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No longer the region’s American boy


Shocked or scandalized you may be by President Duterte’s alleged insult against US President Obama, this incident, as well as his earlier unflattering remarks against the American ambassador, marks a momentous break from the past.

In our  history as a Republic, Duterte would be the first President to declare to the world, “I will not be America’s boy in this part of the globe.”

Duterte made it clear that his outburst was not just an emotion of the moment, but reflects his view of our country’s place in the global scheme if things: “The Philippines is not a vassal state. We have long ceased to be a colony of the United States. We are not the lapdogs of the US.” Was there ever a Philippine President who tried to even make such a hint?

Undiplomatic Duterte’ statements may be, his view of the US is totally different from those of all previous Presidents, who were either ideologically brainwashed to have the American worldview (as a West Pointer President I think was), or believed there was no other pragmatic foreign policy possible except to be subservient to the US, the sole superpower in this planet.

I had a first-hand experience of our subservience to the US when former President Gloria Arroyo asked her small circle of advisers, which included me at that time, to discuss whether to join the US demand that we join the absurdly named “Coalition of the Willing” that supported the American invasion of Iraq in 2002. I had thought it was a no-brainer, since the US was claiming it needed to invade Iraq because that country was developing “weapons of mass destruction.” Such claim seemed to me then, and was proven to be correct by subsequent developments, to be a total lie.

Did he really say that to Obama?
Did he really say that to Obama?

Probably because I had been journalist and then a spinmeister as Arroyo’s spokesman, it was easy for me to “smell” that the Americans were lying. The term “weapons of mass destruction” was a propaganda phrase that created terrifying images of a Hiroshima kind of nuclear devastation in which hundreds of thousands were killed in the blink of an eye. Yet the US was actually referring to chemical and biological weapons, as there was no way for the Iraqis to have nuclear, deliverable weapons at their disposal in 2002.
Decision already made

We debated the issue for hours, with only myself and one other Cabinet member insisting that we could not support a war based on a fabrication. During a coffee break, though, very late in the evening, a foreign affairs official who represented then secretary Blas Ople in the meeting, pulled me aside and told me: “The decision has already been made, let’s not waste our time.” It was then I realized why Ople wasn’t in the meeting: I was told he also opposed the Iraq war but had to go along with the decision. I walked out of the meeting, of course.

After that, however, Arroyo declared later her foreign policy that was a departure from those of previous Presidents, one, she diplomatically said, that would have to recognize the economic and political realities in our part of the world. Everyone, especially the Americans, of course, knew she was referring to the fact that the People’s Republic of China had grown phenomenally that it had become the superpower not only in Asia but the third (or even second) superpower in the world. Arroyo had seen that China would, in a few years time, be our biggest economic partner, which it in fact did in 2012.

Arroyo had cozied up to the Chinese like no other Philippine President ever had. Diplomats in 2000 were talking in amazement how Arroyo and the conservative Chinese President Jiang Xemin seemed like long lost friends singing their hearts out using a karaoke aboard the presidential yacht.

I believe that one way or another — perhaps by providing the Yellow Cult with their PR and propaganda expertise or by tapping her cellphone — the US contributed much to making Arroyo so unpopular, she couldn’t get her candidate win in the 2010 elections.

Arroyo was getting too much Chinese ODA, and, horror of horrors, she let the Chinese telecom giant ZTE —which evolved from China’s Ministry of Aerospace and still had state equity — bag the contract to build the backbone for the country’s broadband, that surely would have made our internet speeds today a lot faster, and probably allowed a third telecom player, owned by the Chinese, in the country. Check the makers of your modem, cheap cellphone, and portable wi-fi devices sold by Globe and Smart: If it’s not made by ZTE, then by its competitor, Huawei.

US worried over ZTE

The Americans, of course, were worried that the Chinese could put some software or device that would allow them to tap all communications on the internet, including those of lazy ala Hillary Clinton diplomats. At that time also, the US still had fantasies that its Motorola and its other telecom firms would still be able to recover to be globe’s suppliers of telecom equipment.

