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The Church must take a stronger stand vs Duterte

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,
and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
are full of passionate intensity.
— “The Second Coming,” W.B. Yeats

With the Iglesia ni Cristo deciding to support an admitted killer, Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the Catholic Church and the El Shaddai charismatic group are the remaining big religious organizations that in these gloomy, confusing times could raise aloft the torch of reverence for human life. But they have to take a stronger unequivocal stand.

I am certainly a firm believer of the Constitutional tenet on the separation of State and Church. And I understand the dismay of some Sunday-mass goers over the officiating priest’s use of his pulpit to send a message, implicit or not, on which candidate the faithful should vote for.

The two leaders of religious organizations now supporting Duterte: INC Executive Minister Manalo and “Appointed Son of God” Quiboloy.
The two leaders of religious organizations now supporting Duterte: INC Executive Minister Manalo and “Appointed Son of God” Quiboloy.

But these are extraordinary times, and our moral compass has been lost, buried in the dirt of political warfare. Mob frenzy has broken out, making Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte the leading presidential candidate in the end. He has tapped the masses’ deep anger toward President Aquino, the exemplar of the hacendero class, and their simmering resentment against Philippine elite rule. The masses had wanted to lynch Aquino but couldn’t, and because he’s stepping down, anyway, they have instead carried the Davao Death Squad brains on their shoulders thinking they could rush to put him on the throne which Aquino is vacating.

And this is a country of unscrupulous opportunists, who would ally even with the devil, if he is popular, to remain or get into a position of power. Sad to say, even the leadership of the Iglesia ni Cristo had chosen to join the tide. Why would they support Duterte when he has demonstrated and announced his lack of reverence for life, his disregard for the rule of law, which goes against the basic tenets of Christianity?

Can’t they see that Duterte’s spiritual adviser is the cult leader, and apparently a billionaire, Apollo Quiboloy, who claims he is not just God’s sugo (messenger), but the Anointed Son of God himself?

While Duterte has captured the masses’ imagination, we cannot close our eyes to what he stands for, and we do have basic, cherished values we cannot jettison just because the masses at this political moment see him as their savior.

Never ever in our history, and even in the histories of civilized nations on earth, has there been the likes of a presidential candidate like Duterte, who boasts of killing suspected criminals with his own hands, who espouses vigilantism, and even treats corpses of suspected criminals as garbage to be disposed of quickly (“I told them to just dig a hole and bury all of them there,” he said in a speech, referring to the 16 convicts killed in the 1989 Davao hostage crisis.).

Other past so-called strong leaders in Asia had presided over mass killings of those perceived to be enemies of the state. But never ever did they brag that they themselves did the killings, nor even that they ordered such killings. When Marcos imposed Martial Law, he never announced that he was suspending the rule of law and due process, and ordering the military to kill criminals where they were found, as Duterte is espousing.

Civilized society

After all, we are a civilized society bonded by certain principles and values, among them, that no man has the right to take the life of another. Only in the past two decades have most nations on earth arrived at a consensus that not even the State can take the life of a human being, not even one who is convicted of the most heinous crime through a rigorous process of law.

We, Filipinos, have agreed to bond as a nation, the provisions of such agreement are contained in a document we call the Constitution. And among those provisions are: *  Article II, Section 11: The State values the dignity of every person and guarantees full respect for human rights.

* Article III (Bill of Rights), Section 1: No person shall be deprived of life . . . without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.

* Article III Section 11: Free access to the courts and quasi-judicial bodies and adequate legal assistance shall not be denied to any person by reason of poverty.

* Article III Section 14. No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without due process of law.

If Duterte becomes President, will he – or his audience – be smirking when after swearing by the Bible to take the presidential oath, he declares that he will “preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man”?

Do justice to every man, even suspected criminals?

For the first time ever in our history, a candidate for the presidency has declared that he does not believe in such Bill of Rights, even absurdly arguing: “Ano ang mawawala sa Pilipinas kung pagpapatayin ko lahat ng kriminal?” (“What would the Philippines lose if I killed all the criminals in this country?” (Another first time for any political leader, here or abroad to say in a speech, “Pu—ina mo Pope, umuwi ka na.”)

