of kidnapping and serious physical injuries. And when no one wanted to take on the case, Panelo was the lawyer who successfully got the court to annul Jewel Lobaton’s marriage to senator Koko Pimentel.

Quite inexplicably also, it was Duterte who contracted Panelo to defend Universal Guiding Star Bus driver Daniel Espinosa, accused of criminal negligence for driving the bus that rammed the taxi carrying Malaya editor and journalism professor Chit Estela-Simbulan and killed her in 2011.

While Duterte has contracted the services of Panelo, the criminal lawyer who has been a Duterte supporter – though he is not from Davao but from Naga City – is not known to handle cases pro bono.

His acceptance fee is said to be P10 million, a veteran lawyer said, and the talk is that he asked Duterte for P20 million to handle this P211 million allegation, reportedly telling the candidate’s staff that his fee is a drop in the bucket of his overflowing campaign kitty.

It was Panelo who designed Duterte’s purported “waiver,” which turned out to be so legally convoluted that BPI lawyers said they had never seen such a “waiver” before that they now have to study it closely with their external law counsels to be sure the bank won’t be sued.

It is such legal study that would take time, as the bank could produce all the details of Duterte’s bank transactions with a few clicks on their computers, and five minutes tops to print the report out.

And how much time would BPI lawyers need to do their legal study? Seven working days, which means it would be available only after May 9. Watch Duterte declare, “Eh putangina, binigay ko na nga waiver ko, ano pa gusto nila?”

Panelo’s alleged P20 million fee for handling this controversy obviously is well-earned.

I cannot fathom why Duterte’s followers still believe this scoundrel is poor.

Quiboloy’s poster in a recent event.
Quiboloy’s poster in a recent event.

Appointed by the Appointed
What gives me goose pimples over candidate Duterte is his closeness to this self-proclaimed “God’s anointed” pastor Apollo Quiboloy. So close that he even recently admitted – oblivious to the law that government officials receiving gifts from private persons commit graft – that Quiboloy gifted him with three prime properties in Davao, a Nissan Safari and a Ford Expedition.

Maybe it’s just another indication of our overarching tribal ethos, as I just recently wrote about, since Quiboloy is from the foothills of Mt. Apo in Davao, and his “Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name” the biggest cult to emerge from this frontier city.

But it seems Duterte is not only being heavily funded by Quiboloy, with this cult leader’s state-of-the-art helicopters at his disposal. Quiboloy is Duterte’s spiritual adviser, which could explain how easy it was for him to joke a few months back, “Putangina, Pope, nakaka-traffic ka. Umuwi ka na.”

Religious tolerance, my foot. Quiboloy is a crackpot. Unlike most religious preachers here, Quiboloy has declared himself as the “Appointed Son of God.” His support for Duterte means he thinks the mayor is the “Appointed by the Appointed Son of God.”

Read the following quotes which are lifted verbatim from his cult’s website (kingdomofjesuschrist.com) and from his personal site (apolloquiboloy.com) and tell me if you don’t think he is nuts:

“Pastor Quiboloy is just an ordinary man like us, but he was called, he was chosen, he was anointed and appointed to become the Son of God in these last days to lead us back to the perfect will of the Father. He now reigns as the King of the New Creation, of the New Heavens and the New Earth. And in this generation, he was chosen to be the Father’s dwelling place, His Temple, and His residence here on Earth, for he overcame and was completely freed and delivered from the serpent seed.”

“When the Father called me, He isolated me in two mountains. He let me go through some spiritual experiences that I never had before. He said, ‘I’ll give to you the spirits of these ministries: the Mosaic, Solomonic and the Prophetic ministries.’

“People of the world listen to me! The Day of the Lord began on April 13. He has appointed this day to judge the world and He cannot judge the world if there is no standard.

“When I say He has appointed me to be His Son, that means that He is here living inside of me. The words I speak unto you I speak not of myself but the Father that liveth in me. Therefore, as the Appointed Son, I can say, ‘I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life, no one goes to the Father but by me.” In this ministry it is very clear where the Son is! I will point to myself as the Son! The Son is here!”

No wonder these two are very close friends. Both are megalomaniacs, one seeing himself as the “Son of God,” the other as the nation’s “Savior.”


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  1. Ay Naku!