President Benigno Aquino 3rd dismantled all goodwill Arroyo built up with the Chinese, as if following the US “pivot to Asia” policy.

Can you think of any more pro-American Philippine ambassador to the US than Jose Cuisia? How can he not be pro-American when he has spent much of his working life as an executive of the American AIG-owned PhilAm Insurance, and even when he was ambassador, remained employed there, and was even the chairman of the firm distributing Chevrolet cars in the Philippines? Can you think of any other Philippine foreign affairs secretary more pro-American than Albert del Rosario? His wealth had been due to his businesses with the First Pacific Co., Ltd. (where he was a director for many years), which is 45 percent owned by Indonesian magnate Anthoni Salim, and 20 percent by US mutual funds?

Check out my columns on how we lost Panatag Shoal, which was the reason given by Aquino and del Rosario when we filed the Arbitration Case against China on its territorial claims in the South China Sea. You would be convinced that the Americans expertly played Aquino so that the Philippines would file that case against China over their claims in the South China Sea —and not Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, or Malaysia, which had more resources to spend for such a case.

Ask any diplomat from Asean, and he will tell you that our reputation in the region is that we’re the US’ reliable stooge in the region, its loyal proxy even if we’ve been getting really lousy treatment from the Americans. Asean nations all believe it was the US that prodded (or hoodwinked) us into filing that case against China, and are very happy with it: It created a political obstacle to China’s expansionism in the region, even as Asean nations are so happy that they—especially Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia—can now convince China to give them more ODA, and encourage more Chinese investments and forget the Philippines.

Duterte’s rejection of the role as the American lapdog in Asia, though, is certainly fraught with dangers. Expect the Yellow Cult to beg the Americans for help to topple Duterte before he ends his term.

Lost in translation

I have described above Duterte’s insult against US President Obama as “alleged”, since I had listened to the President in that press conference before leaving the Philippines for his trip, and what I heard was also what the transcripts, as posted on the internet, show. The relevant parts are as follows;

Q: Sir, there have been concerns on extrajudicial killings, sir, and you will meet leaders. Any line of communication that we have prepared to address this issue in front of other foreign leaders?

Duterte: Extrajudicial killings?

Q: Yes, human rights.

Duterte: To whom shall I address myself and who will be asking the questions, may I know?

Q: Like Obama, sir.
Duterte: You know, the Philippines is not a vassal state. We have long ceased to be a colony of the United States. Alam mo, marami diyan, sa mga kolumnista they look up to Obama and the United States as if we are the lapdog of that country. I do not respond to anybody but to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. Wala akong pakialam sa kanya (I don’t care about him). Who is he? When, as a matter of a fact, at the turn of the century, before the Americans left the Philippines in the pacification campaign of the Moro on this island, there were about 6 million ang population ng Moro. How many died? Six hundred. If he can answer that question and give an apology, I will answer him …

You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Putang-ina, mumurahin kita diyan sa forum na iyan. Huwag mo akong ganunin.” (End of transcript. Emphasis added.)

It seems plain to me that Duterte wasn’t calling Obama a “son of a whore” as nearly all foreign reports reported, for two reasons:

First, it was prospective, that he would curse Obama in that planned forum if the US President raised the issue of judicial killings. It is not even clear if by “mumurahin kita,” he meant he would say “Putangina mo, Obama.”

Second, and more importantly, this is a case of lost-in-translation. Duterte didn’t’ say “Putangina mo, Obama” as he did during the campaign when he clearly said “Putangina mo, Papa.”

He simply prefaced his sentence with “Putangina,” which really translates, not into “son of a whore,” but is a stock exclamation of annoyance, with the meaning closer to “shit,” “fuck”, or the British “bollocks,” with which Americans or their Old World cousins habitually use to preface their sentences when agitated, even in the slightest way.


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  1. Santi Del Mundo

    When the issue of fake news came about, several media outlet (rappler, philstar, etc.) were getting butt hurt…

  2. Josh

    Mr Tiglao you are a genius!..

  3. Rudi Miranda

    Bobbi Tiglao thank you for the brave piece and position that it was lost in translation and ‘twisted news reporting.’ The hurting losers would never stop until Pres. Digong is replaced by Robredo.