It is obviously beyond Duterte’s limited frontier world of Davao and beyond his comprehension that what we shall lose is not just the basic foundation of our society, the rule of law, but our very humanity. Not even crackpots who tried to run for president – “Intergalactic Earth Ambassador” Allan Carreon and “Archangel Lucifer” Nid Anima – boasted that they reject such principles.

What has happened to our country that even some of our educated elite, even veteran journalists, a few in a frenzy themselves over Duterte, those who go to Mass every day, cannot see that the Davao mayor doesn’t share our values as a nation, as Christians, or even as civilized human beings?

Mindanao oligarchs

They don’t even try to find out: Who will the Cabinet members be if Duterte gets the mandate to run the government? In their feverish elevation of Duterte as the country’s messiah, did it not cross their minds that oligarchs from Mindanao are behind him?
A few have responded to me by claiming that I take Duterte’s statements too seriously, that he will adhere to the rule of law when he becomes President.

So he is just lying, playing to the crowd when he boasts that he directed the so-called “Davao Death Squad,” that he is responsible for more than 1,424 extrajudicial killings in Davao from 1998 to 2015, of whom 57 were women? Would Duterte have roused such a mob frenzy if he merely promised to fight crime with all the legal powers he could wield?

It is such an indictment of the opportunism of our elites that, because Duterte has maintained his lead in voter-preference surveys, they have declared their support for the Davao city mayor, and joined the mob in praising him as the leader that would turn around the country, even when they knew in their hearts that the man did not have the qualities of leadership to do so.

In any other civilized nations on earth, the elites are not only the economic-political elite but are the defenders of the cherished, basic values of their countries. These are the people who would have quickly declared Duterte as unfit to run for office because his values conflict with the nation he wants to lead. Obviously not so in this pathetic country.

In any other civilized nation on earth, there are repositories for those societies’ values – the mass media, the academe, NGOS, as well as industry and professional associations – who would not have hesitated to condemn a Duterte. Obviously not so in this country.

That leaves us with the Catholic Church, as well as the other Christian churches and religious movements, such as El Shaddai, excluding of course, the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Indeed, despite its basic reactionary character, and being an organization that has historically supported the oligarchy, the Catholic Church in 1986 maintained its moral compass, and called on its members, not to overthrow Marcos, but to revere life in the midst of political storm, and to do so, to assemble around Camp Crame to discourage Marcos’ military machines from taking lives.

Will this church sit idly by, and make only timid protests, as Duterte, who rejects the most basic Christian tenets and the core values of society, assume power?

If it doesn’t take a stronger stand against Duterte despite his popularity, the church will be abdicating its very reason for existence. It would be such a leap backward if the Right Wing, the reactionary military, and the oligarchs were the ones who acted to stop Duterte.

Aquino has made Filipinos desperate, so anguished that he and his candidate, Mar Roxas, has created the Duterte phenomenon. But perhaps once is enough. After suffering this regime as led by an incompetent megalomaniac, we as a nation may perhaps no longer be able to endure another megalomaniac, especially a violent one.

The feeling of déjà vu is unmistakable. The mob adulation of Duterte is the same kind of frenzy in 2010 over what the masses thought was their savior, the Son of the Queen of Democracy. Earlier, in 1998, the mob was for Erap Para sa Mahirap. Both of them had voter-preference ratings topping 45 percent, higher than their counterpart today, who has garnered a high of only 33 percent.


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  1. Peter Guevarra

    The article, while deploring the effect of popularity, is giving undue importance to face value.

    What it actually highlighted was that those who give off the appearance of adhering to human rights and Christian tenets can pass off as civilized.

    What is the difference between boasting about killing and committing murder in secret? Well, if you don’t bluff you won’t look like a monster in an age of political correctness.

    The reasons why people, let alone organizations like the INC, decide to vote for this or that are more complex than picking the best image. One does not decry violence by denouncing appearances. (By the way, the peace and order situation in Davao tells you more about Duterte’s view on human life. Not to be a fan of Duterte, but no one can deny what’s actually happening down there to the general public, the very people that a candidate aims to serve.)


    Tiglao helped create the monster that is Duterte. And now, he’s calling on the Catholic Church to slay the monster? No sir. Magdusa kayo kasama namin. Lumaban kayo kasama namin.

