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The Yellow Ribbon soon to be forgotten, even scorned

IN just two weeks, this regime of the Yellow Ribbon will be thrown into the dustbin of history, and for most Filipinos, it will be as if an evil wizard’s spell over a hapless people were suddenly lifted. Thank God.

I don’t think any historian would look at this yellow regime as having helped develop this archipelago into a nation. The economic growth figures are all for naught as the poor incontrovertibly have become poorer, the rich have become richer and the magnates such as the Ayalas and Indonesian Salims invest their companies’ dividends abroad since the local markets have become saturated, what with such a small strata of middle-class consumers. The Yellow Ribbon will be a scorned symbol, if it is at all remembered.

Except for President Aquino and his few fanatics, I don’t think you’d see anybody wearing that yellow ribbon on their chests anymore.

Even the high priests of that Order – Sen. Franklin Drilon, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, and especially losing presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd – are no longer wearing that ridiculous symbol.

Why should they? Other than to tell Aquino they’re very loyal to him, the yellow-ribbon pin symbolized nothing but that moment in history when defeat – the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino, the president’s father – turned into victory, the assumption to power of the widow Corazon Aquino, who really knew nothing about governance. Drilon and Abad weren’t even major players in that victory, while Roxas in 1986 was still dreaming of bagging a big deal in New York so he could be a real investment banker.

Even those who embraced that symbol in 1986 knew that it was such a contrived act from that corny country-music song (“Tie a Yellow Ribbon on the Old Oak Tree) and was thought up by American PR and political-consultancy firms (mainly by the Sawyer Miller Group). Cory didn’t really care much about that Yellow Ribbon but bowed to pressure from her American PR experts to at least wear yellow. I never saw the pillars of her Administration – Salvador Laurel, Joker Arroyo, Juan Ponce Enrile, Teodoro Locsin, Jr., and Ramon Mitra ever wearing that ribbon on their chests.

It was only her underachiever, lackluster son Benigno 3rd who did, as he  needed to remind people that he’s Cory’s son, and to mythologize EDSA I, that he was the keeper of that EDSA flame – so he could do whatever he wanted, even to secretly just serve his and his gang’s interests. It had become some kind of fashion chic for the rich, bored housewives, who identified with the spoiled hacendero-scion Benigno 3rd.

Aquino’s crimes

So, with the propaganda power of and the talisman that was the Yellow Ribbon, Aquino had the gall to commit the following crimes against the nation:

1. He attacked the Supreme Court by removing its Chief Justice, Renato Corona, from office on a single, flimsy, non-impeachable ground, with Congress both mesmerized by the purported anti-corruption ethos of the Yellow Ribbon and bribed through pork-barrel money and the hijacked government funds through the so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

The intent – as is indisputably proven now – was entirely to get the Supreme Court to rule compensation for the Cojuangco side of his clan P1.3 billion for their Hacienda Luisita’s inclusion in the land reform program, instead of only P196 million as the Court had ordered. Another major purpose of the assault was to fill the Supreme Court with Aquino’s appointees so the Court’s decisions would support his schemes, which was the case when it allowed Grace Poe to run for the presidency, with Poe’s drawing power calculated to steal candidate Jejomar Binay’s mass support.

Aquino’s decapitation of the Supreme Court alone makes him the worst President in our history. Other than Marcos—who at least had a clear national vision for declaring Martial Law, which, in fact, our Asian neighbors had also done around that era – Aquino damaged what stood as essential to building a nation: its institutions. As a result, never before has the prestige of Congress been so low (as to follow blindly a President’s order to remove the Chief Justice) and never has there been a Supreme Court Chief Justice as unqualified as she is beholden to Aquino.

2. Aquino decimated the opposition under the guise of the anti-graft program of the Order of the Yellow Ribbon. Aquino, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales in 2013 kept claiming that other than opposition leaders Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Bong Revilla – the latter two, would you believe, were presidential timber at that time – they would file charges against known big supporters of Aquino. They never did.

