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Why Roxas and LP missed deadline on campaign donations report

It is utterly incredible why losing yellow presidential candidate Manuel A. Roxas 2nd and the Liberal Party missed the June 8 deadline for the filing of their Statement of Contributions and Expenditures, as required by the Omnibus Election Code and Comelec Resolution No. 9991.

Roxas, after all, is a Wharton graduate and his claimed discipline, investment banking, is one that deals with figures and their accounting up to the last centavo.  The Liberal Party isn’t a fly-by-night “party list” organization, and with the backing of this Administration and big business, they can hire phalanxes of accountants, lawyers and clerks.

Robredo: Where did she get P1 billion in campaign funds? Roxas: Is he getting back at the party that betrayed him?
Robredo: Where did she get P1 billion in campaign funds? Roxas: Is he getting back at the party that betrayed him?

Such huge resources and the fact that other parties – even the smallest ones – met the deadline made the Liberal Party’s spokesperson Barry Gutierrez look utterly stupid when he claimed that their failure to file the SOCE was due to “voluminous number of receipts that have to be scanned and attached”.

They and their lawyers could not have failed to read Comelec Resolution No. 9991, promulgated October 2, 2015 by the present Commission on Elections as chaired by Andres Bautista, whose Section 2, Rule 10 reads as follows:

“The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.

COMELEC Resolutions Nos. 9849 and 9873, Minute Resolutions Nos. 13-0775 and 13-0823 are hereby repealed, insofar as they allowed the belated submission, amendment and/or correction of campaign finance disclosure statements and reports and the imposition of late penalties for the 2013 National and Local Elections. “ (Emphasis mine.)

Their failure to meet the deadline is so serious that all their efforts, money and risks  (among them being charged criminally for some violation) in running for public office could turn out all for naught: The penalty for non-filing of the SOCE, other than miniscule monetary ones, is that all of the Liberal Party’s winning candidates – including purportedly the Vice President-elect Leni Robredo – are barred from assuming office.

Robredo’s lawyer Romulo Macalintal was quick to claim that the penalty could not be imposed on his client, as she filed her SOCE on time. Macalintal, of course, deliberately ignores Section 5, Rule 10 of the Comelec’s Resolution NO. 9991.

“Effect of Failure to File Statement – Persons elected to any public office shall not enter upon the duties of their office until they have filed their Statements of Contributions and Expenditures with the relevant Schedules and supporting documents, in accordance with the formal requirements set by these Rules.

The same prohibition shall apply if the party which nominated the winning candidate had failed to file its Statement of Contributions and Expenditures as required herein within thirty (30) days from the conduct of election.” (Emphasis mine.)

Late filing?

Understandably striving to prove he deserves his reportedly astronomical lawyer’s fees (which the bus-riding Robredo astonishingly could afford), Macalintal claimed that Roxas and Liberal Party’s failure to file their SOCE is a “simple case of late-filing and not considered as non-filing.” Again, the law for Macalintal is only what is favorable to his client.  Let me repeat the Comelec resolution quoted above:

“The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.”

That obviously means that under the Comelec rules, one’s failure to file the SOCE on time means it can never be filed: Who would receive the SOCE?

The last desperate claim by Robredo’s lawyer is one often made by attorneys when they run out of legal arguments. He claims that the “will of the people cannot be set aside,” a very ridiculous argument to be made by a lawyer, since the basic pillar of a system of rule of law precisely is that the law is the law, no matter what opinion surveys or even elections say.

Macalintal also makes another preposterous claim: That if Robredo is not allowed to assume office because of the LP’s failure to file its SOCE, then “Senators-elect Frank Drilon, Joel Villanueva, Ralph Recto and Leila de Lima and all winning governors, mayors and other local elective officials nominated by LP cannot assume their respective offices despite their having filed their own individual SOCEs.”

Why should they be exempted from the law, just because they are many, and when are there provisions that allow the runners-up to replace them?

But why on earth would the Liberal Party commit such a gross mistake of not filing its SOCE on time, which risks its winning candidates’ disqualification from assuming their posts, or at least a long delay if the Supreme Court is asked to rule on the issue?

There can only be two explanations, given the huge resources of the Liberal Party.