  3. arleen medina

    A vote for Duterte is a vote of resentment to this corrupt administration. Since 2013, people were clamoring for a change. after three (3) years no single change was implemented by this corrupt administration. DAP and PDAF were still in the budget when it was already declared unconstitutional. So, what can we expect from the candidates allied to this corrupt administration. It happened that Duterte is the candidate that can change this corrupt administration. It a resentment vote that Duterte is now enjoying.

  4. Fidel Guevarra

    A Duterte presidency is a major scandal and a catastrophic shame for the Filipinos that may result in a repeat of the statement of an American senator during the time of Marcos in describing the Philippines as a “country of sixty five million cowards and one son of a bitch.” This time it could be “a country of a hundred million insane cowards and one insane son of a bitch.”

    1. Juan Cruz

      Very well said sir…

  5. Amang Makabayan

    because of the abnormal development this is my fearless forcast

    My two dimes of opinion would be Mar Roxas as president using the full force and length of the government resources in whatever form in order for the Aquino Administration thwart a potential strongman in Mayor Rodrigo Duterte but to appease the masses for a potential people uprising, they will let Senator Bongbong Marcos wins the vice presidency plum because the indicators for him to win is phenomenally high such as the Loyalist Votes, the Solid North and Waray Votes, INC and El-Shaddai endorsement, Political Kingpins Endorsements, Labor and Transport Sectors endorsement, etc, in order to cool down the people’s potential uprising and will not think that the election result is obviously rigged to favor the stalwart of the administration. It would be

    President: Mar Roxas
    Vice President: Bongbong Marcos

    These indicators are frankly and vulgarly obvious. Your comment please…..

  6. Francis Dizon

    And where do you fall in Yeat’s Second Coming Mr.Tiglao? Even better, where will you fall after the election? Where have you been? Better still, where are you coming from?
    It’s time to give the people a break. Let them decide for themselves. This plea applies to your hoards of misguided readers. Let the change and the transition begin from within ourselves.
    I wish you and your friends well. You all had a good fight!

  7. litocruz

    Duterte is an expression of anger among the people who have been the victim of empty promises among politician, dynasties,and feudal families who holds the luxury of power. Our lives have never been better after the 1986 revolution, but rather worst.
    In a country which is rich with natural resources and talent we are force to leave our families to go abroad just to look for a better life .
    Duterte is not a mistake, he is the peoples “choice”, the answer to all the corruption
    perpetuated by the dynasties,feudal families and politicians.Stopping Duterte is stopping the peoples will…

  8. Ang Panday

    Mr Tiglao di ba mouthpiece ka rin noon ni Gloria Arroyo?spin doctor ka rin noon. kaliwat-kanan ang corapsyon, Kung gusto mo na magrally against duterte, mag rally ka. hanap ka nang makasama mo,si trillanes isama mo. huwag mong dalhin ang simbahan. are you the new attack dog of malacanang now.

  9. Martin Gee

    Hahaha…hmmm true to an extent!

  10. pedro

    The catholic church should stay away from politics. Its a huge turn off.

  11. EL CID

    He who has not sin shall cast the first stone.

  12. Ton You

    Why why why Mr. Tiglao? People knew you have been paid by Kugtong Yellow. Opinion. How you are going to explain this to your sons/daughters? TSK TSK TSK

  13. sgt. rambo

    I read a long time ago that the Church’s meddling with politics is disastrous to a country. The example: NO Catholic dominated country is regarded as a first-world country or highly developed. I would rather see the time when the Church or the CBCP produce a road map for them to deliver every Sunday mass on how to instill moral values to the citizens in order to reduce criminality. LIke a teacher’s lesson plan to be said during sunday’s sermon the good manners and right conduct. The citizens now are no longer Christ-oriented what with all the drug addicts, rapists, robbers, thieves and other forms of criminality. The Church with its nationwide presence and people are going to hear mass every sunday, they could inject during their sermon a few moral lessons and christian values.

  14. Frank A. Tucker

    The CHURCH (ALL denominations) must forever remain out of politics, period.

    Perhaps the Philippines should do what Mexico did some 100 years ago and make it a prosecutable offence for any clergy to meddle in State affairs.