    Quiboloy could be Duterte’s laundry man. Since donations to religious groups are exempt from taxes and audit it’s a very easy way to launder ill gotten money. That could be the reason for the “gifts”. Quiboloy, as Duterte claims,buys two properties, one for Digong and the other one for himself (commission?). Win or lose, the truth Digong’s hidden wealth will be unravelled soon.

  2. Antonio villanueva

    He came like a living legend. He talk straight, he is transparent (admitting having 2 mistresses), he is honest (expressing sexual fantasy for a raped and murdered nun), he is decisive (admitted killing criminals), he is principled (does’nt care if he looses the presidency, he won’t take back his words).

    Not obstructed by silly good manners, morality, legality, etiquette or nice guy image – HE HAS POLITICAL WILL. He is the answer to all our frustrations. Like: “Ano 80 years old may dalang bala? Patuluyin sa biyahe yan! Ikulong ang mga pulis” CHANGE IS COMMING! We fell in love with him!

    All the the issues hurled against him so far maybe just fears by some people that he may be a bad president. But the case of undeclared bank account in the SALN is a real and solid corruption issue. This issue has been dragging on for days and is very frustrating. IF HE CAN ONLY BE HIS TRUE SELF AND WEILD HIS POLITICAL WILL, THIS WILL BE OVER IN AN INSTANT!
    Or is he the same man we fell in love with?

    1. Elma Rugar

      When you already have millions sourced out elsewhere and perhaps illegally you really won’t care about the Presidency unless you plan on obtaining more when you assume the position. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  3. MAR

    Wag kayung maniwalasa pambibintang sa maling balita. Ang pilipinas ang pinakamayamang bansa pero bakit di tayu umaasinso dahil corrupt ang mga tao. Bakit sa DAVAO ang laki ng pinagbago dahil hindi corrupt ang leader. Tuwid na daan? Marami pa nga ang daan na hindi simintado ngaun at baloktot katulad ng pamumuno nila. DU30 WILL ALWAYS BE DU30 NO MATTER WHAT. THE CHANGE IS COMING IF YOU WANT CHANGE TO BE HAPPEN. ALSO STOP INCLUDING SPIRITUAL PEOPLE TO THIS POLITICAL ISSUE PASTOR APOLLO IS JUST HELPING MAYOR RODRIGO BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDS. IF THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING papatayin sila ng konsensya nila at ang unang hahatol sa kanila ay ang diyos.

  4. P.Akialamiro

    Obviously, Duterte, as a person, is not as bad as all those corruptions by the government officials, the members of the oligarch and intelligentia group who ‘rule’ the country, at the expense of the poor and powerless for so many years. Diverted shows his ‘genuine’ concern for the masses.

    The pill might be bitter, but the ills must be cured; change is NOW or NEVER!

    1. P.Akialamiro

      Diverted should be…. “Duterte.shows….”

  5. Menard

    Para sa SAMBAYANAN:
    Hindi natin kilala ang tunay na katauhan ni duterte at Trillanes kung sino sila sa tunay na buhay at lalong hindi rin nila kilala ang bawat isa sa atin. Pero kung malinis ang iyong pagka-Tao at konsensiya, wala kang itatago at diba madaling sabihin ang katotohanan? Kung malinis kang tao wala ka dapat na pangambahan dahil hindi ka sinungalin diba? Salamuch.

  6. To the Max

    The next vice president is going to be so lucky. This guy will be out of his office in no time. The military will take him out via either people power or coup deta. He cannot compare himself with Marcos. Marcos is a super genius that has a firm control of the military via General Ver. He is a NPA sympathizer. Even Jose Maria Sison will be back in town if Duterte wins. PMA ers, save our country.

  7. emviti

    Parang awa niyo na, HUWAG iboto si duterte.

  8. Kia

    Sabihin na natin na may P211 million na pumasok nung birthday ni Mayor ng March 28, 2014 at ang pinakita ni Mayor ay bank certification with balance ending March 31, 2014, hindi nya mailalabas ang P211 million dahil ang March 29-30, 2014 falls on a Saturday and Sunday. At para mawithdraw ang full P211 million in one day ay imposible dahil magiging questionable na yun. Isa pa pag magwiwithdraw ng malaking amount sa bank ng isang bagsakan, maraming magiging tanong ang bank dahil pwede nila yan ireport sa AMLC. Sana may nag check ng calendar para kay Sen. Trillanes tutal pinagaralan naman daw nila ng mabuti ang nasabing transactions diba. Di na kailangan ang full history dahil sa statement palang ni Trillanes kung kelan pumasok ang pera napaka-imposible na mailabas agad in one or two days.