First, the Liberal Party’s desperation to remain in power and put a Plan B in place quickly for Robredo to win as vice president by hook or by crook, has led it to illegally use gargantuan amounts of government funds for the candidacies of Robredo and the party’s senators, which it cannot conceal now.

How could Robredo, really an unknown congresswoman (her late husband Jesse, except in the yellows’ imagination, had not become a national figure) outside Aquino’s and NGO’s circles, have spent P423 million in her campaign, more than her rivals did, such as Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. (with his family’s vaunted billions) and Alan Peter Cayetano (who donated P70 million to Duterte)?

That candidates’ real expenditures, as any political operator would know, are two to four times more what they report, which represent only those they cannot conceal, such as expenses for TV and radio advertising.

P1 billion, not P423 million

Campaign materials during the election period in a manila suburb. aFP PHoto
Campaign materials during the election period in a manila suburb. AFP PHoto

Robredo’s real expenditures therefore would have been easily P1 billion.  Had she managed to create a groundswell of grassroots financial support to raise this kind of money, and set up the mechanism for this (such as donations, made through the cellphone)? No.

Are there magnates known to be supporting her? None.  The only source of such huge spending would have been government funds, and we owe it to future generations – if we really want to have a democratic system – to find out how the Liberal Party did this.

It would have been easy for the Liberal Party to conceal its use of government funds if it had won the Presidency, since in that case big businessmen could be asked to claim that they were the major donors, since they would want to be in the good graces of a President who would rule for six years.

But it lost the presidency, and many big businessmen who were close to President Aquino incredibly have been on extended business trips abroad since a month before the elections and have not yet returned.

In Robredo’s case, Aquino managed to order his sister Kris to claim she donated P30 million to her campaign, with older sister Viel agreeing only to claim P1 million in donations.

The Liberal Party had failed to file its SOCE on time, as it had not been able to get businessmen to claim they were the “donors,” not the Administration using taxpayers’ money. It faced a rock and a hard place, and chose the hard place, calculating that the Comelec, whose members Aquino appointed, would rule in its favor.

A second explanation going around now is that Roxas has suddenly made himself unavailable to help the Liberal Party in completing its SOCEs. Roxas purportedly has been very angry when he found out that Party leaders – Aquino, Drilon and Abad – had junked him, and had instead thrown its resources, especially government funds, into Robredo’s campaign. He is getting back at the party that betrayed him.

After all, he lost, and therefore has no post the Comelec could bar him from assuming, and the maximum penalty for non-filing of his SOCE is peanuts for him, less what it would cost him to host a dinner for friends – P30,000.

If that explanation is accurate, Roxas without intending to, may have made his most important contribution to our Republic in his 23 years in “public service.”

This SOCE issue could lead to revelations on how a ruling party used government funds to try to perpetuate itself in power. At last, if we can uncover the truth, we as a nation would be on our way toward real democracy, when candidates’ qualifications, instead of money or the state apparatus, determine who would be our leaders.


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  1. RAMjr.

    Aquino, Roxas, Robredo are not now facing an imminent danger of implosion. And together with the 5 senators and their yellow minions, they will eventually self-destruct. They will likewise bring down with them the 4 COMELEC commissioners. It’s KARMA TIME folks!

  2. Jon snow

    I hope Comelec disqualifies all LP candidates as to set an example to what will happen if the candidates don’t meet the deadline. In this way, they cannot cheat and use taxpayer’s money for their campaign. Even before the campaign, we all know that the yellow administration will use government funds. Other people just don’t want to accept it.

  3. rita

    It’s a big disaster for LP worst than Yolanda. A delirious drugged political party.

    1. JoRiette Piczon

      as he was right when he said to tanga…”bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo!’..now..you think he’ll be disqualified…for what and where post? hehehe..your are missing and losing a man of intellect, integrity, internationalism…

  4. Rudi Miranda

    Hangang-hanga ako sa iyong ‘apog’ matapang at totoo! Nice sleuthing! One must have sleepers inside the LP to write the piece of information. The non filing of the simple SOCE opened a can of worms, and if true that public money was used in the electoral campaign, then, it can disqualify Vice President elect Leni Robredo and some Senator-elect LPs. Wow! It could be a landmark case of graft and corruption unheard of before! Dura lex, sed lex: “The law [is] harsh, but [it is] the law”. “Let justice be done though heavens fall.” Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay po kayo!