  15. Rizalito David

    Make no mistake. We are already in the midst of a revolution. A revolution absent guns and munitions but armed with principles, values and ideas. It is a revolution between decency and indecency; ethical and unethical; respect and disrespect; humility and unbridled pride; genuine love for the poor and poor as tools of propaganda; authentic resolve and mere braggadocio; respect for life and thirst for blood; and ultimately between faith and non-faith.

    We cannot let the agents of death prevail upon our love for life. We should not allow a self-proclaimed savior to destroy our peaceful and democratic way of life. Under no circumstances should we pawn our souls and the integrity of our Church to the promises of an evil man. We can put a stop to everything that ails our society and our nation without having to resort to violence and less than humane means. We have our Christian faith to guide us and under no pretense should we take solace from a godless ideology. We are Catholics. We are Christians. And even our Muslim brethren love their faith.

    Duterte is the enemy. He is godless. He is for his narcissistic self. He is the devil’s agent. He should not prevail over us. Let us summon the St. Michael in each of us and defeat the devil in Duterte.


  16. EL CID

    I want somebody to protect my family. Crime and drugs are existential threat.

  17. jack reacher

    Why would they support Duterte when he has demonstrated and announced his lack of reverence for life, his disregard for the rule of law, which goes against the basic tenets of Christianity?

    Power Mr. Tiglao … POWER.
    INC went for Du30 so that OTHER group will not corner the juicy positions and contracts which usually goes as payback upon assumption of the next administration whom they’ve pledged support. Ito ung positions sa Cabinet (DOJ perhaps) LTO, Customs, BIR etc..

    In the coming DU30 admin, expect that this OTHER group will go NATIONAL and (as with the INC) having their CHOSEN ones on sensitive gov’t positions — directors sa GOCCs malamang … (wink wink)

    As to those proclamations .. hindi ko masyadong binibigyan nang halaga yang “papatay ng 10,000 ++”.. whatever.

    My most feared scenario is January of 2017, as they’ve committed na ” buburahin (crime free) na Pilipinas in 6 months or mag re-resign kami ..”
    His statements will hound him from day 1 of his ascendancy.. (1) magje-jet ski ako sa spratleys (2) puputulin daw niya relationships with America & Australia pag nakikialam — or something to this effect. (3) kill my kids kung involved sa drugs — oh c’mon

    HIndi yan titigilannang social media, opposition and with his short temper… ayan na ang simula at re-enactment nang isang pikon at “benggativong” presidente.

  18. odnalor somar

    The Election is fast approaching, and on Monday we are about to choose who will LEAD this country for the next 6 years.
    We as a NATION had been suffering for many years because of INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT, and GREEDY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. Because of this, we wanted CHANGE badly. We want a QUICK FIX solution to our Country’s PROBLEM.
    I too WANTED a quick SOLUTION to OUR WOES as a COUNTRY. I am not AGAINST CHANGE, I want it badly and I want to become PART of this CHANGE.
    God’s greatest Commandment is summed up in two, LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. But the scripture said that before we can LOVE GOD, WE must LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR first, we are Hypocrite to claim loving God but can’t love our Neighbors first. So if we want CHANGE badly, then the QUICK SOLUTION is TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS, because loving our neighbor is the MANIFESTATION that WE REALLY LOVE GOD.
    Loving our NEIGHBOR means, GIVING our LIFE for THEM, NOT “TAKING THEIR LIVES”. Loving your neighbors means RESPECTING THEIR RIGHTS as HUMANS, NOT TRUMPLING on their HUMAN RIGHTS because they were just LOWLY uneducated and SUSPECTED CRIMINALS. Remember, even JESUS mingled with these criminals and most if not all of them CHANGED from WORST to BEST.
    TO ALL my Friends, this ELECTION should not divide us because we have different candidates that are advocating, but my appeal is for us to be guided by GOD in casting our votes. If we WANT CHANGE, we must START from DEEP within…
    So before we cast our VOTE on Monday, we should have prayed and prayed HARD to GOD for GUIDANCE in CHOOSING our Next PRESIDENT.