  9. Lalaine G. Hits

    For the first time I agree with you Mr. Tiglao. You hit it right. Some wont agree but if only they will use not only their heart but their minds, they will agree na tama po kayo.

  10. Renato Galang

    For the first time, I fully agree with on an issue: your description of Duterte and Quiboloy as megalomaniacs.

  11. Ludy

    Tama po kayo. Am sre God will not allow any evil president to win.

    1. emilio

      ginamit mo pa name ng GOD sa katangahan mo



  13. shadow

    You don’t know what you’re saying. Dahil una sa lahat Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is NOT a cult. Kahit ano pang pambabash niyo o paglalabas ng mga issues kay Mayor Duterte,obvious naman na na gusto ng mga tao nang Pagbabago. TUNAY na pagbabago. Tama na ang ilang taong panunungkulan ng baluktot na daan. Ang isang Rodrigo Duterte ang kailangan ng Pilipinas!

    1. alvintsamaria68@yahoo.com

      Think my friend….think bago ka magsalita………lahat ng relihiyon sinasabi isa lang ang son of God…….at kung sino man ang magsasabi nun sa harap ng tao…dapat i request mo agad na sana tulungan ang may kailangan…ganun di si Digong….madali lang pabulaan ang accussation sa kanya ni Trillanes….kaso pina-ikot niya ang issue….sabi nga ni Mr. Tiglao..pumunta ka lang sa bank branch in question at ipakita mo yung passbook mo….presto may transaction history statement ka,,kaibigan….hindi mo na kailangan mag-hire ng abogado…..think twice or thrice my friend…..si Duterte is…..LIKE A WOLF IN A SHEEPS’ CLOTHING….

  14. nimrod

    Trillanes spins tales from the twilight zone ….. interest rates are scraping the bottom of the investment barrel, you say the SOP now is electronic, online baking, nobody would place his millions in a bank account only to realize later on that its value has been eroded …… politicians , criminals ,. businessmen hire accountants and fund managers to launder their local and foreign in real estate , gold bullion, precious stones, postage stamps , paintings, antiques, rhino horns, tiger penis , blue chip stocks. etc etc …. under the names of their holding companies and foundations …. is there a need for an MBA degree to do it?

  15. ren fuentes

    mr tiglao, am a bpi depositor and i monitor my bank account via internet. detailed balance that you can get is 60 days counting backwards from to date . since the date is 2014, i doubt if du30 can do what you suggested. the only way is to ask for the bank to do it for you.

    1. rigoberto

      Change your bank to one that provides better info services

  16. butter

    Time for Duterte to give way and endorse Binay for the sake of this country .
    Binay and Marcos , is still the Candidate that can move this country forward!

    1. James

      Nasaan ang appointment paper ni Quiboloy na galing sa Diyos mismo na siya ay appointed son of God? WALA! Kahit naman sino pwede mag claim anytime na siya ay appointed son of God. Sobrang obvious naman na kulto itong grupo na to. Inuuto-uto lang ni Quiboloy mga followers niya, ginagatasan, at nagpapayaman sa mga abuloy ng mahihirap na members.

      Kung pareho si Quiboloy at Duterte na megalomanic at merong messiahnic complex, yung mga followers din nila ay parehong mga utouto.


      maka kokey ang peg… shut up ka nalang di na uso dito sa binay… pasikat… dumadami yung mga mangmang na katulad mu …dahil sa mga post mo…. pasikat! pray ka nalang namin… para ma enlighten ka….

  17. supsupin

    The BSP has rules on big amounts deposits/withdrawals the banks themselves are duty bound to report. What is BSP doing to implement these rules..and in this Julia Vargas BPI account of Mr. Du30 was the bank remiss of their obligations to report/inform BSP about the alleged billions of transactions that come and go in this account. If the banks were remiss, then what is BSP doing about non-compliance (sorry to my BSP Auditor friends, you must have uncovered these anomalies if they are true)? Rules were meant to mitigate/control irregularities and if the major stakeholders were the ones not following the rules, mayhem happens. So there you are, RCBC, BPI and more…are skirting the rules of BSP….RP Banking System in synopsis.