For some sleight nobody really can explain, Aquino, under the Yellow Ribbon’s propaganda power, has managed to imprison the ailing Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on the most flimsy grounds. After sick years of searching every single filing cabinet of government for evidence of graft, Aquino, though, has been utterly unable to prove the alleged corruption of his predecessor, who steered the country in 2007-2008 through the worst global financial crisis.

3. He conscripted the Press to his schemes, with its members who have the smallest, gullible minds or the most mercenary souls justifying their enlistment on the basis of the purported anti-graft aims of the Yellow Ribbon. Thus, the pork-barrel attack on the opposition was disguised as an investigative journalism project of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The paper also undertook the most savage and unrelenting demonization campaign against Vice President Jejomar Binay, which spelled his doom in the recent presidential elections.

One nation

One of the most important tasks of a President is to instill among his people the sense that their fate is bound together, that is, the conviction that they belong to one nation. This is the reason why heads of states from Albania to Zimbabwe, even the US and France, almost always wear on their left chest “near the heart,” pins representing their flag.

Have you ever seen President Obama, other than in very informal occasions when he wore a plain shirt, without the US pin on his left chest?

It is so revealing of his real character that President Aquino during his entire term never ever wore our flag-pin, Only the Yellow Ribbon.

The Yellow Ribbon is his Aquino-Cojuangco’s clan’s sigil, its coat of arms. It is not the symbol of the Philippine Republic. Aquino has not really been the President of the Philippines but just the patriarch of his elite clan these past six years.

All Philippine Presidents had adopted the Philippine flag as their own symbol, and Aquino’s preference for the Yellow Ribbon eloquently demonstrates his lack of understanding of what a nation is, and that it was his task as President to develop it, and not just enrich his clan and cronies and jail their enemies and the threats to their rule.
The Yellow Ribbon has been a divisive symbol, reminding the Ilocano-speakers of the country that his clan overthrew their President. No wonder President-elect Duterte kissing the Philippine flag was such a powerful image, while Roxas and his followers’ yellow shirts have become a sickening sight. I do hope, though, that Duterte’s sigil won’t be just for Mindanao island.

I assume, however, that during our lifetime we will see Aquino’s sisters using that ridiculous Yellow Ribbon theme again, when they demonstrate on the streets to seek the release of their brother from prison.


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  1. ManuelLuisAntonioFan1989

    To all Marcos and Aquino, Cojuangco and Yellow loyalists, apologists, sympathizers and propagandists.

    (not telling about Macoys’ ill-gotten wealth and Noynoy’s Daang Matuwid)

    Martial Law era and EDSA People Power era isn’t the golden era but dark age of the years. This is what Lee Kuan Yew told about Filipinos in 2015 after his death.

    The yellow “ribbon” regime caused Noynoy Aquino to be just controversial. So did Ferdinand Marcos Sr’s regime to cause economy disaster in 1983. Marcoses and Aquinos-Cojuangcos’ Oligarches (between 1972-2016)

    Philippines need not just only yellow (star, not ribbon!) but also red, white and blue to certain presidents.

    No bashing and backlashing the dead Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino (fair ones) and Ferdinand Marcos Sr. (Intelligent but corrupt along with Suharto, Gaddafi, etc.)

    No to Aquino-Cojuangco and no to Marcos.

    Some certain ones would hope for Federalism and Foreigners to use media (for example, foreigners used NHK from Japan) and have 100% foreign ownership rule thru 1987 Constitution Amendment. I am hoping that foreigners (mostly Americans, Singaporeans) would use new Philippine Media once it’s amended thru 1987 Constitution.

    In other words, rich got richer and sometimes poorer while poor remained poorer but got richer; it needs balance.

    Blame ABS CBN for biased usage.