  5. the Butcher vf213

    The law is the law, No if’s no but’s, Commelec, SC should stand by the law. Or heaven will fall, and hell will rise!

  6. Janette

    Or maybe they’re trying to sabotage Duterte!!

  7. Fred Pescador

    The liberal party is really insulting my intelligence!

  8. 4dSakeOfOurCountry

    I’m pretty sure the yellow party and their yellow puppets who are currently running every government offices are gonna bellyhop the “Rules of Law” by paying money from stolen funds. I mean they got like 200+ or more billion money alone from Yolanda donations, add to that Pork Barrel/PDAF/DAP/etc. government corrupted funds so they more likely got alot of money stolen from the people who pays taxes while tax payers suffer from uncontrolable price hikes every month/years while their salaries don’t increase. Even the SSS pension increase was veto’d by that mentally retarded aquino whilst the people running it are getting like millions increase from salaries/allowances? Just hope that the Supreme Court would actually follow the law and use as evidence if they will be bribed by these yellow oligarch thieves/traitors. It would be good for the country if there won’t be any yellow minions and their party of oligarch puppet in government after 30 years once in a while or if possible forever. I hope aswell that the Filipino people won’t be bribed/ even use those bribering as evidences to prosecute these oligarch’s who may again plot EDSA 3 that is a curse to how the Philippines became what it is today from being one of the most respected/powerful/feared nation in Asia/World to the most poor/disrespected/bullied/belittled/home of corrupts and criminals/etc. country in the world.

    1. LL

      What a wall of text, a wall of nonsense garbage. Now, talking about substance, where’s your proof?

  9. dan

    This is not a ball game like Basketball and Soccer Football that can have time extension.

    I believe the reason here is incompetent and irresponsible person or persons who could not be trusted in handling their own fund so with the public funds. This leadership which is based on hatred has went “karma” to their own party.

    Who want to believe that a LUGAW and ICE CREAM can raise such amount of money in just less than a year? No one can show a receipt of this kind of business that shoots up like a mushroom in the middle of the night because there is no business like that except an illegal one.

  10. elizabeth defante

    Oh my God. . .thank you Mr. Tiglao. . .if it deem necessary…we should follow the rule of law.God Bless the Philippines and Pres. DUTERTE ! For the next move of the govt.about this. . .dito natin malalaman of how sincere the new govt.’s action will be.

  11. Ron

    It is comprehensibly breached of Omnibus Election Code and Comelec Resolution No.9991. Any elected officials failure to file or submit their SOCE are barred to assume office as the law stated.

  12. Sancho

    Im lucky did not vote for Roxas… Pikon na law breaker pa…

  13. Delfin

    MY MESSAGE TO THE LP and CoMELEC officials are the following Bible passages that I hope will convict their hearts to do what is right for the sake of the nation: Hebrews 4:13New King James Version (NKJV)
    13 And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. . Proverbs 17:23New King James Version (NKJV)
    23 A wicked man accepts a bribe behind the back[a]
    To pervert the ways of justice.Isaiah 5:20-23New King James Version (NKJV)

    20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
    And prudent in their own sight!
    22 Woe to men mighty at drinking wine,
    Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink,
    23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
    And take away justice from the righteous man!.. God help our Nation. Let it be a nation ruled by laws and lead by God fearing men and women.Proverbs 29:2.

  14. emmanuel mallari

    kirsteta’s contribution of 30M to leni’s campaign kitty can be cross-checked easily between the receiving account and kristeta’s account. now if this is tax deductible, kristeta should claim this amount as deduction. in other words, there are so many ways to cross-check the contributions received by leni’s campaign kitty.

    1. fyi

      Aquino’s appointee’s are going to check their liberal party for fraud ?

      Don’t think so.

      Aquino’s agencies only check the opposition, for example the pork barrel investigation. De Lima only arrested 3 opposition senators out of the 20 who gave the money to Napoles, the other 17 trapo’s allowed to keep their kickbacks.

      Now De Lima is a senator

      The Philippines is hopelessly dysfunctional and corrupt.

  15. RAMjr.

    A Wharton grad of business management cannot account and liquidate his SOCE on the given deadline? Not to mention the unliquidated Yolanda funds, etc. STUPIDLY INCOMPETENT!

