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Duterte smarter than ‘Makabayan’ blockheads

The so-called Makabayan bloc of six “progressive parties,” together with the Ateneo de Manila community and a few professors of De La Salle University, have been pulling their hair the past weeks crying to the high heavens, “Why oh why will the Dark Lord Marcos be buried in hallowed ground?”

Makabayan representatives even condemned the impending election of former President Gloria Arroyo, and they are obviously so stupidly ignorant in refusing to see that after six years of BS Aquino overturning every filing cabinet in Malacañang looking for some evidence, that brat has been unable to come up with a single shred of proof of corruption against her.

The Ateneo faculty and staff had issued a long statement against Bongbong Marcos’ bid for the vice presidency, with their professors, along with those from La Salle, recently posting long manifestos on their Facebook against the burial of his dad, the strongman Marcos, at the military’s official cemetery, called — unnecessarily, I think — the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

A President angry with the oligarchs
A President angry with the oligarchs

If one listened solely to these Makabayan blockheads and to professors in Catholic universities, one would think that the basic problem of the Philippine nation has been and still is Marcos, and secondarily, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Indeed, this Ateneo-trained, US-based professor Vicente Rafael sees a vast Marcos conspiracy, the Philippine equivalent of the inter-generational Sith Dark Lords of Star Wars movies, with Duterte as the latest Sith: “By allowing Ferdinand Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, President Duterte pays tribute to his political, as well as biological father,” this professor who has stayed and worked in the US for the last 37 years, pontificates. He wrote: “Marcos is dead, more dead than ever. But in Duterte and in the Marcos family, his specter lives on to haunt us all.”

Duterte’s biological father?

Duterte’s “biological father” is Marcos? This guy certainly should get out of stuffy US university libraries, and get some fresh air once in a while.

For chrissake, didn’t Marcos die nearly three decades ago? Imelda is 87, just three years away from being a nonagenarian, certainly far, far from being an Evita Peron.  Bongbong is too amiable to be another dictator, Imee isn’t really interested in politics, and we’ve had three decades of phalanxes of lawyers trying to jail Imelda and recover alleged billions of pesos in loot. Tama na, sobra na!  Isn’t it time to shift the focus of our resources and national discourse to other problems of the nation, which you might be surprised to know may be more important  than Marcos?

Yet for the Makabayan blockheads, elite-university professors and Senator Riza Hontiveros (who has made many people wonder how she got elected as such), Marcos is still one of the country’s basic evil, and the Leftists seem to have reformulated Sison’s basic problems of the country to: “imperialism, bureaucrat-capitalism, feudalism and Marcos.”

I am astonished, really, why these Makabayan blockheads can’t see that they have been led by the nose by the Yellow Cult — which emerged from the Tarlac and Visayas haciendas in 1985 — whose existence is almost entirely based on the demonization of Marcos. Think, without Marcos and his demonization, would there have been a Yellow Cult, would we have suffered the most incompetent President we ever had?

I didn’t vote for Duterte, and I wrote many scathing columns against him.  But he has proven to be smarter than the Makabayan blockheads and these elite-university  professors.

Did they ever talk of the illegal-drug problem before Duterte came into the picture, which the President has proven to be a scourge that threatens the very fabric of our society? Did the Makabayan blockheads ever issue a resolution (as they have done protesting against Arroyo’s impending election as deputy speaker, raising alarm against the country’s shabu infestation?  Did the effete Ateneo and La Salle professors organize symposiums on the illegal-drug scourge and issue manifestos against  the drug lords?

Out of the blue

Last week, out of the blue, like a bolt of lightning illuminating the dark landscape of national discourse, Duterte spoke of one of the country’s real problems, a hundred, a thousand times graver than whatever Marcos’ sins against the country were, and which I think is the biggest obstacle facing the nation since its birth: The rule of the oligarchs, the tiny group of political-economic elite that rules the nation.