  19. Greg Paniay

    Is this an essay of a loser? Even with Roberto Tiglao’s previous articles attacking Duterte, it failed to hit the masses to rethink about their votes! Some journalists just doesn’t realize that they have crossed the lines. They have become too attached to their emotion on issues, if not easily tempted to bribes.

  20. Chelle

    Just because someone is against who you perceive as “the one” doesn’t immediately mean they’re getting paid to do it or that their life is being threatened.
    People exercise their rights especially that we are under democratic rule.
    It’s what makes humanity beautiful- variety AND respect

  21. Kutonglupa

    “Ang taong nagigipit kahit sa patalim kumakapit”. It’s the desperation that drove people to embrace Duterte. With backs on the wall, due to corruptions, crimes, and drug proliferation it’s a kind of “fix it, no matter what it takes, just get the job done”. It’s my family’s life of that of the criminals?

  22. Jay R

    “That leaves us with the Catholic Church, as well as the other Christian churches and religious movements, such as El Shaddai” which unfortunately cannot deliver votes! and please stop invoking christianity here. Binay, Poe, Roxas does not pass the test of christianity either!

  23. Noel Garcia

    The Catholic Bishops the hypocrites are the recipients of Jueteng is becoming insecure. The Jueteng days are numbered under a Duterte Presidency

    1. Meo

      What? Jueteng will end if Duterte wins? Do you even know that in Davao City, the illegal number game “Last Two” is proliferating? Do you why Duterte will not stop it? Because the financier is his friend and financial backer, a big time and notorious miner. Even his son Polong is known to be the protector of this gambling racket. Open your goddam mind!

  24. Chris

    If you are a saint, you cannot defeat evil. It is the greater evil who can defeat the devil.

  25. Joe

    Try to imagine if Donald Trump promised to murder Mexicans without due process…. the FBI would arrest him onstage, handcuffs, off to jail and without a doubt convict him of hate crimes…. but this stupid country….

    I just can’t see how he can take that Presidential oath, swearing before God and the country and both God and the country know its a clear case of perjury. Will he be impeached 5 minutes later?…..this stupid country…

    What country on earth forms a cult following behind Adolf Hitler reincarnated without even wanting the fine details of his policies?…. this evil country….

  26. zak Pasiking

    Well said Sir. I am not against Mayor Duterte as a Person but his character and attitude. I am not against him as a sinner but he sins that he committed. He deliberately violated our constitution and even the constitution of God which is the Ten Commandments. He made his own constitution and putting laws on his hand.In his own words and admissions, he killed his own people not only hundreds but thousands.

    Aside from the Articles of the constitution that you have mentioned Sir,in Article 6,of the Ten Commandments, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” But he killed thousands.

    So my Beloved Philippines,, No to Dodirty. As one writer’s says”,Manila is a gate of Hell,” but Philippines, because the President is a KILLER

    1. Chris

      If you are a saint, u cannot defeat evil. it is the greater evil that can defeat evil. #duterte all the way!

  27. Arnold

    Maitanong ko lang Mr. Tigalao magkano ba bayad sayo ng mga kampon ni Roxas. May pa right to life kapa, bakit wala bang right to life ang mga inosenteng mga tao na biktima ng mga kriminal O hindi kaya wala bang right to life ang mga police na nagpaptupad nang batas. The problem sir is you keep on twisting the words of Mr. Duterte, Yes he said he is going to kill Criminals but only if they resist arrest. Alangan naman hindi mo palalabanin ang mga police eh resisting arrest nanga. Think before you write po, its called responsible journalism.

    1. To the Max

      Read what Duterte said, I killed unarmed criminals. He did not traded shots with the criminals, they were caught and probably handcuf and he murdered them. They are not resisting arrest as what you are saying. Read and understand the news.

  28. Amnata Pundit

    The Church must make a stand, period, against Comelec/Smartmatic’s sins of omission more than against the “sins” of Duterte. Duterte has victimized more than a thousand criminals? The election cheaters have victimized the entire nation, and will clearly do so again in this coming election. In the midst of all this cheating, the Church, the Makati Business Club and the American led West who have all been vocal in their objection to Duterte have eerily kept their silence. Bakit kaya? Kasi sila ang nakikinabang sa day-an na ito.

  29. Elcid Pelayo

    the hordes of Genghiz are well inside our gates and who will drive them out? verbose lawyers? pencil pushing pansies? mr. moneybag ? Milquetoast ?