  18. Nymrod Owen

    Pastor’s Annointment was not a self-proclaim… The Father gave it to him… and he is not a cult… Pastor Apollo thaught me and the followers of him through repentance and offering your life to the Father is the key to be saved… and doing His will… He is just a simple man teaching the Lessons that the Father had given him… PRAISE THE FATHER!!!

    1. James

      Nasaan ang appointment papers ni Quiboloy na pirmado ng Diyos? Nasan?

    2. john cruz

      si trillanes ang daming ipinakitang papeles ng bank account ni digong na napatunayang tooto pero hindi ninyo pinaniwalaan. tapos si quiboloy sinabi lang na appointed siya ng Diyos, pinaniwalaan ninyo… nasaan ang utak ninyo?

  19. Sargento

    Why Apollo Quiboloy is a billionaire? If I’m a crooked politician and Quiboloy is my old friend, the best place to launder my money is in his church!

    I don’t think that just from the members tithes for over 30 years ( est. 1985 ) Quiboloy’s church Kingdom of Jesus Christ,The Name Above Every Name, Inc can raise a billion.
    Remember, most of his members started from the slums and the poor.

    Have you ever wondered why Duterte is using Quiboloy’s helicopter and private plane for campaigning? It’s because Duterte owned it.

    I suspect that Quiboloy’s cult is another Napoles that’s why he is amassing billions in just 20 years by hiding corrupt politicians money! It’s also a coincidence that Duterte has been in office for around that long too!

    Cash based ang business nya tax free pa so no paper trail dahil walang resibo and Quiboloy can just say ” Our church collection is one billion IN CASH this year ”

    If you wanna get rich easily just follow Quiboloy.

    1. Start a cult
    2. Look for corrupt politicians
    3. Volunteer your church to hide or launder their cash money tax free
    4. Invest in the media for propaganda
    5. Claim you have a million followers


    1. James

      On point!


      wew…. wagas maka sabi ang pegz ah… di naman alam yung truth … please lang dumadamim na yung mga mangmang na katulad mu…. so better nalang to shut up kung wala naman alam… anak nang patis.,.. pasikat… sana ma enlighten ka… nakakahiya… cupal lang ang peg para sumikat,,…

  20. Mari Aceli Arenas

    Mr. Tiglao, I respect you for your opinion. I just cannot agree with you saying Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is a ‘megalomaniac.’ Don’t accuse right away because you don’t know the person. If you don’t like Duterte or his supporters, you may campaign for your own and we will also respect that.

  21. charito

    Dear God, PLEASE Bless our nation to finally have the President it truly needs. BLESS every FILIPINO to decide and vote according to Your example. When the OFFICIAL and FINAL result is released, please grant every Filipino the acceptance necessary for the PEACEFUL Transition to the next President of the Republic of the Philippines.

  22. warlaw

    Mirriam na lang ako. Siya ang pinaka totoong kandidato. Hindipinapangako ang moon and stars. Wag lang manalong Vp si Marcos. Robredo sana. Ok na ang Pinas for 6 years.

  23. Meo

    I suggest Grace Poe to drop from the race in order to solidify the vote of sane and thinking people to that of Mar Roxas. This is the only way to stop Duterte in fracturing our nation. I hope Grace Poe will realize that Duterte is unstoppable now. For love of God and Country, Poe should make the ultimate sacrifice and endorse Mar Roxas to her avid followers. This is the only way. God save the Philippines!

    1. Gem

      Kahit mag back out si Poe ngayon e talo pa rin si Mar at pupunta Kay Duterte ang Boto ni Poe. Kaya nga spare tire si Poe dahil alam ni pnoy Talunan si Mar.

    2. jo

      I beg to disagree. Miriam Santiago is the best option!

    3. James

      I agree. Mar and Poe should just join forces now, but I doubt there is enough time left.


      Mar really? yung naka dilaw … wew… para namang iba yung mutibo niya.. its better to have #DU30 that Mar…

  24. Conde

    I admire bobby tiglao on his commentaries on d30 though i am not a great fan of you cause you are formerly allied wid gma. U can never say anything more coz cnabi na lahat ng ibang ng comment. All i can say is that there should be transparency and you are right in a matter of seconds mlalaman mo na kng mgkano ang balance mo and the transaction history mo sa bangko thru the internet and you can print it. Waiver is not needed and did not need to hire a counsel thats it if u really dont hide something. Kudos to the writer.