    Goodbye Yellows as the ribbons and welcome Red as scarlet, Blue as azure and White as the bright star with Yellow Stars. I hope Noynoy and LP members will wear other colored shirts, not just only yellow.

    1. ManuelLuisAntonioFan1989

      Mr. Tiglao…

      Don’t compare Marcoses and Aquinos. Marcos did certain accomplishments but Aquino did more accomplishments.

      Both have cronies and oligarchies between 1965 to 2015.

      This day the cronies of Marcos and Yellow families would be forgotten.

  2. Lewelyn Villamin

    the day that Aquino will step down, that will be the day of jubilation!

  3. Rey Dela cerna

    How hatred nman magmove on kayo please Alam naman SA lahat that this newspaper belongs to the one oppose always to Aquino government wala ba kayong puso o nagpakitang Tao lang kayo!!!?

  4. john c. jacinto

    nanggagalaiti si tuklaw oh, tangina mo!!

  5. Roberta

    All negative comments will not be possible if yellow forces did not came to power. Because press freedom will be Zero. So forget our propensity to comment and Post. Forget also Twitter and FB-Definitely it will be banned. Do we want our freedom of the press we are experiencing Now?

    1. Juan D

      Wrong. It was not the yellow forces. It was the people who did it. The personalities in EDSA were just the faces of the millions of Filipinos who made it possible. We dont owe it to them. They owe it to the people.

      1. Tina

        How very true. The yellow ribbon is merely a symbol. Behind it are groups of people who believe in the values that this symbol stands for. It’s like the logo of a brand that carries with it the mission and vision of a company.

    2. 4dSakeOfOurCountry

      You really need to research history more through the net and not those written locally after the Yellow Oligarch’s sitted since they altered history to make themselves heroe’s and Martial Law evil. 1981 Pres. F. Marcos abolished “Martial Law”, heck we may even have cheaper and faster internet since oligarch’s(PLDT/GLOBE) won’t be able to monopolize everything and Pres.F. Marcos was welcoming international investors/businesses since Electric deprivity and dependency on oil to power our houses or infrastrusture would be qualmed/cheaper if Bataan Nuclear Power Plant came to be. We would’ve been able to pay our debt in World Bank in due time if those future plans have been continued and may even be the richest/well developed country in Asia, sadly thanks to your Yellow Army of OLIGARCH’s, it went down the drain and look what happened now after 30 years!!!!

  6. Julio

    Can’t wait to see Pnoy and the yellowtards behind bar. Let’s see if they can still draw people to rally behind the Aquino’s this time.

  7. Mon Babasa

    Well Said Mr. Tiglao. The people have been blinded by the yellow cult for the last 30 years. Of course with the aid of the yellow media whose continuous blitz against the perceived enemies of democracy. While the Oligarchs (cronies of the yellow family) continued to amass wealth. They were not for uniting the country, theirs is “divide and rule” strategy. If you are not with them, you are against us.

  8. Ruth

    Do unto panot including his corrupt pals cronies and those bias media what he did to arroyo and corona!!! Jail and make them pay big time!



  10. brix


  11. brix

    Well said Mr. Tiglao. Good riddance Pnoy one of the two worst president of the republic. He started his idiotic regime in LUNETA HOSTAGE TAKING, missuari et al reoccupation of sabah,The ouster of CJ corona as an act of revenged for CJ ruling against hacienda luisita,Pdaf and napoles scandals,rice,garlic,onion smugglings, MRT and traffic horrendous situation which according to ABAYA is not fatal,mamasapano/saf44 and his visit to Mitsubishi plant in Laguna instead of visiting the saf44,the PURISIMA effect and the big question on Pnoy capability and ability to govern, the kidapawan massacre wherein farmers were given bullets instead of rice,the recent be beaheading of two Canadians. And also Kris Aquino of using government chopper to campaign for roxas. And many more irresponsible actions and inactions starting PNOY cohorts such as ABAD,ABAYA,ALCALA,DRILLION,BELMONTE et.al Pnoy and his stooges are leaving GOOD RIDDANCE TO ALL OF YOU, LONG LIVE PHILIPPINES ?