Did all these professors who read mountains of books and these purported Leftists who read the entire collected works of Lenin and Mao Ze Dong, have the intelligence to realize that the oligarchy is, as Duterte hinted, the country’s   biggest problem?

Certainly not. The Makabayan parties, or their leaders, have been getting funding not only for their election campaigns, from certain oligarchs and magnates. They think that these ‘good-hearted’ magnates are their secret admirers? They are simply buying protection, paying with their please-don’t-bother-me, money. Have you ever heard of an Oligarchy 101, or something close to it, taught in any Philippine university? Have you ever heard of an Ateneo professor or group of professors issuing a manifesto against the oligarchy?

Of course not.  Ateneo and La Salle, as well as the UP, have been the main educators of the oligarchs’ sons and daughters, and they have also provided the ideological infrastructure – the don’t-meddle-with-the-markets thinking, among others – to justify and perpetuate oligarchic rule.

Ateneo and La Salle have even built gargantuan gyms and buildings financed by magnates and oligarchs. The Ateneo library, which for decades has been named after our great Filipino hero, Jose Rizal, now also carries the name of First Pacific Co., Ltd. The company was set up by the most powerful oligarchs during Indonesian strongman Suharto’s 31-year rule, headed by Soedono Salim, designed as their corporate lifeboat when their patron fell. The oligarch’s son, Anthoni, is now the biggest public-utility oligarch in the Philippines,
despite the constitutional restrictions against foreigners’ control of this sector.

Fig 4.2 . Fig 3 Ateneo Library
Rizal now shares his name with an Indonesian oligarch’s firm.

Study the history of prosperous nations, even just of the economic tigers in our part of the world. All of them became rich nations, either because the oligarchy were decimated (as in China, of course) or because the oligarchy transformed itself as one treating their countries as a nation whose fate is intertwined with them, unlike our oligarchy, which treats the Philippines only either as a market, or a source of cheap labor.  For many of them, Filipino is even a language used only in speaking to the servants and chauffeurs. Many of them see their real homes being a mansion in the US, London, China, Hong Kong, or Spain.

By pointing first to the illegal drugs trade as a plague destroying our nation, and then to the oligarchy as the enemy to be overcome, the promdi-mayor, now President Duterte, certainly proved he is smarter than the Makabayan blockheads and the scholars of our elite-universities.

(Details on Salim and First Pacific, as well their public-utility conglomerate in the country is in my book titled Colossal Deception: How Foreigners Control our Telecoms Sector, out by Friday next week.)


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  1. Ray Rdoriguez

    Without the Aquinos -MArcos will not be a demon ? Please clartify this …It sounds like -without Churchill -there will be no Hitler.

  2. Jaime Domingo

    Sir your the next generation F. Sionil Jose


    Shit. My friends and I were from an accomplished high school and when we parted ways most of them went to *insert elite uni*. This explains why they had such strong points na hindi nagkakaiba. Bakit iisa lang ang paniniwala nila? They seemed hard to oppose as well because of the ‘school credit’. Ayaw nila maniwala sa “pulitika”, they said they’re “maka-masa” but admit it or not, everything will fall to only two sides.

    Natatawa pa nga ako kaso most of them are Maka-Miriam but hates Marcos, whilst Miriam said herself that she trusts BBM. Then they are in for Cayetano when his DZMM interview went viral, but later on disappointed when Cayetano himself said will be on Duterte’s side no matter what when war on drugs became an issue. (Admit it, Cayetano looked like a ‘balimbing’ only because he didn’t have political parties and follows his own logic, siding which he thinks is correct.) So they didn’t know how their candidates actually thinks ending up being dissappointed? Beats them for being scholars.

  4. Edwin Subijano

    It is quite obvious that Mr. Roberto Tiglao is a straightforward liar !!! He is as pretentious as one get !!!
    He is a Marcos loyalist to the bone and pretends to be pro-poor and pro-people when in fact he has a
    lot of hidden agenda, foremost of which is to bring back the Marcos family to power. He is an asshole
    in the first degree !!!