  4. benj

    Excellent analysis of what have been uttered and its wisdom! Hope Du30 will survive America until end of his term.

  5. neil

    Ayon kay YASAY, PANELO, ANDANAR, ABELLA at iba pa.. “mas maganda nga raw ang epekto ng pangga-gago ni DIGONG kay US PresS OBAMA,” “mas naiPAKITA raw sa mundo na isang ASTIG at may “INDEPENDENT FOREIGN policy” na raw ang Pilipinas sa ilalim ng administrason ni DIGONG..”

    Ang nakaka-intrigang tanong lang ng marami, totoo ba, authentic at genuine ba ang astang MAKABAYAN at pagiging SOCIALISTA ni DIGONG o simpleng PAGKUKUNWARI at KABALIWAN lamang?

    Tulad ng approached ni PGMA (ZYE at NORTHRAIL projects), ang agenda lang ni DIGONG sa CHINA ay ma-ENSURE lang na tutulong ang CHINA sa PILIPINAS na maka-utang (ODA) para makapagtayo ng mahigit 1,000 km MASS TRANSPORT RAILWAY SYSTEM sa Mindanao, BICOL Express Line at Panay Express sa ILOILO….

  6. Supsupin

    So I say the rumor mill is abuzz and pro and cons reasoning appear on daily newspapers; mostly pro DU30. The BRAVE ONE DU30 has kindled the heart of the real FILIPINOs ( and I am one of those ). Gimmickry it may seem but The BRAVE ONE DU30 is but a genius. Let the SAM agonize and let the SAM knew that he is not anymore the SAM of bygone years. Let it be written by the ZAIDEs that the THE BRAVE ONE DU30 has opened the eyes of the world….the SAM is an SOW..

  7. leon

    For whatever reason, Republican Presidential candidate is using the infamous words coming from a former colony as campaign slogan against Democrats. LOL! Imagine a poor country’s leader’s misinterpreted statement being used in a presidential election of world’s super power nation. Hahahaa!

  8. litocruz

    The President has regretted his statement. Now we can move on and make sure that the yellow dogs cannot regain power again. The damage which the yellow dogs has done to our country is equivalent to none. Refocus our selves against our fight on drugs, criminality,corruption and all other menace that befall our country Our foreign policy I believe is stronger now that Digong Duterte is our President. Remember we are a free country with vast natural resources.

  9. nomorekilling

    he is the KING or he is the KILLER<MURDERER of those INNOCENT victims. Don't blame it on the media…from day one whenever this lunatic, temperamentally unstable President opens his filthy mouth there's trouble. This crazy bloodthirsty dictator, is also a cannibal ghoul, is no surprise.

    1. Om

      where is the moderator? these are grave accusations with no basis.

  10. bobjp

    I note with sadness that history has raised its ugly head, but nothing mentioned at USA getting rid of the Japs in world war 2. Then giving your country independence it craved.Philippines just one an argument in the international court about its territory. Suddenly the Philippines are cow towing with China and now insulting the USA of whom wants the Philippines to have its territories as per international law.

    Seems the hate of USA comes above that of the once time hate of Japan of whom just praised Du30. I am not sure Filipinos know what side their bread is buttered on. You don’t go about insulting those countries you have treaties with with treaties the history of the past can be painful. Its now and the future that’s more important. The Japanese killed millions of Filipinos less you forget. .

    1. Migs Doromal

      You are incorrect.

      Filipino casualties during WW2 fighting FOR the Americans are estimated at 57,000 military deaths and 900,000 civilian deaths or less than a million.

      The AMERICANS also carpet bombed Manila adding to the toll of civilian deaths. A reckless disregard for Filipino lives.

      The US killed more Filipinos (1.4 million) in the 1900s than Japan did in WW2.

      Get your FACTS straight.

    2. Migs Doromal

      Oh, by the way the Japanese paid the Filipinos war reparations and had since apologized for its WW2 aggression.

      Our colonial masters Spain and the USA never have and never will so buzz off!