  16. Benj

    The best and most informative post election opinion published so far from master TIGLAO!!! More to come!

  17. Benj

    Salute to the Master TIGLAO!!! This is the best post election opinion published so far!!! Keep it up!!!

  18. Dennis canoy

    They cannot explain the source of all the campaign funds they used. Govt funds for sure and maybe drug money too…

  19. Jun ebbes

    Hopefully comelec would not violate its own res no. 9991, sec 2 rule 10 by giving in to the request of LP for extension. Otherwise, as has been said, it opens suspicion thst comelec is truly a party to election cheating.

  20. Johnny Randal

    rules is rules…

  21. Ronald

    Now it can be told its “more funds the Phils.” !!! Hope its the end of it.

  22. paul

    oh i know…the biggest contributor of LP is a woman and i think they don’t want to tall the public her name due to security reasons….but i think i know her name and her name is…….(drum beat……) …YOLANDA and i think her surname is FUNDS…YOLANDA FUNDS 🙂

  23. fyi

    Why are people pretending that the law applies to the liberal party ?

    Aquino controls all the law enforcement agencies, the courts and Comelec,

    Might as well give the case to the yellow ribbon committee.

  24. we the north

    Maybe Mr. Tiglao, the Phl Govt may want to borrow this kind of idea..

    Before a Candidate nomination is accepted by the Electoral body, he must first appoints a Treasurer (must be a accredited Public Accountant or its equivalent) And the same with all Political parties ( it is all published in the Election Agency Website, including the names of the Treasurers)

    The treasures will be recording all Contribution and issue receipt for contribution in excess of $20 or series of contribution over $20 and the limit of Maximum of $1000 indexed to inflation> (receipt is needed to claim for refunds which all contributions is entitled of up to 75 %, Candidates can also contribbute an exrra $1000 during election year)..Party expenses are refunded of up to 50 % by the Govt and $2 + per vote..So it is not an issue for reporting the “SOCE” on time since everyone wanted to have their refunds sooonest..

  25. Sol

    Section 2 of Rule 10 issued by the COMELEC applicable for these 2016 elections states that there is absolutely no provision to allow an extension of the 8th of June deadline for filing the SOCE for any reason whatsoever…
    The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted. COMELEC Resolutions Nos. 9849 and 9873, Minute Resolutions Nos. 13-0775 and 13-0823 are hereby repealed, insofar as they allowed the belated submission, amendmentand/or correction of campaign finance disclosure statements and reports and the imposition of late penalties for the 2013 National and Local Elections.
    Because of Roxas and the LP, it seems that Robredo is now deemed unqualified to be Vice President of the Philippines because:
    (1) Roxas and the LP failed to meet a non-negotiable requirement;
    (2) The deadline for this requirement is non-extendable; and,
    (3) Any submission beyond this non-extendable deadline will not be accepted.
    Thus the rule “No person elected to any public offices shall enter upon the duties of his office until he has filed the statement of contributions and expenditures herein required” makes it quite clear:

  26. Mon Babasa

    The provision on the filing of SOCE is very clear even a non lawyer like me is able to understand. Macalintal is grandstanding on behalf of his client, that is what he is paid for. Let us wait for the official word from comelec if the request for extension will be granted, the, that is the time that all hell should break loose.

  27. Proks

    Wow! Mar has grown a pair of cojones?

  28. arnel amador

    until now they could not figure out what would be the surname of ms yolly….the biggest donor. it could not be roxas or aquino, nor, romualdes and marcos. that would be impossible.
    perhaps the ghost of ms yolly is hunting lp, hence, they could not file soce on time.

    for mar, “bahala kayo sa buhay n’yo”…i won’t blame mar at all!

  29. Jose Samilin

    For a candidate and the nominating political party to fail the deadline of filing SOCE, is a serious indication of bad faith in the funding source and use in political expenditures. The campaign set up prior to the campaign operation must basically include, among others, battery of bookkeepers and accountants with their designated duties and responsibilities that shall operate on a set of legal accounting system and procedures and the accompanying internal control system, which also necessarily include pre audit, if not at least a post-audit function to assure legal compliance, accuracy and proper timing and reporting in accordance with its governing laws and rules as prescribed. The reason is that the SOCE report is specifically regulated by laws whose compliance and enforcement is duly entrusted by law to the Commission on Election. When failure is inevitable, the only reason can gleaned be a gross negligence tantamount to bad faith in carry out their campaign activities that deserve the full punishment afforded by the law which the law clearly provides. Now, how do we assess the Liberal Party and their fielded candidates? People, it’s very obvious under President Aquino’s leadership!!! They have clearly failed.