  30. Luna

    All the accusations against Mayor (including those which were desperately launched recently by Malacang through its attack-dog for hire Trillanes) have never been proven in any form of judicial or administrative proceedings. You mentioned Sections 1, 11 and 14 of the Article III of the Constitution with the apparent intention to point out due process. Mr. Tiglao, with these accusations thrown against Mayor Duterte, do you think he too is being afforded due process? You know the answer, there is none. Because these issues are baseless and are just floated out of desperation by those who, directly or indirectly, wanted to stay in power.

  31. billy


    GOD Save Us. Your Will be Done.

    1. To the Max

      Now it is reality. A few weeks ago, it was just a joke. As election comes ear, a civil war is imminent. Only God can save our country. The voters are confused , when there is confusion, there is anarchy.

  32. Contis

    The catholic church should take a strong stand. This is the result of pnoys hard headedness in major issues vetoing laws such as the increase in sss pension and increase in ss law. The failure to fired non performing cabinet officials. Sa balota binuhos ang galit ng tao. This should not happen if only the govt has been sensitive to the plight of the people. Naiwan po ang middle class sa concern ng gobyerno. As to the church as the writer suggest it should lead the flock and take a solid stance before its too late. Dilly dallying will be too late.

    1. nimrod

      Millions of SSS pensioners like me must have held their peace on the blunders committed by PNoy, what broke our hearts literally was when he vetoed an additional P2,000.00 in our SSS monthly pensions. I presume most us pensioners will now reject his favored presidential candidate who will surely follow a haciendero management style……

  33. butter

    All people should be given the freedom to Vote their own Candidate. EMPOWER the public to think for themselves & vote the candidate they truly want.
    That’s what the Church /Military/Media /Comelec should be doing . Be an Independent Body as guardians of Democracy.

    The current administration & BSAquino should be barred from any activities that will try to influence and risk Killing the Spirit of this Democracy for people to Vote freely their choice.

  34. Jimm

    I fully respect you as a journalist but you also must respect others opinion on who to vote for their President. Who are you to judges others? By saying what you said implies that you yourself don’t respect the right of people on who they want to vote.

  35. witwit

    That’s the Filipino electorate for you. It does not really deserve respect.

    I wouldn’t mind if cheating happens. I cannot accept a psycho as president.

    1. dagr2013

      Ah, just like you accepted a psychopath retard in 2010. Sorry, but it’s our turn to vote for our OWN psycho this year. And our votes are real.

    2. Due Dirty

      “The die is cast”. There is no turning back. Duterte and his cohorts would rule the country.
      The best thing the Duterte-electorates could do is to wait and see if the promises are fulfilled.
      For the those who are sitting on the opposite side, be vigilant! Bantayan si Duterte.

  36. M. Philo

    Really? The faithful should take a strong stance against criminality, illegal drugs, and corruptions, and not against Digong who has the guts to fight these problems. In fact, the author and the faithful must help and support Digong in this fight.

  37. hector

    The Philippines is not a civilised society, and hence ‘you get the government you deserve’, complete with hypocricy, inequality, low standards, and widespread abuse in all its forms.

    What is also very clear is that it is a nation which has little to do with democracy, consequently life oscillates between a bun fight in the playground and a gun fight at the OK corral.

    Bluster of Malacanan may be circling the wagons as he prepares his last stand, but if a new sheriff from the hinterlands rides into town then it will be time for ‘shoot ’em up juan’, and ‘hang ’em high’. Time for wannabe John Waynes to get down from their high horse and drink their milk.

    But whoever ‘wins’ the election, one thing is clear, democracy will lose, and the whole campaign/election facade has shown that The Philippines is incapable of self-management, or progress, and is paying the price for 30 years of greed, incompetence, and plutocracy, where the overriding policy of the oligarchs and dynasts has been ‘keep them poor, uneducated, and divided’

    Reaching rock bottom is a necessary stage before realisation and rehabilitation.

    ‘For whom does the bell toll. It tolls for thee.’