    3. Grace

      How sad indeed. And how refreshing it is to see the past generation revive to the present that if it wasn’t for the Americans, the Filipinos will be speaking Japanese.

    4. Om

      The Philippines became a Japanese target (and sitting duck) because of American presence. We were unable to defend ourselves because of MacArthur’s incompetence in preparing the country’s defenses. Where do you read your history?

      Btw, EDCA is unconsititutional, despite the Supreme Court saying so.

    5. Blaire

      You are wrong. Filipinos suffered in the hands of Americans after Spanish American war, your kind slaughtered 600,000 Moros. Yes you came during WW2 but we fought with you , we lost 950,0000 Military & civilian lives ,more than you lost in this side of the world. You put up military bases here for years at minimal cost.
      Let us be clear. We are not beholden to you or anybody other than our own. We are eternally grateful of your assistance and support through the years. It was and wil be your choice should you wish to continue our relationship

  11. jo

    Who cares anyway if he cuss. In the US, cussing is normal and is frequently used in their everyday conversation. Yellow journalists, to that effect, which are paid by politicians and are press-titutes actually are as they are are raking in big money now by agitating the President and by writing twisted stories. We don’t buy their stories anymore. Thanks to social media and to principled writers such as the writer here.

  12. The Great Defiant

    The problem is biased reporting of ABS-CBN and GMA.

  13. RexO

    Duterte may have won Tiglao by saying “I will not be America’s boy in this part of the globe.” but this is all talk. The President who did more was the one who kicked the Americans out of Subic and Clark. This is action, not talk.

    Duterte talks then expresses regrets. He is losing his credibility and respect as a leader of our country.Tiglao can defend him all he wants, just like his cabinet members, but let’s see the results, not the talk.

    1. ren fuentes

      du30 expressed regrets over the misinterpretation of his ‘putang ina’ retort but did not ask forgiveness from obama. btw, which would you have du30 do, lose respect from the filipinos but gain respect from the usa or any western country or gain respect of the filipinos but lose respect from the usa or any western country?? i think this is what du30’s message is when he said, i am answerable only to the filipino people. don’t get me wrong, i am not condoning his use of cuss words nor i am condemning his use of cuss words.

    2. Jun

      Cory rallied to retain the US bases.

    3. Migs Doromal

      Idiot. Corazon Aquino was for the retention of the US bases. She lost the battle to the infamous 12 which included then Sen. Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

    4. Rigoberto D. Tiglao

      It was the Senate which voted in 1991 to kick out the US bases, despite tremendous pressure by Pressure Cory on it. She even staged a dramatic event in which she walked through the rain from Malacanang to the Senate floor to appeal to the senators not to kick out her American patrons.

    5. dagr2013

      Cory Aquino did not kick out the Americans from their bases here. It was the Senate that voted not to renew the bases treaty. Cory did not “do more”; she in fact led the campaign to retain the bases but could not convince the Senate to change its mind.

      Duterte is the only President so far who wants an independent foreign policy direction for the country and is willing to untether us from the US. It’s just that so many Filipinos grew up and were taught to revere the U.S. and feel so insecure if we aspire to stop orbiting around the U.S. sun like a captive planet. Where is our self-respect as a nation and as a people?

    6. Romeo Ablazo

      There is a great deal of difference between regret and apology.

    7. Vicente Gambito

      Can you wait?

  14. susan day

    the way it is going, the “media” is out to misquote President Duterte.

    Thank you for quoting the actual words uttered.

    Shouldn’t the ombudsman of the Phil Press Club ( self-regulation ) discipline these “media’ members in misquoting the President? It was the irresponsible media members exrtapoliating the actual words of the President to destroy him that also destroyed our international reputation–NOT President Duterte

    Also, President Arroyo’s greatest sin is disenfranchising the monopoly in telecom by planning and actually executing a national backbone for internet (ZTE)

    that is why she was incarcerated.

    But it would have been a greatest blessing for the Filipinos and our economy.

    Gloria Arroyo with was thinking and working for the good of the Filipinos.