  30. Evangeline P. Arafiles

    Thank you Mr. Tiglao for verbalizing what has been discussed during our Friday getaways…..truly, God never sleeps! He (God) gives many chances for a person to change for the better. But…even God can no longer allow these yellow group to continue destroying this country. Vangie

  31. villo ocha tab

    We must understand that with all the voluminous receipts and documents to be scanned and posted,which funds were sourced either from government coffers or the missing Yolanda billions, such a gargantuan task would take long to accomplish, hence, let’s just wait patiently, say, forever, for both Roxas and the LP to submit their SOCE.

  32. Joshua Schneider

    Are we going to be a country where the law applies to everyone, except the political class. If so, we have just become the United States. That would be a shame!

  33. OFZ

    So sa lugaw kayo nanalo sa lugaw din kayo matatalo dahil nag-iisip lang kayo na parang lugaw.

  34. susan day

    drama lang yang bus riding na yan– si JESSIE robredo lang ang totoong sumasakay ng bus–

    media epek lang yan ni Leni

  35. susan day

    Then COMELEc should ban Robredo from sitting as VP.

    Any COmelec member who allows late submission should be impeached

  36. JRT

    I think Mr. Tiglao is correct in pointing the deadline and the requirements. However, as an honest individual it’s better to check thoroughly your SOCE before submitting officially to COMELEC. The people who have submitted early or met the deadline does not mean the SOCE is correct. If proven wrong, then this is far serious issue than being late! I would not jump to conclusion yet if I am Mr. Tiglao. What’s not pointed here is perhaps the letter or notification that LP gave to COMELEC in requesting for an extension which may have been granted. Stay tune.

    1. redredred

      You may make your points, however it has nothing to do with this particular issue. Also, unless they’re idiots, its highly doubtful that they’d miss a pretty big “Please submit your papers on this date, not doing so results in not being formally placed in applied for position.” sign.

      All of the candidates have more than enough time to prepare for it win or lose. What we’re seeing here is a collective magician running out of tricks.

  37. Jona

    For their quarters to claim that missing the deadline is due to the “voluminous number of receipts that have to be scanned and attached” is not only utterly stupid, it is to insult the intellect of the citizens if they think that this will be believed / accepted.

    So the only logical reasons for missing the deadline is either:
    (1) ineptitude, as he has the 6-year track record to back this up anyway, Wharton graduate or otherwise; and besides, his counterpart who was in the same campaign sorties and activities was able to comply with the same requirement; or
    (2) a more sinister reason as this article outlines.

    Either way, this event is telling of one’s non-leadership qualities.

    1. Anonymity

      Ni Yolanda funds nga wala pa rin balita kung naliquidate na. Ito pa kaya? Baka nagtatahi pa ng kuwento na la kuwenta. Mahirap makahanap ng lusot kasi di maipaliwanag kung san galing yung pondo. Extended habang binubuo pa yung storyline at mga receipts kuno to back it up. Nahihirapan kasi kalaban ang mauupo at inaayos kasi baka mahalungkat. Remember super majority ang nabubuo sa senado at congreso. Rerepasuhin ito kaya kailangan malakarayom ang butas na masisilip natin. Lokohin niyo pa kami more!!!

    2. fyi

      “The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.”

      It will also showcase Aquino’s cousin Bautista breaking the law to aid the liberal party.

      The law is not final and is extendable, Submissions will be accepted beyond the deadline if the liberal party is in violation.

  38. elena

    Leni, Mar, LP and all Aquino Administration. likewise their network, media, and reporter buddies of Inquirer are full of drama … they should not entered politics… they should be in tele serye might as well …than fooling the people around. B.S. Aquino
    initial are so fit in him full of “Bull Shit” aquino.

    1. Bu Day

      That’s how I honestly read the “B.S Aquino”.