    Philippines good for entertainment
    Vietnam good for investment
    Singapore good for government
    Korea good for development
    Thailand good for retirement

  38. tony

    whatever the outcome of the elections on May 9th, the will of the people MUST be accepted by everyone because if opinion writers expect voters to simply take their advice on who should be their perceived public officials should be, then what’s the point of holding an election in the first place? ….

  39. Rio Legaspi

    Accept my deep appreciation to your reasonable opinion. I’ve been reading a lot of articles from different newspaper and each of them I choose the best opinion writer and you belong to my choice.

    I am fascinated and an avid follower of Ayn Rand a writer from Russia migrated to USA and become citizen. I almost read all her novel and theory about objectivism.And with that knowledge, I began my advocacy to write in my FB my own opinion regarding our own peoples moral code in which altruism is the moral foundation. I began to realized in my own analysis that altruism was the main hindrance to change our course. Altruism weakened peoples mind abandoning reason which is the right moral foundation in a civilized society.Altruism resulted into collectivism which is the agenda of the Witchcraft and the Brutes working together to subjugate the followers resulting to a weak reasoning power.

  40. To the Max

    I am starting to doubt the sanity of the majority of our countrymen. Even the elites are joining the Duterte bandwagon. The problem is if it turns out worst, it is not only the majority that will suffer but all of us will sink in a giant sinkhole. Documented news show that this guy is bad. Solid evidences show that that he has broken the law. A NPA sympathizer . Now, it is not right to question our people sanity? Do not blame all these to Pnoy. He is just not fit to be president. Again who do we blame by voting Pnoy to be president? Who are we going to blame if Duterte becomes president?

  41. Max Alvarado

    “In any other civilized nation on earth, there are repositories for those societies’ values – the mass media, the academe, NGOS, as well as industry and professional associations – who would not have hesitated to condemn a Duterte. Obviously not so in this country.”

    Don’t worry, yellow mass media, silent majority, and so-called “civil society” of the Philippines are after his throat. And now, as it looks, even The Manila Times. I’m all for Binay too, actually even Poe or MDS. Just as long as it’s not RORO.

  42. Burgis Mgatoktoy

    Mr. Tiglao some priest already voice out their support for Duterte, only the few Padre Damaso oppose. Edie Vilarde already support BBM.

    1. To the Max

      We are talking about Duterte and not Bong Bong Marcos. Eddie Velarde does not have the clout of an Iglesia ni Christo or a Quibuloy. His followers does not follow his candidates anyways.

  43. e.c

    I would suggest all opposition columnists must start endorsing Mar – Leni
    other most of you will not be able to freely write anything.

  44. marcial lex

    Let the people decide Mr. Tiglao, that is democracy, so much of mudslinging, performance wise the two real frontrunner are the best..not rox-rob there survey lead is manipulated and manufactured!!

  45. Keem Wong

    I’m sorry to say that if Duterte becomes the president of the Philippines (with his private Army the NPAs), we would be like Cuba and North Korea as a communist country which is indirectly practice in Russia and China.
    Question? Are these two cults INK and Quiboloy too big and strong than the Catholics? Is it about time for us Catholics, Protestants, Charismatics, to stand as real Christians and try to block the presidency of Duterte by election and prayers? Is the AFP too inutile and afraid to the NPAs? Don’t the AFP have balls to drive away the NPAs to China? Don’t the AFP have enough hardware to erase Duterte and the NPAs? Let us all unite and convince our fellow Filipinos not to vote for Duterte and pray to save the Philippines from a corrupt and evil person.

  46. Purya

    Church timid protests? Seriously? They’re very active on social media and even in mainstream media.

    Democracy – democracy – democracy

  47. ErsFrans

    Pathetic. In their final attempt to take down the inevitable, the oligarchial intellectuals, who are supposed to be secular in their cases are clinging to the church, to religion to achieve their political agendas. However, they shall not succeed, for those who resist the winds of change will be swept away.

  48. Marc

    I’m a Catholic I disagree with your opinion. The church should just leave it to lay people. Look back at our history, the church anointed Cory and it was disaster and now Pinoy. This country will not go anywhere until oligarchs and church keep their hands off.

    1. darwin

      The Church never anointed Cory. The Church called on the people to stand and prevent bloodshed. After that it was the politicians who put or have chosen Cory as the leader of the revolutionary government.

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