  15. Naldo

    How do you go about to have a regime change? One only has to create a new narrative, to discredit a head-of-state through media, being a fourth estate it can cover a wider spectrum of readers with vast or extensive coverage to condition the minds and gain popular opinion.

    The first narrative was the extra-judicial killings, human rights and respect of rule-of-law. Unfortunately, a few days leading to the summit meeting, an event occured something that was not anticipated by lobbyist and of the yellow media, in the form of a deadly bombing in Davao, where innocent law abiding Filipino civilians who were out to enjoy the night with families (adults and toddlers alike) and among friends got killed or injured. This unforeseen event cast a shadow of uncertainty with regards to the issues of extra-judicial killings and human rights violations, because the agenda of the meeting between Duterte and Obama was hinged on this topic, and suddenly innocent law abiding Filipinos got killed and maimed, then suddenly too the UN and HRW became too seriously silent in condemning this cowardly act.

    So, how does one divert the issue but continue to attack a perceived foe to effect a regime change, the yellow journalist found a new tact with which to attack and pin Duterte, and that they (the yellow press) raised a new issue – namely the usual loosely spouted Filipino lingo ‘putangina’!

  16. manny Cuaresma

    The United States has an interest in the Philippines but so do we. We have been an ally for so many years and the U.S., in time of need, is always there for us more than any country in the world. We don’t have to agree or do everything that the U.S. wants but we don’t have to disrespect their leader either, like we don’t want our leaders to be disrespected. Respect is mutual.
    What President Duterte said, even if it is not directed to President Obama, is uncalled for and not befitting the language of a president. Mr. Duterte is still acting and talking like a mayor, not as a president. He has to be more polished to be respected by other leaders. He just missed an opportunity to voice his views with the leader of the free world.
    Let’s face it. The Philippines need the U.S. more, than the U.S. need the Philippines especially now that China is asserting territorial gains in the South China sea. Let’s get our pride out of the way.

    1. John P Manalo

      The past president was your model well manner, polished, great public speaker and well behaved. Even other presidents before him where a model of good manners. Where did that get us? Where did that get the rest of the Philippines? Decades of corruption, high crime, poor remain poor and only a few people benefited. The Philippines natural resources plundered by foreign companies. And if the so called human rights violations is all President Obama wants to speak to President Duterte about, then there was no point in any meeting anyways! The US is NOT THE SAVIOR of the Philippines! President Duterte speaks from the heart! If you know anyone like that, you know what you see is what you get, it is very hide to disguise anything else. No hidden agendas, no ulterior motives.

    2. ren fuentes

      you are wrong when you say that we need the usa than the usa needing us. if that were reality, why would they insist on EDCA to position their forces here for FREE AND at OUR EXPENSE?? is it to protect us or to protect the interests of the usa and the western powers who use the south china sea as navigation lane for trade?? we need edca, me thinks, like we need a hole in the head. which country will china attack first if the usa and china go to war?? of course it is the philippines.

  17. red planet

    So the RP’s Du30 called POTUS an SOB, what’s the big deal!

    If you can remember USSR’s Nikita Khrushkev banged his shoe on the UN podium, and Ronnie Reagan during an election campaign sent shivers down the world media by announcing the start of bombing USSR with nukes in 5 minutes, mistakenly he believed the mics were off when he made his infamous death-con apocalypse joke, awkward!

    Check a “Brief History of Political Profanity” by Claire Suddath, and the first mention in the pantheon of presidential profanity is Obama.

    US Pres. Herbert Hover was notorious for frequent use of the word manure. Legend has it that it got so bad that the first lady was implored by the press to ask her husband to refrain from the word, Mrs. Hoover is said to have replied, “but it took me 30 years to get him to use that word instead!”

  18. Leslie

    You’re right Mr. Tiglao that it was a case of lost in translation. It’s a media thing. Altho our dear president should limit his statement cos he has a tendency to go overboard. Less talk less mistakes. Anyway we get him. We get the message bec he articulates well. In fact with all our president’s problem back home esp the abu sayaf, i can understand why he jumped at the inappropriate questioning of the reporter. Thanks also for giving us the real picture behind the scenes among world leaders dealings which we ordinary citizens are not privy to. Another excellent article Mr. Tiglao!