  25. alfer

    Will the the politician (in the Philippines) who have no millions in their bank account please stand up . . .

    1. Augusto M Cosio

      So Duterte is just like all the trapos in this country. Why are you his followers claiming you are for change?

  26. Romy

    Sa Wakas, Mr. Tiglao gising ka rin pala sa katotohanan.

  27. Minti Calso

    So close to the election – charges as practiced by dirty politicians should be taken with a sack (not just a grain) of SALT.

    They (Trillianes, Roxas, Poe, etc.) should shut and if Duterte is elected, there is the impeachment road to get rid of him just like Estrada!.

    Bunch of sad/dirty losers by next Tuesday!

  28. victorts

    All government officials hide their wealth. The people know that and could do nothing but tolerate because they have no choice. This is specially true in this administration of Aquino where he rewarded allies and non-allies with billions of pesos if they just did what he wanted. As a result, all senators, SC justices, ombudsman, COA auditors, AMLC leaders who received bribes from him got richer, but did not deposit their added riches to bank accounts that could easily be opened. Most probably converted their largesse into dollars and deposited them abroad. So let us stop being hypocrites by accusing each other of thievery in this administration of thieves.

    1. kim

      So walang pagbabago kasi corrupt din si duterte.

  29. Gem

    Certification nga Lang ang hinihingi ni Duterte Sa BPI e 7 days bago Nila maibigay at Meron silang protocol Na sinusunod. Dapat sampahan ng kaso ni Trillanes si Duterte para Meron court order Na buksan agad yan bank account. Kaso dinadala Sa trial by publicity ang Talunan at Kulelat at yan ang way out Nya para Hindi sya mapahiya Sa mga Tao Na walang tiwala Sa kanya ang mga Tao Kaya Talunan. Ibibigay Nya ang kahiyaan sa ibang Tao at gracefully hero sya at hinding Hindi Nya matanggap Sa buhay Nya na Talunan sya. Saan ang Rule of Law dito? Trial by Publicity agad. O di napahiya sya at bogus yung affidavit Nya. Hearsay/Tsismis/Turo Turo system at yung De Mesa bakit walang pirma Sa affidavit ni Trillanes O sariling affidavit reinforcing Trillanes affidavit. Yung alledgelly BPI bank record na hawak ni Trillanes at Hindi authenticated ng BPI at dinis own ng BPI galing Sa kanila. PAG yan ginamit Sa korte Meron paglalagyan yan Sa basurahan at walang credibility.

    1. eolino

      ano nga ba naman ang credibility ni trillanes….dapat nga na sa kulungan pa yan…kaya takot na takot kay duterte maging president..

    2. jo

      We don’t rely solely on credibility in determining the truth of the accusation. Even the most lowly person can say truth as no one among us has the monopoly of truth. Don’t have a person because a person can do good or bad. Use logic in determining the truth instead of emotion and allegiance to someone. May the good Lord guide you. I suggest that you switch to Miriam Santiago instead!

  30. Venancio

    Meantime, Pnoy frantically goes to the INC headquarters to seek Manalo’s support, now what do you call that?

  31. Tom cruz

    Laki ng envelope nakuha ng unggoy nagsulat neto. Tingnan mo haba ng sulat. Lahat ng sinasabi puro na lang paninira. Bla blah blah blah Blah… kahit anong sabihin mo nakataga na sa bato boto namin kay duterte. Sira boy

  32. Anton

    Then why the doj and ombudsman start investigation on him for unexplained wealth and finally corruption. Or are we the land of the crooks. Or better yet why not just legalize corruption as long as govt get 40% cut on it.