    1. Maddas Ben

      EDWIN SUBIJANO bvious na nabayaran ka ng kultung dilaw… kaya ganyan ka mag salita..

  5. Prinze Fisher

    Mr. RT, how I love to have a copy of your book. Kindly guide me how to get one with your signature of course.


  6. truthbetold


  7. gab

    students of those said universities undeniably intelligent or at par from other universities – some or most of the professor are corrupting the young minds to believe between the line of fabricated and real stories. just like what happened to marcos and aquino.

  8. Roland

    Kaming mga distressed, stranded OFWS ngayon dito sa Saudi Arabia, Dahil sa mababang presyo ng langis maraming companyang nalugi at nag sara, Ilang liggo palang sa pag upo ni President Duterte Nabigyan kaagad kame ng tulong financial dito at sa pamilya namin sa Pilipinas, kasama na ang mga relief goods na naka pag sustini sa amin. Kaya President Duterte is an action President.

    1. Maria Banas

      Previous Admin puro pangako at buladas, ginagamit ofw pagdating election kunwari may malasakit. . .

    1. Oligarch

      Being rich is not the same as being an oligarch.

  9. ernie purisima

    Mr.T writes with his balls.

    Same-same with RD, the Real Deal. Laging dala ang “yagballs”.

  10. lili

    Nice article. Thanks n mabuhay

  11. Piper

    Very well said Mr Tiglao! At first I was hesitant to support Duterte but after listening to him in all his press conferences and speeches, I realized he’s a thinking at the same time an action president. And he’s the only president who’s willing to address the real ills of our society. Please continue writing articles that would enlighten everyone with the true issues of our society. Keep it up!

  12. Johnny Randal

    all of the opposition is the Giant Oligarch and Capitalist Monsters,Many of the Ateneo boys and La Salle boys belongs to this group because of their parents to maintain their elitist in the Society by controlling the people in the government by their money and power…….They have all the trick either left right or center……This time it President Rodrigo Duterte they are trying to put him down……Will the US and them come together for this purpose. I have the feeling as well…The truth is coming out in the open….

  13. joey

    It is the oligarch who are the corruptors to maintain their wealth and status!

  14. Migs Doromal

    Hello, RT

    Where can I get a copy of your new book? Can I get a signed copy? 🙂

    Best regards.


    1. rigoberto

      Will email you later

  15. alex

    Sa mukha pa lang ng putang inang ABNOY na yan a mukha na talagang walang matinong gagawin sa kapakanan ng masa.Puro kagaguhan ang piaggagawa ng gago.

  16. Victor Arches

    Oh, by the way, to those who punt in the local stock market: Guess whose oligarchic head is next on Duterte’s chopping block, after Ongpin?

    1. ernie del rosario

      Pls give some clues…Is he Chinese ? European ? American ? Pinoy ? …

  17. Norland Roman

    As an ordinary citizen, we already know eversince that the country economy controlled by a few family. Likewise, what do you suggest? Kick-out these people in our country? Duterte is only good on witch hunting and punishing these so called “oligarch people” but he never provide any alternative livelihood for those people that will be out of job at any moment. Mr. Duterte is already in the office for 1 1/2 months and not a solid economic plan have been layout for the country and the people except threating and accussing people without good evidence.

    1. Glenn cuyos

      Anong akala mo sa presidente superman?

      Bakit sa tingin mo ba meron isa man lang sa tumatakbong presidente na kayang gawin ang nagawa nia ngayon atleast totoo cya…economic susunod yan knowing alam naman natin ang pinaglalaban niya nung tumatakbo pa cya bilang pangulo…

  18. Pablo A. Dublin

    Persuasive argument, Sir. It is high time we bury the hatchet and put this issue to rest. Enough of this hypocrisy. Then we can move on.