  19. Ryanir Mustafa

    Up to now you can’t accept (especially the YELLOWS) that DU30 is now the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Yet all his actions are all scrutinize and criticize by some sectors by not taking any researched on his motives of saying this and saying that. As for me his wisdom is more all of you (critics) combined because before you didn’t anticipate that he will be a candidate for President. Trillanes et al and all the mercenary goons of the YELLOWS are hell bent on destroying him to the effect that they have little time to maneuver that come election time. Then who is more brilliant than anyone of you to counter his strategy of securing the coveted post (sorry for Binay you lost because you don’t know the capability of the YELLOWS). Now he is as i see it the first President of this country to stand against this they call mighty America who treats us all Filipinos like a second class citizens sine time immemorial and also up to now they have this mentality that what they say and ask us to do is like we are a DOG that obeys always to their wishes. Instead of supporting our President, why we are looking in the other way. It’s time to go and bind us together because we only have one country called the PHILIPPINES.

  20. Migs Doromal

    Lost In Translation is a 2003 film directed by Sofia Coppola which starred my favorite comic actor Bill Murray and the seductive temptress, Scarlett Johansson.

    PRRD is our present day Heneral Antonio Luna. More than a century has passed, this not so young republic and its peoples are still very divided as they were in Heneral Luna’s time. The players and other cast of characters’ motives still mirror those of Luna’s period. Not much has changed. There is much to be changed in our written history (but that is another story itself.)

    The Filipino natives had trade activities with China long before the white people arrived. There is no recorded incident of Chinese incursions or attacks on the native inhabitants of our archipelago.

    During the American Pacification war in the early 1900s, hundreds of thousands of brave Filipinos died from the machine guns and bullets of the 125,000 strong American soldiers sent to the Philippines. Many more died from hunger, famine, disease, massacres, and from the scorched Earth policy of the invading white people. Some estimates peg the total casualties of the American invasion of the Philippine islands at 1.4 million Filipino dead. THAT MY FRIEND IS GENOCIDE.


    I feel strange. I am happy that the Twin Towers fell.

    Saddam Hussein was right. The US must pay for its sins.

    1. bella

      Salute Migs i woukd say the same.

    2. Razul

      I do the same,,,,,we people in this republic must and shall learn to start standing with our own vision with no fear of any post-colonizer anymore. Yet, america wants to step their feet and even NOW via EDCA-the tricky thing that these white are now playing with us. PRRD is totally right to say so. Long live the first and the ONLY president ever have -President /Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte!!!!

  21. Caloy

    Whatever you look at it does not matter. Obama deserves that putang ina anyway.

  22. Noel

    Rudeness is rudeness no matter how you look at it. There are limits to what one says in private, and more so in public especially if one is the head of state. It’s becoming a habit for Duterte to open his foul mouth and then his handlers to explain what is plainly crass. He should start being presidential. While it is true we have pandered to the US, we can strike out independence in a decent manner, not with the ways that puts a neighbor toughie to shame.

  23. Maribel A. Calanda

    It is still unfortunate that the meeting did not happen. PDigong should have lectured him instead on the true situation in the Philippines regarding illegal drug trade and the extra judicial killings the media is always hyping about. It is also the media to blame whether local or foreign. Media always want controversies.

  24. Dale Gozar

    Nobody is afraid or want to respect Weak Leader (e.g. PNoy / Mar)…We want a strong/tough/combatant president who is also compassionate and simple person.

    Please OBSERVE & NOTICE that it’s actually planned or a well concieved, calculated and smart move.

    How? and Why?

    PRRD need to portray very “tough” or “combative” image as a leader in troubled times – to fight crime, drug war, terrorism, insurgencies, graft/corruption, maritime disputes, colonial mentality, inferiority complex, lack of pride, no love for country (apathy), etc.

    If PRRD can directly attack a powerful U.S President, just imagine what is the effect on terrorists, criminals, drug pushers/lords, corrupt officials, foreign leaders/diplomats and especially our people. Does

    Go ahead read the transcript or watch again the recording, understand and try to see how well prepared his answer to reporter’s question.