  39. Elizabeth Carver

    Let’s the Karma and God’s work. I hope the SC will not be bought this time around.

    1. gilda ordillo

      hopefully there will be no selective justice this time, let the corrupt officials who stole the nation treasury at the expense of the Pilipino people will convicted and be in jail,, for once democracy really alive in this country,,thank you sir for a very encouraging comment,,

  40. Ernie Bondoc

    KARMA indeed!!

  41. CDO

    My explanation is that they are using this as a distraction for throwing Duterte’s DQ back into play. Put Duterte in the boat with them. His DQ is also on the same grounds with not complying with requirements. But LP’s is curable as SOCE can be sent in. But Duterte’s is not curab;e as nothing ca be done about the COC issue.

    1. Jolan Aralar

      I agree

  42. Guadalupe

    The article of Amb. Tiglao is a revelation. True, Roxas unwittingly made a great service to the republic by the non-disclosure of the LP’s SOCE.on the appointed deadline, which by law is “non-extendible” and bars the winning candidate from assuming office. Roxas just exposed the gargantuan theft of public funds for the LP candidates instigated by the Abnoy. One commenter called this “karma” to the Aquino govt.

    Soon, we hope to see the return of Robredo to the hinterlands of Naga, where she belongs with a stern message. Never again must you try to propel your ambition at our expense.

  43. nimrod

    Thank you Mr. Tiglao, what else can I say.

  44. Juliet

    Escobar, correct due to huge amount kailangan pa nilang gumamit ng tao para angkinin na sila ang nag donate, pero alam natin na ang iba ay pera ng bayan.

  45. Celez

    Robredo: No problem guys, I can justified my 423 million of spending in election campaign or even more because I have my LUGAW BUSINESS” . . . which earn milion s overnight. . . HA HA HA…

  46. JoseR

    The “source of funds and it’s probable true amount” is just an added issue. What is at issue here is the non compliance by the LP in not submitting their SOCE on or before the mandated deadline. Tiglao has enumerated multiple RA’s and Comelec Resolutions, to legally pronounce his revelations. And to think, that it was the current Comelec Chair that issued and promulgated these resolutions, is a huge slap in their face. Aquino must be cursing all the way to hell, Bautista, why he even have to revise the law. Now, that same law is the one that will chop off their heads. Another EDSA they say? What about their winning LP bets doing the revolting and crucifying the LP for blatantly crucifying them? Serves them right!

  47. Butch

    God is great! Saan ka pupulutin ngayon Leni? Padasaldasal ka pa may luha pa eh mandaraya at sinungaling ka. Is this the example you will give your daughters? If there is an ounce of delicadeza on you? Give it up now and show the people some integrity.

  48. Roni Parcs

    Truth taking its course….

  49. Roni Parcs

    Sandigan: date of birth June 12, 2016

  50. fyi

    Don’t get too excited, remember this is the Philippines.

    This law will be ignored or changed to aid the liberal party.

    Try to remember who controls the law enforcement agencies and when was the last time anyone in the liberal party was held accountable for anything.

    1. Nina Garcia

      Yes, that is a sad fact.

  51. warlaw

    Lucky are those who tandems with Mar Roxas. He losses while Aquino then and Leni now won. The revenge is now on Mar side for not caring to file SOCE for the party of hi father and Pnot’s. Logic, why care of a loser for filing the party’s SOCE. It ust been hard to justify the expenses?

  52. kokis

    Roxas may have the “last laugh”. The non filing of the SOCE may be deliberate and intentional. This could be last card in getting back at treacherous party members. If LP will not file the SOCE, this should a lesson to party members who don’t toe the line. Roxas is destructed and the LP should also self destruct with him. This is his best legacy to the country.

  53. jack reacher

    The ball now is squarely in Bautista backyard — state and firmly implement the law — June 13 na!

    btw ung number 2 rank VP ba nakapag file nang maayos.

  54. rodrigonase

    To paraphrase Mr. Sherlock Holmes, elementary my dear Sandigan – simple logic!

  55. Heaven R Torres

    The story is still unfolding. The local LPs have everything to lose.

  56. Nina

    It’s possible that Leni did not declare everything in her SOCE to cover her overspending and Liberal Party wanted Mar to declare them instead since he lost anyway. Walang mawawala sa kanya. Puwedeng napuno na si Mar kasi iniwan na naman siya sa ere.