    1. Andres Boni

      Drilon and Belmonte are still there.

  12. Rizaldy T. Peralta

    How i hope to soon see in bookstores books of your compositions, Sir Bert. I will surely buy copies of it. They are truthful commentaries, factual observations, very enlightening!. This brings much help to those who will soon draft and perfect pleadings for court charges against these personalities. It is so sad that we are fooled by those wearing the yellow ribbon.

  13. kokis

    the ribbon , regardless of color, is the universal sign/logo for Autism.
    the ribbon is worn by autistic persons to warn others that in case of autistic attacks, the autistic person shall be given the necessary assistance. Pinoy is just manifesting to others that he is need of assistance when such is necessary.

  14. DAKILA


  15. jack reacher

    and the sad thing is … ” talagang bilib na bilib siya ( this Pnoy ) na talagang marami siyang nagawa .” .. while sneering


    dapat lang makulong ang mga animal na mga liberal mula kay aquino, driilon, abad, abaya, roxas, delima, soliman, alcala atbpa.

  17. Ros

    To the worst ever student council president the Phillipine (Penoy na bugok) should never had, these last few remaining days seem an eternity for his exit as such. His mere exit is such a glorious day for the Filipino people. Wala nang si Gloria ang may kasalanan ng MRT, si Napeñas ang may kasalanan sa SAF 44, letche kang Penoy ka. Doon kana dumeretso sa kulugan ng tatay mo. (Tutal nabisita mo na at ayon sa iyo walang pinagiba. Dyan ka bagay.)

  18. Abel Labarda

    So many of us ordinary Filipinos really hate that yellow ribbon pin BS Aquino is wearing instead of the Philippine Flag in public. We call it Kultong Dilaw flag. What a dishonor they did to our heroes who fought bravely for Flag and Country. Can you imagine that SOB of a President commanding our Armed Forces who are proudly wearing patches of our Flag in their uniforms while their lousy C-in-C wears the corny oversize yellow ribbon?. Pnoys cult followers Mar Roxas, grandson of Pres, Roxas (who wore our flag on official functions) and Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya, great grandson of Pres. Aguinaldo (he ordered our flag to be sewn and banner at the proclamation of our independence from Spain and USA) were wearing that soon to be dead cult symbol. Duterte was correct in calling them Bayot. Hahaha.

  19. Celez

    Mr Tiglao, you are such kind of a patriot by your revelation for the bullshit YELLOW RIBBON. Many of our co-Filipino dont realy undrsrtand this seal. They have to read your press release.

    FATHER, MOTHER, SON, SISTER & RELATED… are using this yellow ribbon to cover their personal intention. They are misleading the people with this ribbon as the symbol of TRUTH..FREEDOM, DAANG MATUWID, FOR THE POOR.. & so on.

    The 1st Poeople power were I was also there, joined at the EDSA for 7 days thought there is a hero named Benigno Aquino agaist Marcoses but only this time when I read more on political issues I understand what it is really happenning.

  20. nimrod

    Thank you Mr. Tiglao, may the signage of the scorned yellow ribbon be forgotten together with those who wear it

  21. ferdinand naboye

    Mr. Tiglao you can not compare mr. aquino to mr. Marcos. Marcos has a vision for the philippines while aquino has only his vested interest to preserve.

  22. Alfonso Penaco

    Pres. Pnoy will be judged by history as one of the best presidents the Philippines ever had.

  23. Montell

    The last day of penoy at malacanang will be the happiest day ever in Philippine political history. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  24. Kotimoy

    Goodbye and good riddance yellows, welcome REDS as in communists! Red as in bloody red

  25. Brian Blackwell

    Nice to see someone other than Duterte copping a bucketing in the Manila Times!