  25. Jess

    Thank you Mr.Tiglao i am lightened by your definitions…

  26. kaka

    Tanga rin kasi yong reporter na nagtanong, parang sinabi sa kanya ni Obama na tatanungin in Obama si Duterte tungkol sa extra judicial killing. At saka maliwanag hindi minura ni Duterte si Obama ang sabi ni Duterte mumurahin ko si Obama kapag tinanong niya ako tungkol sa extra judicial killing.

  27. Rene Saguisag

    Fox News said on Sept. 6, 2016 that PDu30 called Obama “S.O.B.” (Son of a Bitch) which he did not. Fox News should have reviewed the tapes. “Putang Ina” is just an expression when one is exasperated which is equivalent to English as: “Fuck”. PDu30 is just fucked up with these western interference. Human rights violations in the USA are more evident.

  28. nes

    Perhaps it would be better if PDU30 switched to Mother Spain’s tongue when cussing (cabron, conyo, punyeta etc) – in that way he doesn’t get misunderstood ha ha ha….
    Guys, lighten up – sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me….
    Keep your eyes on the ball – we have this chance to destroy the Abu Sayaf scourge once and for all and avenge the Lamitan humiliation!

  29. Don Coronel

    good point mr tiglao

  30. Jose Oliveros

    To local and foreign journalists (or those who claim to be one) and others who cringe whenever they hear the phrase “putang ina mo” as if their virgin ears have been violated, please read this excerpt from a Supreme Court decision:

    In Reyes v. People [137 Phil. 112, 120 (1969)], we ruled that the expression “putang ina mo” is a common enough utterance in the dialect that is often employed, not really to slander but rather to express anger or displeasure. In fact, more often, it is just an expletive that punctuates one’s expression of profanity. It is seldom, if ever, taken in its literal sense by the hearer, that is, as a reflection on the virtues of a mother.” (NOEL VILLANUEVA, petitioner, vs.PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES and YOLANDA CASTRO, Respondents, G.R. No. 160351, April 10, 2006

  31. To the Max

    When Pilipnos voted for Duterte, expect this incident to happen. It is obvious that Duterte cannot control his emotions. He is also not stupid being a lawyer and prosecutor. He is just uncontrollable and he was raise in that slum community.that affected his personality. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.

  32. A B

    I have also noticed the errors in translation of President Digong’s statements. Its as if the reporters are not Pilipinos and take the statements literally, as if passing them through the silly applications on the internet which “translates” from one language to another.

    The worse thing is, that the reporters actually ARE Pilipinos who intentionally mistranslate the President’s statements, or are too lazy or too stupid to correct the translations.

  33. Rudha Daku

    I agree with you Mr. Tiglao. Not that I dislike America but come to think about it, from the time of that mock naval battle between Dewey and Montojo in Manila Bay and when America bought Philippines from Spain for USD20,000,000.00 America has been treating Philippines as its lapdog. Hilaw ang support ng America sa Pilipinas- it is always been for achieving the interest of America.

    PDU30 should not regret nor feel sorry for his comment on America or Obama. The comment was made in a certain situation. Our President was only telling the truth and he was citing history of America’s pacification campaign in Mindanao. Even in Samar America massacred our citizens there and even took a bell to America as a trophy.

    We should now double, triple and quadrupole our support to PDU30. PDU30 beware of the yellow cult- please prevent its coming back to power. Remember the yellow cult in order to forward their own interest tried hard to destroy President Arroyo. PDU30 you are in a dire situation now, be watchful always. We support you.

    1. OSKEE




    2. bella

      The US bought our country from spain due to the natural resources my late father used to say our country was covered with forest when he was young and what the US did? Built loggings here and there because they do not want to log their own forest. Now who suffers? Mother earth. I swear they are the culprit of this global warming and its a little too late to reverse the situation.

