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Did Aquino coddle and protect drug lords?

Most definitely yes, either out of his sheer incompetence, or outright complicity.

That’s the only conclusion one would get after the police all over the country, following incoming President Duterte’s announced priority, have arrested or killed more than 200 drug lords and dealers in just a few weeks.

All of a sudden — with hundreds of self-admitted, small-time dealers and users even surrendering to authorities, fearing they would be victims of summary executions — the nation has been awakened to the reality that our drug problem, which really afflicts mostly the poor, indeed has reached horrific proportions. So much so that many sectors of this purportedly Catholic nation are now reviving the call for the death penalty.

Such scale of the illegal-drug and crime menace couldn’t have emerged overnight. I can only conclude that President Aquino allowed it to grow during his six years in office. He had hundreds of millions of pesos in confidential funds, and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (headed by his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa), yet did little to fight the drug lords.

Aquino just did not make fighting the proliferation of illegal drugs, and for that matter to combat crime, his priority. His priority was to fight “corruption.” I put that in quotation marks since his fight against corruption targeted only the opposition, and not grafters in his administration, those involved in such blatant cases that affected the lives of millions of Filipinos, such as the mess in MRT-3 and the botched contract to provide LTO with car plates.

I’ve reviewed all of Aquino’s six State of the Nation Addresses (SONAs), and it is shocking that in all of these, he had not even mentioned that we have a serious illegal drug problem, as if he were deliberately concealing its existence.

In Aquino’s first (2010), second (2011), and last (2015) SONAs, there was absolutely no reference at all to the fact that we have a huge illegal drug problem in the country. The word “drugs” is not even mentioned at all in these SONAs.

Among the hundreds of drug dealers and addicts police captured in the past weeks, anticipating incoming President Duterte’s orders.
Among the hundreds of drug dealers and addicts police captured in the past weeks, anticipating incoming President Duterte’s orders.

Aquino mentions the drug problem in his 2012, but only once, and as if he had already defeated it. He said then: “He shares the same fate as the more than ten thousand individuals arrested by the PDEA in 2011 for charges relating to illegal drugs.”

But the President’s statement really was strange, since by “he,” Aquino was referring to one Raymond Dominguez, who was arrested for carnapping charges, as well as an unnamed suspect in the Makati bus bombing in 2011. The suspect, a member of the police’s Special Action Force, was acquitted of all charges in 2015.

There is a similar dismissive tone in his single reference to drugs in his 2014 SONA: “I will leave you to your conscience — if you feel any remorse for your fellowmen who have become addicted to the illegal drugs you have helped to smuggle in, or for the farmers who are being deprived of fair profit from doing honest work.”

Not Aquino’s priority
Why would the police and other drug-enforcement agencies combat drug lords, if that is not the priority of their commander-in-chief? Since the boss doesn’t think it’s a problem, wouldn’t the police just resign themselves to coddling the drug lords who provide them with “monthly allowances?”

To illustrate it, an analogy could be: you hire a new pest control expert and he reports, after examining your house, that it is badly infested with termites and mice. He even shows you a colony of such vermin beneath your living room. Then you recall that your previous pest-control guy had been telling you that you have a pest-free residence, and that he’s doing his job, impressing even your neighbors.

There has also been no mention at all of the worsening crime situation  in two of such presidential reports. Aquino made only a single, passing reference to this scourge, which Duterte, before he even formally steps into the presidency, has made into the top priorityt together with  his anti-drug campaign.

In his 2012 SONA, he claimed he had overcome the country’s crime problem: “Crime volume continues to decline across the country. In 2009, over 500,000 crimes were recorded — this year, we have cut that number by more than half, to 246,958. Moreover, 2010’s recorded 2,200 cases of carnapping have likewise been reduced by half — to 966 cases this 2011.”

I nearly fell off my seat when in his 2014 SONA, he cited as an example – his sole example – of his administration’s success against “lawless elements:” “We apprehended the chairman of the CPP  and secretary general of the NPA this March. Normality and order are now returning to the 31 provinces previously troubled by the NPA.”

In his 2015 SONA, he made it appear he had totally defeated the crime problem in the country: “We studied how criminals operate and strategically deployed our policemen. This is how we have caught the “big fish” gang leaders, dismantled syndicates, and lowered crime rates across the nation.” What a President, so totally out of touch with reality!