  19. Victor Arches

    H’wag kang mabahala, Rigoberto. Wala nang nakikinig sa mga ‘yan: mga taga-Aa-re-ne-yoou, La Salle elitista, mga party-list wannabes, mga obispo at pari, mga “bleeding hearts” kuno, mga “human rights” advocates, trapos, at mga Ayala Ave. crowd and oligarchs. Wala na sila sa poder.

    It’s been 3 months since the elections, and they still cannot get over the fact that their manok (or manoks) lost by a landslide to a probinsiano without a machinery. Their formula of “guns, goons and gold” has been disproven. And they are completely lost on what to do, how to handle or get around a guy like Duterte.

    1. ernie del rosario

      …and PCOS/VCM. They can run after the Abu Sayaff or the ISIS.

    2. mikvital

      Wag pakasiguro, Leni is just waiting, with one push of button of the oligarchs, they will be alive again and blame the demise of DU30 to the drug lords. (wag sanang mangyari).

  20. Jojo

    Excellent opining! Thank you for this write-up.

  21. coel

    Thank you for your article. It’s an eye opener.

  22. susan day


    bakit ikaw lang ang nagiisip!!!!

    mabuhay ka!

  23. Rudi Miranda

    Bobbi, thank you! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Anticipates Colossal Deception… Says Fidel Castro: Only the realist wins the revolution! Whatever that is Castro got it…

  24. bystander

    Salamat Mr.Tiglao sa pagsisiwalat mo ng mga katotohanang itinatatwa ng mga balatkayong MAKABAYAN. Karamihan sa kanila ay tulad sa mga anay o bukbuk na maglulugso sa kaayosan ng lipunan. Kung sila’y tunay na may malasakit sa kapakanan ng ordinaryong mamamayan ay bakit ‘di nila batikosin ang tunay na mga taksil sa bansa tulad nitong si M. V. Pangilinan at mga politikong tiwali ang pagtimon sa tungkolin.

  25. keith penas

    Your a genius Mr. Ambasador….How can we get a copy of your book? How much?

  26. Terence

    after how many articles… i like to read it all over again. your opinion in this article is for us to have a positive outlook as a nation and move forward.

  27. Ric Brazil

    Thank you Amba Tiglao.
    If I may add, these groups are blockheads alright, but makabayan they certainly are not. ‘Makasarili’ maybe an apt word.

    1. jose polintan


  28. diosdado h. baul

    Armchair political and historical analysts, baka green card holder pa.

    Smartmatic Senators should be outed as such too !

  29. Allen Llamar

    Good job, Mr. tiglao, this modern day PHARISEES . the likes of the makabayan Hontiveraz, lasalle/ateneo hypocrites. Just try to bother to our visayan Pres. almost half of the population in manila are sibuanos/visayan speaking will find out if this people you see the bright of days.

  30. ranger






  31. kris tulo

    putak ng putak ng mga alagad ng mga traydores na mga Aquinos pero up to now ni isand duling or isang araw man lang na mga Marcoses were imprisoned.Look at Imelda Marcos, mga sapatos lang at alahas ang binabato sa kanya pero di man lang masabi na mas marami pang nagawa sa bayan as a First Lady than most of the Pesidents after FM…..Sige nga can u name some what Cory, Abnoy or Tabako had accomplished to alleviate poverty of the poor Pinoys

  32. Cruel-World

    Such kind of reporting truly educate our people. Only those who are watchful are watered by good information, but those who are mediocre remains ignorant and enjoy the life of stupidity.

  33. Vincent de belen

    A good read and coming from real victim of martial law. This should be known not those noisy so called victims kuno of ML

  34. Esteban

    (Details on Salim and First Pacific, as well their public-utility conglomerate in the country is in my book titled Colossal Deception: How Foreigners Control our Telecoms Sector, out by Friday next week.)

    Because noynoy let Salim took over our public utility with the help of another traitor Manny Pangilinan. I hope the Death Squad target a traitor like Pangilinan. Billions of bribe went to the yellow traitors.