    3. Razul

      Right…the truth in Mindanao carnage during american regime was hidden for century, yet, no one in our constituents especially manila before and to date dare to lobby the truth. They are spoon feed, coddled, brainwashed by the white who tookover our archipelago from tyrant fil-hispano conspirators. TODAY these US-spanish-laden crocks are not happy with our Mindanaoan president Duterte. Conspiracy have long been crawling and now with the use of bias media, the very reason of this ‘lost in translation” making appear that our president is ugly to US leader. Today, we Moro in Mindanao knows best who is telling the truth. Thanks Mr Tiglao

  34. sinforiano tangonan

    i agree the two words puta ngi na and puta ngi namo has ewo different meaning when use..i’m not a tagalog speaking but filipino and foreign journalist just printed it to make a big political issue.out of it..

  35. Ed

    That is exactly what duterte said.

  36. Rio Legaspi

    Do not depend the person, he is in the front of media and the best answer is by using the appropriate word as a public officials. Imagine if all officials be like that what would happen next are like in a boxing match or any sport with physical contact. Is it the right way to answer? I don’t think so. Is it the right way to portray not a lapdog no its not. We can show it by not agreeing in some policies or meetings that concern our sovereignty, but not like that.

    1. Jul

      Then blame the media for not reporting what is right!

    2. Jhun Carlos

      You complain to majority of the foreigners who utter the expletives BULLSHIT, FUCK YOU, FUCK, SHIT, ASSHOLE in a very ordinary or natural way. Just like us Filipinos who always express Putang Ina whenever we’re disgusted, angry, happy, joking, etc. Isn’t true Rio Legaspi? Unless, you never say these words which you have to prove to everybody else…See the foreign movies? These expletives are in the script too. Before, the Philippine films are censored strictly to make sure no words of these kinds are on the script. But now, if you are watching Filipino movies they have that as an attractive vehicle to sell the film. Got mo? Mr. Tiglao is correct, not a single President in the past ever said that or any other words to that effect that will hurt the feelings of the American President. ONLY NOW!!!

    3. The Great Defiant

      “mabuti na un magaspang pero totoo”
      ” un pino daw pero peke naman”…
      asan ka?..

  37. dahon

    Exactly right…

  38. Michael

    Of course the USA is an important partner in the region. It has a lot to offer in military and economic support. But the USA is no longer the only game in town. Japan, China, Korea, and the ASEAN states have emerged as equally important partners. In some cases more so than the USA. It is time for the Philippines to really define its role in the region and to seek out the partnerships that serve itself the best.

    Duterte did a creditable job last night in a speech to the ASEAN members. Japan showed its friendship (if not admiration for the president) as well. I don’t think the regional leaders view him as such a pariah although for some unusual reason that seems to be how the western press would like to portray him. I think it was Obama who blundered by failing to meet with Duterte and focus on real issues like terrorism in the region where the US can play a truly important role.

    1. Roy Tamano

      Very well said…

  39. Joel Ramos

    Thank you for this insightful column. Well said. I believe it is time someone put arrogant Obama in his place.

  40. Mark Torres

    You’re correct!

  41. Johnny Ramos

    There is no defence on the actions of Duterte against Obama. If is uncalled for. Remember on a midnight conference he terminated all his political appointees and after 2 days his drumbeaters said he was mis quoted. You should watch all his presidential announcement in youtube. Duterte has self proclaimed that he knows every legal manuevering in court and even our police enforcers and yet he has no answers to the summary executions. Talaga bang Wala siyang alam dito o ayaw niyang alamin.

    1. Jessie Corrales

      you can complain till your face turns blue, just accept the reality that he is the King today in our country and millions of people love him. Who cres about Obama.

    2. arnel amador

      beyond those colorfull words, the man delivers more than any other ph prez, in edsa hollywood times, did in just few days of his six year term. you just need to open up and see the records…at last, i can see in him the real leader of ph needs badly, and an asian leader should be….


      I heard many times in a press con Pres. Duterte answered that those killings hand tied and wrapped in a plastic are not the work of the police but those of drug lords killing each other in order to silence them. I quote “why should the police waste their time wrapping the dead in plastic when it can be done in just one shot of a gun”. As a matter of fact this case was discussed in the Senate sponsored by Cayetano. For your information you can search this matter in the utube.

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