This is, of course, one of the big reasons why Duterte became so popular in the last elections, so much that Aquino and his candidate, Manuel Roxas, gave up their plans of cheating and instead, threw their cheating machineries and financial resources support behind their vice presidential candidate, Leni Robredo.

Single-issue candidacy
Duterte’s was even a single-issue candidacy that he would defeat illegal drug and crime lords who, Aquino either protected or coddled because of his incompetence. Duterte’s victory – getting nearly twice the votes for Aquino’s proxy, Mar Roxas – demonstrated that he was right in his priorities as what his Filipino voters wanted to see in their leader.

Excluding members of the Yellow Cult, only those ensconced in their gated exclusive village couldn’t see the worsening problem of crime and illegal drugs in our country.

Aquino, of course, isn’t the only one to blame for the Filipinos’ misery as a result of the terrible breakdown of law and order, and the spread of illegal drugs in the country. He had two alter egos, whose responsibility was supposed to make him, or force him to see reality. If he didn’t, these two simply failed to do the jobs they have vowed to carry out.

I am referring to Aquino’s interior and local government secretary, Roxas, and his justice secretary, Leila de Lima, who just didn’t perform their jobs well.

From the day he assumed that post, which put the Philippine National Police under his supervision, Roxas’ mind and efforts had been focused on how he could use his department’s resources for his presidential campaign.

De Lima, on the other hand, not wanting to risk her plans for Aquino to include her in his senatorial slate, acted as his very loyal attack dog against the opposition.

What has taken much of de Lima’s time and resources the past year? Her efforts to put former President Gloria Arroyo in jail, and to incarcerate through the PDAF or pork barrel issues the opposition, especially its leaders, senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla. Right under her nose, the Bilibid National Prison had become the headquarters of the drug lords in this country, embarrassing us before the whole world.

With so many poor Filipinos brutally killed, raped and robbed by criminals under this incompetent or complicit Aquino regime over the past six years, reading a columnist in this paper singing paeans to Aquino, “that he did wonders to the economy and to the country before the international community” — just makes me sick.


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  1. HAWWS036

    That’s right lily.

  2. explo

    that’s right

  3. Israel Tumale

    This is the sad reality and now we have a President who will interdict to prevent the drug menace which will definitely turn our country to narco politics if not abated. And how and why on earth the Drug Lords manage to cook shabu inside the Bilibid prison? Millions of intel funds down the drain and Pnoyfor 6 years in the highest position in the land nothing happened? Alter egos Mar Roxas DILG and Leila De Lima equally liable…

  4. vqmblues

    Moving forward, I would rather see on live broadcast the destruction of drugs confiscated by our authorities.

  5. DesertDweller

    Yes… Indirectly.

  6. Sol

    We can’t change the past, but we can sure do something today, and hope for a better tomorrow ( which is looking pretty good) with our new president.

    1. Rose

      That is true. And it seems we are pretty lucky that there is still hope.

  7. John Wick

    What about the Customs. They are equally to be blamed for the proliferation of drugs. If u can smuggle a two ton sports car, imagine how much you can conceal in the thousands of container vans passing thru customs. Them people might be sarcastically smiling while you people blame this and that and not pointing a freaking finger at them. Anti-drug Law enforcement agencies are always blamed for the drug supply but guess who’s bringing it in and not being checked/monitored/investigated.

  8. John Wick

    How about the real culprit.. the customs. These bureau is equally responsible as smugglers continue to flood the streets with drugs while them personnel are making huge amount of profit. If luxurious cars can be smuggled in, imagine how much drugs can be concealed in the thousands of container vans (tons and tons) passing thru customs.

  9. Maribel Calanda

    I cannot help but agree to everything you mentioned. Really, BS Aquino is the worst president this country has ever had. The joke is on us, the Filipino people. It is good that I did not vote for him in 2010.

    1. Brutus et tu

      No the joke is on you because you let this happen … all Filipinos are complicit in letting this fester and grow without doing anything about it. Putting the blame on one person is just as selfish and self absolution a person can become – it is someone else fault, not mine! You millenials cannot take responsibility for your own actions – it is always somebody else fault! Crab mentality, ningas cogon, all the undesirable traits Filipinos are know for …

  10. Dee

    Its the Filipino people to blame and media as well. Portraying and shifting loyalties–(from his parents, mom Cory), I remember you were her Information secretary Mr. Tiglao (correct me if I am wrong). When Ms. Aquino there were outpouring of support, malasakit catapulting her son Pnoy to being presidentiable-then to President elect, where while being senator he probably one of the non-performing Senator. From his mom until her son–the most inept governance PHL had, being manipulated by people around who have vested interest to protect–no clear vision what she/he would want to achieve–invoking they been put in the “situation” not play, not knowing–it is not an OJT or an “entry level’ type of leadership.