  35. RexO

    Tiglao speaks from both sides of his mouth. He says “Tama na, sobra na! Isn’t it time to shift nthe focus of our resources … to other problems of this nation…” and yet continues to bash Pnoy and says “.. would we have suffered the most incompetent President we ever had.”

    You want to stop the Makabayans actions against Marcos but you yourself don’t stop criticizing PNoy when he is no longer the President. He surely is better than his predecessors, Cory, Ramos, Estrada and GMA. During his term, he had mostly gotten a favorable rating from the people.You also can not even make the allegation that he enriched himself in office unlike the others.

    1. rigoberto

      There’s been a gargantuan effort for three decades (since 1986) to uncover whatever sins against the country Marcos committed. Aquino had controlled media throughout his six year term, and we’re still waiting for the FOI to be implemented so we can fully uncover Aquino’s crimes. Wait till these crimes are exposed and you’ll see the surveys show him as the worst president we ever had, who had cost this nation a lot.

    2. rolando

      What do you think are the yellow turds doing? Thwarting every moves that the current dispensation is initiating, fighting all the evils that the past administration left when it was at the helm.

    3. The Great Defiant

      will haunt abnOY like the red october

    4. Aphetsky Lasa

      Oh. So Cory enriched herself then. PNoy didn’t make it a cornerstone of his (neither his mom’s) presidency to look into the death of his father. Am I being naive on this one? I’m sorry.

    5. nestor

      “He surely is better than his predecessors, Cory, Ramos, Estrada and GMA. During his term, he had mostly gotten a favorable rating from the people.”
      Itong tarantadong ito e hindi sumasakay ng MRT sa buong buhay nya.

    6. dagr2013

      Aquino better than his predecessors?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      Good Lord, when will this trashy yellowturd propaganda stop showing up in our media?

  36. laotsu

    Sir, I go with some of your opinions except the burial of Ferdinand Marcos in Libingan nang mga Bayani, for the reason that he was not a hero at all; he was not a good president neither during his reign. There was an outbreak of corruption from the top down to the bottom level of the government when Ferdinand Marcos controlled all businesses by his hands. There were a lot of people who disappeared, killed and fled, because they were not with his corrupt leadership. The decision of the present President for Ferdinand Marcos to be buried in the Libingan nang mga Bayani is not an act of good will to the Filipino people, but an insult. The Marcoses can bury their father in their own town cemetery, anyway.
    I go somehow with your opinion to our Elite educational institutions’ professors, who are simply there with their convinience to think and teach with our Elite sons and daughters, whose life and ways of thinking are molded to become another exploitative as their parents and grand parents are in the nations. I think our educational system should be reviewed, because it doesn’t serve the very purpose for which it must have been to, especially in nation’s building up, which means building up people. I feel sad whenever I try to reflect and see how our leaders were not able to catch up the prime time that were given to lift up the nation. I hope President Duterte can do much to the nations, which was ruled by leaders with exploitative moneyed people at their back. God bless Philippines!

    1. nestor

      Sir. Being a president or being a soldier is enough for one dead person to be buried in LnmB.

    2. alvin

      sir, i would just like to point out that duterte cleared it last night in his press conference. marcos’ burial at the libingan ng mga bayani is not because of him being a hero but because he was entitled to be buried there being a former head of state.

      how is his upcoming burial to the libingnan ng mga bayani an insult to the filipino people? first off, if there indeed was so much hatred against marcos and his family, wouldn’t bongbong have little votes to nil in last may’s elections? but no, bongbong was cheated in the vice presidential race, therefore that just goes to show that the perceived strong sentiments against the marcoses are just, well, somewhat mythical, in the sense that the name marcos, even if it’s villified over and over again, still rings synonymous to good governance, as evidenced by the number of voters who voted for him.

      nevertheless the communists, their sympathizers (the so-called makabayan bloc), the yellow cult and the elitists educational facilities make it seem like there’s a rabid number of opposers when in truth, it’s not even true

    3. ernie del rosario

      O sige sa Libingan natin ilibing si Aquino.