  33. Brian

    Well said sir,sana huwag mag presidente ang tao na umaming mamatay tao and ubod ng sinungaling..una 3-6 months uubusin daw ang criminal sa PILIPINAS..eh diyos ko sa DAVAO ndi nangyari hanggang ngyn daming criminal dun na sariling lugar nya..tapos babalik na daw c CCP-NPA joma sison and bibigayan ng pwesto sa gobyerno nya..ano gagawin natural papatayin ang kagalit nya dito..Sa mga bumobota kay duterte maawa kyo sa bayan..Yan ba ang presidente na gusto nyo pinagmamalaki na pumapatay ng tao, minumura ang c Pope Francis, minumura ang kaalyado ng pilipinas tulad ng amerika,australia at nitong huli ang india, tapos yung na rape na australian na pinatay na na-rape pa and ssbhn nya putangina dapat sya daw muna..Kandidato pa lng sya ngyn pero ang Dami na yang nasabi na kagaguhan how much more pag naging presidente pa yan..Magisip po tayo dhl tayo ang kawawa bandang huli..GOD BLESS US ALL

  34. voyage

    bakit kaya tahimik si Cayetano at hindi mabanggit ang palagi niyang challenge sa mga politiko o personality na inaakusahan ng corruption at hidden wealth na “kung wala kang itinatago, bakit hindi ka pumirma ng bank waiver?”

    baka makatikim si Cayetano ng mura kay Digong at sabihing umalis siya sa harapan niya at baka masampal siya.

  35. L A

    Ganyan na ba kayaman ngayon ang dating estudyante na nagtayo ng SR (Samahang Radikal – a name culled from the acronym of his frat, rhosig) sa Diliman? I am sure he will be far more rich after 30 June 2016 when beneegno gets his legal services to get out of jail – and be able to post a Bond. More so when Sal can prolong the hearing for more than six years when there would be a new president who may be able to grant a presidential pardon in the spirit of unity.

  36. John Lecturno

    I admire you for having the guts to criticize these two fools. All the crookedness and insincerity of these two are obvious. What I don’t understand are the legions of followers who support Duterte despite all of this. It will be understandable if it were just people from Davao but we have people from all classes and all regions of the country following him with blind faith. On cannot help but lose all faith not only with the government but with the Filipino people as well if they are willing to elect this scoundrel to the highest elected office.

    1. billy

      if Duterte becomes President he will have his own version in the Phillipines, which reads;

      Captain DUTERTE: CIVIL WAR ??????

      GOD save us. Your will be done!!!!!!!

    2. billy

      does a Duterte win means,

      Captain DUTERTE: CIVIL WAR ??????

      GOD save us. Your will be done.

    3. diosdado

      those people who support digong have only simple consideration his tough stand on criminality and corruption. This is not blind faith. the masses including many in the middle class are also people who think but have only one xfactor they consider in digong- his proven toughness bordering on thugness. This image is what people admire when hopelessness seem looming. Good or godliness is impractical to the people especially the common people. Thugness with some goodness is what they are looking which may give them a short cut to peace and order and corruption.

  37. Keem Wong

    The Philippines will soon be isolated from our international friends and neighbors under the regime of Duterte. The Philippines will become Cuba (with only one friend as Russia) that the only country that will recognize us would be China. The children of Duterte will have monopoly of the drug, smuggling syndicates to add more to their P2B pesos. The problem in the Philippines is that the parents of the abusive children need to be erased in order for them to be disciplined. Look at the Binays: somebody has to put up an umbrella to Junjun Binay during night time. The Dutertes: the children are the masterminds of the crime syndicates.

    1. Gem

      Hindi mangyari yan sinasabi mo at ang isinusulong ni Duterte ay Federalism Form of Govt. Kaya naghihirap ang bawat provincia dahil controllado masyado ng presidente ang pondo Sa bawat provincia. Aasenso Na ang bawat provincia pag Federal type of govt Na at hawak Na ng bawat provincia ang pondo Nila Na galing mismo Sa mga Tao Nila sa provincia. Ipapasa ni Duterte yan Death Penalty at grabe Na ang krimilidad Sa atin. Mawawala Na yan mga rebeldeng grupo at makikita Na Nila ang improvement ng buhay Sa Federal system form of govt. Tignan mo ang US at Federal ang govt at bawat state asenso. Si Duterte ang Lee Kuan Yew ng Singapore.

      1. Witty

        Hayaan mo sila kanya kanya yan kahit isang milyong balita pa isusulat nila didilat nalang mata nila hindi nila tayo makukumbinse. Lalo kung napatunayan na ang ating gobyerno ay ay sakim sa kapangyarihan at walang pakialam sa mga mahihirap pinoprotektahan lang nila ang sa tingin nila ay makakabuti para sa kanilang mayayaman. Nakakalungkot isipin na marami pa rin sa atin ang bulag sa katotohanan na di nakikita ang tunay na kahirapan ng nakakaraming mahihirap na pilipino.