  11. ernie del rosario

    ALLELUIA ! In 12 hrs and 44 minutes Ngoyngoy will be gone forever ! Thank God !

  12. Tal Angka

    Lol, and the “glass half empty” idiots strike again. Only those who have an axe to grind will continue on this persecution of Pnoy. This logic is really idiotic, what is their proof that all these drug organizations didnt start during arroyo’s time or even erap’s? People can also assume that during arroyo’s time they were even much stronger since they werent even exposed at all and very well protected. And now they have been weakened and finally exposed.

    1. Vuykolot

      To you Tal Angka, Your name precedes your brain. The issue here is what did Pnoy do to stop these crimes? Not when it started because this problem has been existing since time in memorian. I hope the crabs are not eating your brain.

  13. Nerissa

    Now that Aquino’s 6-year term had ended, I hoped that he’d have some time to reflect on the level of neglect and corruption some of his appointees (closest friends and/or relatives), might have committed although the defense would be “to prove it.” I think Mr. Aquino did not realize really at the beginning of his term in 2010 that the people trusted him to make drastic changes in regards to eliminating corruption but he was the first one to fall into the trap when he bribed some politicians to get rid of Justice Renato Corona. That was the start of his losing the credibility and power of his position. People close to him sensed that he still maintained his old /traditional ways as a senator and congressman in his district in Tarlac coupled with his being not interested to attend executive meetings- formula for the others to abuse his trust. The KKK ruled after that at his back or maybe he allowed some things to happen because he prioritized “relationship” instead of duty.

  14. arthur keefe

    This is not a problem unique to the Philippines. The so called “war on drugs” has failed everywhere, which is why some countries are turning to a different strategy. Decriminalizing drug use and treating it as a health problem. Portugal has successfully deployed this approach, now followed by Uruguay and to a limited degree by various USA States.. It can be a full or a partial approach, and it can retain penalties against manufacturers or dealers.. How about this as a more effective and radical approach?

    1. Joe G

      Many Asian and Middle East countries have an iron fist approach to drugs and they have no drug problem. Try bringing an ounce of cocaine to China or Malaysia. The “war on drugs” has definitely succeeded in these countries. When was the last time they had a big drug bust in Saudi Arabia? None because dealers are scared to do business there.

  15. erlee

    1. Your idol former President G. Macapagal-Arroyo, during her long term of office, did not set up or consider fighting drug lords and crime as her number one or even one of her major priorities. So, based on your criteria, she’s equally guilty of coddling and protecting drug lords out of either sheer incompetence or complicity.

    2. As President, PNoy had the right or mandate to set his own priorities which obviously did not jibe with yours. He won the 2010 election, did he not?

    3. The incoming President-elect R. Duterte has set fighting against drug lords and crime as his top priority. Do you approve or agree? Even if the Philippines becomes the new killing fields of Asia?

    1. Oscar D. Villadolid

      … You are right… absolutely AGREE with the strategy of Pres. DU30 … GOD Bless the Philippines…

  16. jack reacher

    exactly … nothing absolutely nada ..

    the worst president this country ever had and he will go down in history as such

  17. cesar

    “…Duterte became so popular in the last elections, so much that Aquino and his candidate, Manuel Roxas, gave up their plans of cheating and instead, threw their cheating machineries and financial resources support behind their vice presidential candidate, Leni Robredo.”

    Actually, there seems to be ample evidence (c/o “whistleblowers” presented by BBM) that they did try to cheat Digong via the same formula used to cheat BBM. However, Digong’s lead was just too large to be overtaken. BBM’s lead over Rob-Redo wasn’t as large and that’s why he “lost”.

  18. Chemical brothers

    Aquino Presidency is a suicidal government.

    1. Maria Nayomi

      I am positive….. LIBERAL PARTY was a PROTECTOR of DRUG SYNDICATE. Forgive me if I am wrong but that is what I believe. It’s IRONICAL that Pres. Duterte just took over and hundreds of DRUG PUSHERS / USERS were caught and killed. How come the Aquino gov’t seemed not VIGILANT about rampant DRUG SYNDICATES in the country?