    4. mikvital

      DU30 says u have the right to demonstrate for 30 days in the street. Be counted as one there.

    5. Roger Sy

      Putting up with a President like Noynoy for 6 years is a far bigger insult to the Filipino people — and yet nobody seemed to complain? We are constantly brainwashed by conscript media and we didn’t question the wrong info being fed to us?

  37. Tan Sa Kit

    The author has the guts to reveal the true state of our country. Marcos was able to bring down only a few oligarchs but Cory and Pnoy are from the oligarchy too and they hated Marcos like hell.

    Read the Chinese history before Mao took over and see how a few oligarchs control China. It seems “unbelievable” because we were trained to think and look otherwise by the media controlled by the oligarchs.

    Many regretted that Marcos was too benevolent as a dictator and a few of his followers became oligarchs themselves.

    Our country is the only one left behind in Southeast Asia. Awake Pinoys!

  38. Mohr Naga

    Well said! It can now be claimed that a “promdi” from Mindanao have a far reaching grasp on the stark realities that are besetting the country as compared to the so called “imperial manila based” pseudo technocrats and bureaucrats.

    President Duterte is in the right track of first facing the menace of criminality and corruption upon his assumption to office lest socio-economic development efforts may be hampered in the process. Antagoginists may surface in the short run if only to cover the utter incompetence of those who had once held the powers of the Presidency. But in the long run they will all cower down as current counter measures would prove significantly effective as compared to their past actions.

  39. meeny

    Thanks to social media, the voice of the masses can now be heard. Gone are the days when the elite professors and critics from prestigious universities can sway the people to their agenda. Oligarchy, industry/commercial monopoly needs to be exposed and dealt with accordingly. Meralco has monopoly in electricity distribution. Manila Water and Maynilad for water and we now have only two cellphone companies that delivers the slowest internet at the highest prices. If it takes the need to change the constitution to allow more industrial players the let us do so. Monopolies help perpetuate the control of the 1% over the 99%. Sobra na. Tama na. Aksiyunan na!

  40. Venancio

    where can I get a copy of your book Colossal Deception?

  41. Na Me

    This is an interesting situation. We should see how the forces of evil who have combined all their power to stir up trouble to agitate the common pilipino into hating a popular leader, in order to topple him, will turn out.

    The deeds of President Marcos will eventually be an open history, and can speak for itself.

    The president now appears to have sensed that the ordinary pilipinos have realized, and are having serious doubts against the accusations to a dead man; and in having known countless grief and sorrows themselves, feel that paying respect to a dead man, is the least that can be done for a possibly wrongly portrayed makabayan.

    Surprisingly, being the ordinary pilipinos who have no vested interests, who have suffered enough abuse and pain in our daily labors ourselves, who see no future for our children, seeing somebody being abused or wrongly accused, still make our heart bleed.

  42. george_kabristante@yahoo.com

    Monsieur Tiglao,

    I won’t be surprised if one of these days you will get a Pulitzer for speaking the truth in place of the plethora of asshole opinion makers in this country writing for sell-out titanic publications shamelessly buttering their bread on both sides with the oligarchs. How about an expose on media sell-out in this country by oligarchs? Looking forward to that. I salute and thank you! Bravo!

    1. Andres Luna


  43. Ed

    Very very well said mr Tiglao.

    1. elfieda g maddara

      Yes indeed! If Rizal emphatically exposed the ills of Spanish friars of his day in his Noli, we have one RDTiglao who pens genuine Philippine contemporary history for posterity.
      And you’re right. A Pulitzer will place his testaments in the academe for future students to chew and savor for instruction, for inspiration, for a model of bona fide journalism.

  44. Dan Carreon

    Spot on Rigoberto….Thank you for this article…..

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