  57. Zenaida Carriaga

    Karma is real. There is always an end to injustice where the poor people of God are the victims. Hindi natutolog ang DIYOS?

    1. esep


  58. Westsea Leng

    It’s more fun in the Phils…
    Law makers are law breakers.

  59. Mario Arocha

    SOCE becomes the Pandora’s Box for the liberal Party

  60. Betty

    Roxas can leave a legacyfor the whole country. He can be victorious in his lost in showing the whole country the truth. Who knows the people will love him for that.

    1. DESSIE


    2. mabel

      A very valid point..you just took the words out of my mouth

    3. esep

      Another AMEN to that!

  61. P.Akialamiro

    I am never surprised if what were stated in this column regarding the reson/s why the candidates of the LP, particularly Robredo, have not field their SOCE are true. They have had ‘unlimited’ resources, public and private funds, that it won’t be easy for them to itemize their expenses to the extent that not even a Wharton graduate can possibly explain.

    With Mr. Duterte taking over, this thould also be looked into. So much money from the people’s coffer must have been used for the LP candidates. Otherwise, “scrap” the Comelec rules on SOCE reporting, along with the current positions and tugging along their incumbents! REVAMP CORRUPT COMELEC!

    1. ren fuentes

      worry about where du30 will get the money to run the gov’t up to end of fiscal year. news said that the 90% of the budget has been released before elections. du30 has only 10% of the budget to use up to end of fiscal year.

    2. ab

      LP and Roxas did not file on time, but the other LP candidates filed their personal SOCEs on time.

  62. Arlene

    Wow this is Divine intervention! May all the crooks rut in hell.

  63. Alej Tercero

    I salute you Mr. Tiglao, you’re the best!

  64. Oscar

    So, if it is decidedly roxas’ fault in not filing his and the LP’S SOCE, why would Rob redo be made to suffer for such negligence or vile intention?

    1. anne

      karma! because she cheated marcos

    2. RAI

      The answer is above if you read the article.

      “Effect of Failure to File Statement – Persons elected to any public office shall not enter upon the duties of their office until they have filed their Statements of Contributions and Expenditures with the relevant Schedules and supporting documents, in accordance with the formal requirements set by these Rules.

      The same prohibition shall apply if the party which nominated the winning candidate had failed to file its Statement of Contributions and Expenditures as required herein within thirty (30) days from the conduct of election.”

    3. Mlopez

      Basahin mo mabuti yung article before yapping…

    4. by

      abangan ang susunod n kabanata s june 30…

  65. joey

    Oops!!!! This a test again on the rule of law! and WOW! there are so many LP declared winners who can not assume their elected position until the case will be decide with finality…which I supposed be decide by the supreme court!…it will take time for SC…. and can comelec really stop these LP from assuming the position!!!!

  66. Ate

    I could not think of a more valid ” palusot” er explanation than what Mr. Tiglao stated. Mar Rixas simply does not care anymore.

  67. Leodegardo Pruna

    Who in his right mind would believe that Leni made it to the VP when she claims that she takes the bus going home to Naga for security and financial reasons. Where in the world did she get that much money to spend in campaigning if not from LP and government? Amb. Tiglao is right when he commented that Mar is doing the right thing for the nation with the way he is handling the issue of SOCE. Twice, the was fooled and for his own sake, he should do what he is doing now otherwise Wharton would disown him for stupidity.. God save the Philippines.

    1. P.Akialamiro

      Bus riding was plain “politicking!”…..”palabas”!

  68. diosdado h. baul

    How blatantly can the Liberals feel exempted from laws ?
    No public works ban ?
    No midnight appointments ?
    No midnight laws signed into law ?
    Now “No SOCE” ?

    1. Flora gonzales

      Talagang abusado tothe max nasaan na ang matuwid na daan ?f

    2. roman serona

      …WHO CARES, kami ang gumawa ng batas na yan, appointed ko mga taong mag implement, pinirmahan ko na ganun pala ang nakasaad diyan…LAB YU ! Noy Akino

  69. KsSd

    Eh di salamat Roxas. Noon ka pa sana nagka-balls.