  19. Jojo

    1) “UN drug report: Philippines has highest rate of shabu use in East Asia” By: Jerry E. Esplanada; Philippine Daily Inquirer; 06:41 PM March 27th, 2012

    2) “Philippines has highest shabu abuse rate in East Asia – UN” By: Abigail Kwok; InterAksyon; March 28, 2012 6:47 PM

    3) “Pinoys top shabu users in East Asia”; Headlines; Philippine Star; April 1st, 2012

    4) “In East Asia, illicit manufacture of ATS [Amphetamine Type Stimulants, encompass some of the most common, well known and used drugs including Ecstasy, Speed and Base, Ice and Methamphetamine] was concentrated in Japan in the 1940s and 1950s, but subsequently moved to the Republic of Korea, Taiwan Province of China and Thailand. Nowadays, ATS manufacture is concentrated mainly in China, Myanmar and the Philippines.”
    — United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): UN World Drug Report 2012, p. 90

    Between the time of the said UN report and today, I don’t think anyone can honestly say that the illegal drug situation has significantly decreased to a non-alarming level, which begs the question: Why not?…given all the resources of the outgoing admin at its disposal?

  20. Hector David

    Pnoy lives in fantasyland… in his mind he was a great president… the gnp gdp pop 4 P”s …. he forgets his job was to make the lIves of the common man better.. for which he was a dismal failure …more poor more jobless more hungry more drugs more crime .. wider gap between rich and poor … on these standards …He and his administration is a total failure

  21. Alfonso Penaco

    Pres. Aquino will be history 2 days from now. Why waste your precious column on him? The people are only interested with Pres. Duterte and how he will fulfill his promises.

  22. Red

    Daang matuwid they r all garbage n our country ..nangurakot lang cla..no more no less.pinahirapan nila ang mga pilipino para sa pansariling interest

  23. Rolex Sanchez

    i concur, mr. tiglao.

  24. Basil 8

    I was looking forward to part 2 of your column on MVP and his connection to Salim, which you promised on Monday.

  25. devie_ares

    Incompetence, lack of accountability, no compassion_thats what pnoy is. Such a loser.
    It would have been really really good for du30_marcos

  26. Jerome Suarez

    President Noy2 made our economy grow but the problem is its growth only benefits the rich and never let if benefit to the masses. why? he is one of the elites or rich and he has no guts to rival with them.

    The Filipino elites almost are so greedy that they want the poor to be poorer in our country so that they can rule over them.

    This is the reason why I will never vote for any politician with elitist background like PNOY and Mar Roxas.

    but still I prefer his rule than of his predecessor.

    I consider him as a good president but not one of the best.

  27. Ervil

    I dont think so Aquino did his part, if so why farmers in hacienda luisita were not given their share or parcel of land they supposed to have it according to Law.

  28. Felix C. Orio

    You hit the nail at its head. A very credible analysis.

  29. joey

    Isnt it Boy Sisi/driver even new where the drug dens in Makati and Davao could be found…Mar was DILG…what did he do? Nothing! Maybe his circle of friend of drug addicts may be offended and may not fund his campaign!!! Goes the same with PNot since they have the same circle of friends who may be drug addicts!

  30. renato irlanda

    the height of insensitivity and adobe faced was the drug lord accommodation at the New Bilibid Prisons.
    kung ako lang ang masusunod mula kay delima hanggang sa pinakaultimong prison guard sa munti ay dapat inaresto at kinulong at pinulbos ang mga susi ng piitan nila.
    ang nakapagtataka ay nanalo pa si de lima sa pagka senador, susmaryosep naman!

  31. Butch

    I suspect abnoy is a drug addict, why don’t we insist that he and all his cabinet ministers subject themselves to a drug test, then we will know the truth.

  32. Butcth

    Sam! Your like a parot blabing your fetid mouth to protect your boss the lunatic Abnoy.
    Father mother and son did nothing to enhance the life of the people. They should be erased from our memories. Mga salot at traidor ang tatlong yan. Return MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TO IT’S RIGHTFUL NAME. BRING OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR SHINANIGANS. Marcos was the best president, I hope our new President will follow his footsteps.

  33. Rudi Miranda

    Thank you! But, do some sleuthing, I believe it can be searched out!! Good riddance BSC Aquino III!