  26. Leodegardo Pruna

    Anticipated and looking forward to. God save the Philippines.

  27. Junadan

    The Aquinos Bertrrayef the Filipino people’s trust reposed upon them as they relied for a changed nation under them but instead the Aquinos only deceived the people as they worked only to serve only their self-interest ! I hope Pnoy is prosecuted and jailed for his malgovernance and treachery!

  28. ernie del rosario

    The brother of these sisters might be released in 75 years (three fourths of the 100 years of his to be mandated imprisonment period). He will then be 130 years old. He can still wear his yellow ribbon over his black-and-white striped or bright orange prison clothes all those 75 years.

  29. leon

    Not yet,sir. As long as the Supreme Yellow Master Puppeteers are alive the scheming will go on. Watch out of what they will do to Pres-elect Digong. Remember, when PGMA cut her ties to them. Grabe! 24/7 paid rallies, concocted bad news, viscious na pambabastos. at may coup d etat pang kasama. And now, the Pres does not want to be w/ the Yellow VP and the order to bury the great former Pres Macoy so its thrilling time again.

  30. Maribel Calanda

    I hope it happens that Pmoy will be really incarcerated. Please be kind to Erap coz he harbored no rancor against your former boss, GMA. He was imprisoned and humiliated too for crimes concocted by GMA and her elite followers too.GMA likewise used the courts to humiliate Erap no end. When GMA was incarcerated at VMC, no one was really sympathetic, not even her own cabinet people who worked with Pnoy, particularly Roxas.

    1. Cesar Camua Martin

      Please don’t forget that Ruined Roxas was a loyal member of the HAYOP 10 and GMA was not the leader of the the yehlow pack that ganged up on Erap.

  31. field

    We cannot blame Noynoy if he pins the yellow ribbon on his chest, because Noynoy thinks that the universe revolves around the Cojuangco-Aquino family, as what Prof. Magno wrote years ago.

  32. Denise

    How i wish LP ban in the govt offices they are all liar and they are not for filipinos they are only for oligarch.

  33. calma ante

    sana magdilang anghel kayo… 555

  34. Butch

    I can’t wait to see this Animal in jail or in a mental hospital. This Jerk has the gall to talk about freedom when he has kept the poor in chains all the 6 years of his government. The hide showing off his fathers cell and making himself appear a martyr, he is nothing but a hypocrite and a liar. He claims his father gave him the responsibility to look after his mother and sisters at a young age…Bulshit. We all know that the elder Aquino said he is short in the head (may kulang sa utack) and had him treated by a phsychiatrist in Ateneo. to this Abnoy I say, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!!!!

    1. Cesar Camua Martin

      Ninoy Akkuino is the mother of all Liars and the son is the grand daughter pretending to be the grandson.

  35. Wilfredo Magtibay

    Let us jail that Abnoy and Panot guy. Don’t worry no Aquino from their clan. He is the only gay from the Aquino-Couanco family.

    When he goes to jail, his timbong willbe warat.

    1. samuel limbaco

      tama ka dyan. Panot at abnoy plus drug lord is good sa bagong bilibid or sa sementeryo na mas mabuti. bitayin na lang kaya?

  36. P.Akialamiro

    Amen to all that’s stated in today’s column. It’s really pathetic that no one, I really mean no one, ever had the ‘ball’ to criticize the “yellow regime” despite all the ‘illustrious’ public government officials, especially in Congress. It only shows how “corrupt” our government officials are.

    Thank God, we can now have a sigh of relief from ‘jaundice’. I missed my favorite yellow shirt; finally, I will be wearing it with pride after six years!

    More power to you, Mr. Ambassador.

    1. ManuelLuisAntonioFan1989

      Since I watched Inside Out, there are yellow memory orbs, symbol of Noynoy and buddies.

      12 days to come soon and memory orbs would be bi-color or tri-color, not just yellow but red, blue, green and purple also.

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