  70. ernie del rosario

    Praise God ~ This is just one of His ways to punish these modern day Pharoahs who have suppressed the people for so long. Repent you LP members conscripts !

  71. Atoy

    The LAW seems very CLEAR and SIMPLE the Winning LPs should not be allowed to assume position. But Im sure lawyers will make it appear complex and not clear,, similar to the issue on Natural Born Citizen. Is there anyway we can force theSC to rule on the issue even if Poe lost?


    Sabi no Roxas, “Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo ……”

  73. myla torres

    This article is indeed interesting just hope SC will not favor LP though they are appointed by abnormal outgoing president. Imagine its not 423M…its 1B! Where on earth will robredo get this huge amount? Now its clear….thank you Mr. Tiglao!

    1. Juliet kulay blue

      Sa lugawan at pagtitipid sa pagsakay sa bus nak savings ng 1 trillion

  74. jeff jaramillo

    Aquino is presently finding ways to tear off pages of Comelec rule 5. But what can he do now that it is in circulation?

    too late, son-of-a-bitch,

  75. Judy Gonzales

    The LP finally got their KARMA.
    I was told by a Bicolana friend that Ms. Robredo is a person of character but with all the garbage circulating in the media I start to wonder if my friend knew what she was talking about.

  76. Scary1

    Grim scenario: LP bets are disqualified and sets off a new round of EDSA. I believe everything is by design meant to destabilize the incoming admin and prevent them from taking a foothold. In government”

    God help us all

  77. enigma

    here we go again, you are contradicting your self and showing your great anger to Pnoy by saying, the SOCE issue could lead to revelations on how a ruling used government funds to perpetuate itself to power. This alone is in contradicting in terms because, history have shown that GMA and Pnoy’s anointed candidates lost their elections even with the help of governments funds. Whom are you referring to when you said that a ruling party can perpetuate itself in power? And another howsiao pronouncement from you that our nation would be on our way towards democracy, when candidates qualifications are defined not by money? This is grave misstatement of facts and you are falling under the category of a corrupt media.

    1. jegz

      yellowtard? ah, yes! haha

  78. Guadalupe

    We have not failed to notice that Macalintal is no longer thinking and arguing like a lawyer who knows his laws. He is already arguing like a cornered street criminal who is caught in his criminal act.

    We are expecting too the full implementation of the law which says that Robredo cannot assume office ever. This is what she gets for allowing herself to be a pawn of Aquino in his frantic efforts not to go to jail and to perpetuate his own agenda. This is what Robredo gets for allowing herself to be a part of a grand scale electoral cheating to feed her own ambitions.

    The provisions of the law are mighty clear to us, i.e., Section 5, Rule 10 of the Comelec’s Resolution NO. 9991. In pursuance of the Omnibus Election Code.

    “Effect of Failure to File Statement – Persons elected to any public office shall not enter upon the duties of their office until they have filed their Statements of Contributions and Expenditures with the relevant Schedules and supporting documents, in accordance with the formal requirements set by these Rules.

    The same prohibition shall apply if the party which nominated the winning candidate had failed to file its Statement of Contributions and Expenditures as required herein within thirty (30) days from the conduct of election.” (Emphasis mine.)

    Imagine Andres Bautista himself was the chair of the crafting of Comelec Resolution, Resolution No. 9991, promulgated October 2, 2015 whose Section 2, Rule 10 reads as follows:

    “The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.” In heaven’s name how can the lawyers of the affected candidates, notably Macalintal, not fail to be mindful of this.

    Given this disqualification of Robredo to sit, a People Power action has to be mobilized if she attempts to sit at all.

    1. SAM

      ANg haba ng sagot mo,..inggitero ka talaga,,TALO talaga si bobong marcos mo..hindi DINYA, TINALO ni biyuda,,Queen of Lugaw..Saka wala yan,, 14 days lang ay tapos na lahat yan,,ha,ha,ha,,kala ninyo ah…Gusto mo Lugaw ni LENI ,,ng maibsan ang lasing mo,,hi,hi,hi…#LENIVpngPilipinas!

  79. Escobar

    Due to huge amount of LP campaign spending it just too mind boggling to disclose the source that it may land them in jail.

    1. anne

      so sa lugaw kinuha ni leni ang 1B?hahah

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