  34. Rod E. Cantiveros

    and the press has spoken, and real truth has come up to examine how dysfunction are the former governments, from marcos, to cory aquino, to fidel ramos, to erap ejercito estrada, and to gloria macapagal arroyo, and to the very end of Noynoy Aquino…all failures in governance for peace and order…and then duterte comes, within a short period of time, lawlessness is coming up with ugly heads, nurtured and coddled by the government officials, by the police and contributing factor, the corrupt press…

    now, the lowly pinoy, the marginalized, the poor among the poor, the hopeless, the powerless and excluded members of the filipino society, have all the times to re-affirm the role of the government, providing peace and security, equitable distribution of weath, and mostly, safe guarding our natural resources which have been decapitated by the rich, by the corrupt officials- from the police and to government officials and aided by a corrupt press….

    this is only the beginning of a new era in the philippines…excitingly want to be a part of this radical change for the betterment of more than 80 million pinoys…excluded are the political elites, the political dynasties, the nuvo-riched like those politicians who suck to themselves the Pork Barrel, and the corrupt peacemakers, and the corrupt press…one has to come to an end..

  35. Rodolfo Manansala

    The reason why he never mention drug problem in the Philippines because some of his Cabinets and military personnel including his speech writers and communications heads are part and connected to Drug syndicates!!! Thats the real truth!!!

  36. Godfrey

    Very good analysis Mr. Tiglao.Keep it up. Inform the public more.

  37. Allen llamar

    In response to SAM, is it Aquino who lead us to prosperity? or Arroyo who did, according to the info. from credit ratings organization it is arroyo who lay down the fundamentals of the Philippine economy to improve and Aquino borrowed it and even take all the credits. That`s the facts, sorry SAM…

    1. Mike Rotch

      Prosperity in Drug Distribution, Yep totally agreed with you

  38. Leodegardo Pruna

    Why the sudden shift to P-Noy instead of the 2nd series on the MVP issue? Has money work to change the course. Waiting for the 2nd in the series. God save the Philippines.

  39. Pokito Alas 8

    ” He had hundreds of millions of pesos in confidential funds, and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (headed by his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa), yet did little to fight the drug lords.”

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Facts unknown to the public.

    Could be the reason why this lame Paquito talks as if he has full control of Malacanang and a shrewd mastery over Pnoy. Either PAOCC is sleeping on duty, or is sleeping atop a heap of Jueteng-narco-money.

    Daang Matuwid? Or Daang Milyong Napatid?

    1. redplanet

      It would be awkward to mentioned in the SONA, if the phenomenal 6% economic growth were in anyway connected to revenue generation from the burgeoning narco-industry under his administration.

  40. Pokito Alas 8 vs 2:30

    ” He had hundreds of millions of pesos in confidential funds, and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (headed by his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa), yet did little to fight the drug lords.”

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Facts unknown to the public.

    Could be the reason why this lame Paquito talks as if he has full control of Malacanang and a shrewd mastery over Pnoy. Either PAOCC is sleeping on duty, or is sleeping atop a heap of Jueteng-narco-money.

    Daang Matuwid? Or Daang Milyong Napatid?

  41. Amnata Pundit

    Force the guy to have a blood test right now. I am sure the result will shock you, or maybe not.

  42. fyi

    Kind of makes one wonder how De Lima became a senator after the incompetence she displayed as head of the Dept of Justice.

    1. tess

      name recall

  43. Junadan

    Pony is the worst, idiotic, inept stupid, uncaring, uninspiring, insensitive and selfish President of the country, next to his mother, who both betrayed the bright hope of poor Filipinos to be uplifted economically and enjoy social justice. Instead, Pnoy only took care of his allies and friends and himself via Havienda Luisita interests. Pnoy is a retarded person who just enjoy playing video games with his autistic nephew Joshua, just like his mother obsessed with mahjong games in Malacanan, ,instead of attending to the plights of the people harassed by drugs, crimes, and disasters.
    Pnoy will leave no legacy worth remembering or can be attributed to his incompetent leadership. Pnoy smirking smile even when faced with national calamities is sign of his mental aberrations incapable of constructive actions.,True to the saying “Pnoy TULO LAWAY wala gawa mabuti”. Good riddance!

  44. ruelski

    Bravo Mr Tiglao!!! You hit the nail right in the head!!!!! More writings like this please! I think i know the columnist you were referring to on this article.

    1. Rey

      Tita c. Valderama june 26, 2016

  45. Norma Natividad

    Sir, how right you are. Many voted for Duterte because of his promise to rid the country of criminality in six months, and because they were fedup with a president who was out of touch with reality.