    2. Michelle S.

      Ms. Gem, with all due respect, Federalism is a double edged sword, specially in the case of our Nation, as you mentioned in your post, sinasabi mo na bahala na ang mga probinsya sa kani-kanilang pondo, if you do research a bit paano na yung mga probinsya na pinaka mahihirap sa Pilipinas? So maiiwan na sila ng tuluyan kasi pondo lang nila ang pagkukuhanan nila? Also, paki silip ang per capita income ng mga iba’t ibang rehiyon ng Pilipinas at makikita mo kung saan nanggaling ang pinakamalaking source of tax ng gobyerno, sa isang federal form of gov’t yung federal government pa din ay may kapangyarihan na mag allocate ng funds sa mga lugar na naghihikahos o kulang sa infrastructure or sa mga gastusin na may national concern or effect. Federalism is also an obvious threat to the hegemony of the Philippines, sa kasalukuyan ang mga rebelde sa Mindanao ay nagsususlong ng paghiwalay sa bansang Pilipinas, kung sila ay mabibigyan ng legal na pagkakataon na hindi maisasama ang mga boses ng ibang mga Pilipino na nakatira sa Mindanao, hindi malayong mag declare na humiwalay sila sa ating bansa at sumama sa Malaysia, pag nagka ganun mas matinding gulo ang mangyayari sa atin, at palaisipan din na sa tagal ng ARMM na binigyang ng bilyones na pondo, bakit mahirap pa din ang nasasakupan nito? Subalit napakayaman ng mga namumuno dito? Huwag natin sanang kalimutan ang sakripisyo ng ating mga bayani na pag isahin ang Pilipinas dahil ang punot dulo ng kahinaan nito simulat simula pa ay ang pagkawatak watak ng mga tao dito, regionalistic ika nga, tagalog, bisaya, ilocano, tausug, maranaw, igorot, etc, huwag tayong bumalik sa ganung sistema dahil ang lakas ng Pilipinas ay sa pagkakaisa sa paniniwala na ang tama para sa nakakarami ang mananaig at hindi magbulag bulagan dahil ka – probinsya o uso o sikat o mababaw ang mga sinusulong at kaalaman. Salamat po sa pag respeto sa aking opinyon.

      1. Gem

        Syempre Meron support pa yan sa national govt at maraming resources ang govt tulad ng malampaya etc. yan Lang ang solution to have a total peace at Hindi ang BBL. Duterte is the only guy that can unite all rebel factions into our society. Kaysa sa kasulukuyan natin form of govt e kinukurakot lamang ng taga Manila ang Kaban ng Bayan. Kaya sila Lang ang umuunlad. Hindi maghiwalay ang Mindanao Sa Federal form of govt. Part pa rin ng Pilipinas yan. Kaya yan sinasabi mong mahirap Na provincia e kurakot yan nakaupo dyan at binubulsa yung bigay ng Manila. Sa Federal System Hindi na Nila magawa yan plus ipapasa pa ni Duterte ang Death Penalty. Palagay ko titino Na ang mga Filipino. Meron ka bang nakitang mga bansa under ng Federal System form of govt naghihirap? Wala di ba.

    3. Due Dirty

      Corruption has rendered the Philippines inutile. Federalism is not a solution to corruption. Duterte is not a solution to our woes. He is a catalyst to further corruption and disintegration of the country. We are headed towards a scenario of impeachment, civil unrest, or assassination.

      1. Gem

        Baka Meron kang solution e di share mo para malaman namin.

  38. Joe

    Not actually religious, attended mass maybe 40 years ago?

    Lately i been praying each day this nation doesn’t elect Duterte.

    At some point you have to come clean with yourself and decide if you really believe in Jesus Christ as an actuality or simply a fable. Most if cornered would choose they believe. At the same time you would have to believe in Satan that represents evil, does exist just as Jesus did.

    Without evil there would be no justification for Jesus at all. The world would be utopia and He would be unemployed. So if you believe Jesus existed on earth you must concur that Satan could also manifest himself.

    Most likely he would surface in a third world country of dubious religious beliefs subject to political instability and unrest. He would offer solutions without details. He would speak the most outrageous statements that logic couldn’t digest to disavow himself. He would come in the form of a lawyer,

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