  46. Oraman

    The police are now killing their partners in crime! The police want to cover their tracks!

    1. Blair

      They talk about these drug lords …..if they can follow the money trail it all goes back to currupt pilice and politicians ……thats why they are killingg tthese drug lords because they know too much …also dead man tell no tails ……the only way three people can keep a secret is kill 2 of them

    2. Mike Rotch

      If someone like you knew police are accomplices of criminals, How would Duterte not figure that out as well. Corrupt cops days are numbered. Maybe I’ll seriously open up a funeral parlor

  47. Johnny Randal

    My conclusion is President Ferdinand E. Marcos still the best no drug lords in his time…..In his time all of them are todas in firing squad………Will Duterte do it…..Possible in reality just begin.

    1. SAM

      How may times did marcos use firing squad? why ALL? still the best? for 20 years, Philippines went bankrupt and left 28 billion dollar debt..whereas aquino, leaving billion of pesos for incoming president…marcos lugalista ka nga…na aamoy ko ang pagmamahal mo kay bongoloid…

  48. Wilfredo Ticzon

    I agree, it’s sickening!

  49. Adnil

    The wonders of elected duterte is why he never made or pass a bill in congress about how to end illegal drugs when he became congressman

    1. Tonyang

      We have sufficient laws against drugs. The problem is these are not being actually enforced. Enforcement is what Duterte is trying to pursue.

    2. isaac diolosa

      di na kailangan ang bill, meron na implimentation nalang 🙂

    3. SAM

      eh panay tulog din ang ginawa noon na congressman siya at babae at beer house ang inatupag sa manila,,,Ano ba napasa niya bill o co author siya,,at bakit wala ka mababasa na chinese drug lord na napatay? Hmmm,,,,supportahan niya kasi yun..panay DRAMA at bunganga lang siya,,parang isang makulit na matanda na ,”mind conditioning” ang ginagamit niya..Bulgar na style niya,,kunwari ayaw, pero gusto,,,IPOKRITO siya! at malalaman ninyo yang kaduwagan niya pag nakaupo na siya.

  50. Lt Norma Balaga N-112420

    This is the prize of putting an incompetent person to the highest position of the land. We hope this will not happen again. Thnx goodness we have Duterte to cleanse the country from this chronic disease. Thank you mayor for your exuberant love for this country esp to the youth. Wht WE ( the madlang people) can promise is this; THEY can’t do to you wht they did to Marcos before, coz we will be your DEFENSE!

    1. Mike Rotch

      At ano? Si Robredo papalit sa kanya pag napatalsik sya. OMFG! that might be worse than cancer. Their so called “Plan B” will never work, not on this time

  51. field

    “What a President, so totally out of touch with reality!”

    hindi kataka-taka dahil parang may sariling mundo si Noynoy. in his mind, the Philippine economy is doing well because of his doing, and that there is no drug problem.

    1. Mike Rotch

      Either Pnoy is always on Drugs or Mental Retarded which brings to your next question, How did this guy won in the 1st place? I for sure did not vote for him back then

  52. victor m. hernandez

    For past six years only the rich became richer, and the poor got poorer, have more children, and got crumbs, got raped, got drugged, got killed.

  53. SAM

    But i salute Mr, President Aquino for bringing again the economy of the Philippines and starting the AFP modernization..He failed on that area, since 6 years is not enough for the president to it all, Let duterte, do his job now to eradiacte these criminals and drug lord and contiunue the anti corruption program of Aquino,,that will lead us to prosperity. President aquino ,laid the ground for our stable economy..at its time now duterte wipe out all the criminals and paid media men.

    1. renan

      It’s GMA who laid the ground for our stable economy. Pnot only inherit that.

    2. Marian Aseniero

      No, Aquino did not do that. He inherited it from former President Gloria Arroyo, and without scruples claims all the ‘glory’ . I am amazed how many are still so starstruck but blind with the ‘Aquino Government’, I spite of the blatant anomalies and corruption laid before our eyes! Sad, but true!

    3. Ervil

      I dont think so aquino did his part, if so why he did not share lawfully his hacienda for the farmers share?

    4. NC

      Modernization had been started during marcos time…

    5. lily

      I agree with the article that PNoy’s anti-corruption stance was directed only to his enemies. He was quick to blame them and relentlessly pursued them even to death, but not his erring friends.

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