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Vile video vs Duterte the work of Otso Diretso, Trillanes’ writer and US-funded websites

CYBERcrime experts have determined that the black-propaganda video titled “Ang Totoong Narcolist,” which fabricated preposterous, vile allegations against President Duterte and his children, that they were linked to the illegal drug syndicates, was released by a dubious website that rooted for Yellow “Otso Diretso” candidates.

The video hosted by one “Bikoy” was distributed first by anti-Duterte writer Ellen Tordesillas, known since many years ago to be Sen. Antonio Trillanes’ most loyal and noisy apologist, and disseminated by three news websites here funded by US neoliberal entities—Tordesillas’ “Vera Files,” Rappler.com and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)—as well as by the leftist National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL).

The video was largely ignored by netizens, with viewers for each of its four “episodes” not exceeding 2,000. It was so amateurish and its allegations clearly fabricated that it bored or turned off people.

Netizens for instance quickly pointed out that the deposits allegedly made by drug lords to the bank accounts of Duterte’s children were made on holidays, when banks are closed. Obviously copying from B-movies, the video claimed that Duterte’s former special assistant and senatorial candidate Bong Go had a dragon tattoo on his back, which ostensibly links him to narcotics syndicates. Go simply took off his shirt at a press conference and showed he had none.

The videos got Duterte’s goat, however, as it made vicious allegations against his children. It even alleged that his 14-year-old daughter Kitty, the apple of his eye, is a drug addict.

If it had any impact at all, the video demonstrated that the Yellows will resort to the dirtiest, most immoral tactic to throw dirt at the President in a desperate attempt to sell its senatorial candidates to the people.

The Yellow morons apparently were oblivious to the fact that uploaders of videos to social media sites like YouTube, and those who actively distribute these, can be traced using rudimentary methods available to ordinary netizens. There is also a more advanced technology such as “Link Analysis” that law enforcers use to track down uploaders who meticulously try to hide their identities. This technology was nearly perfected by Western intelligence services to track down the source of jihadist videos, in response to the worldwide outrage against the horrific beheading videos by the Islamic State.

The Yellows should have consulted with their jailed comrade Leila de Lima who had bragged when she was justice secretary that the National Bureau of Investigation had identified the uploader of the horrific massacre of police troopers at Mamasapano using such techniques,

The cyber-crime experts found the “Bikoy” video to have been first uploaded to YouTube by a website www.metrobalita.net.

Metrobalita.net does not disclose who created or manages it. It pretends to be a news site focusing on celebrity news, e.g., “Gretchen Ho, napikon kay Mayweather.” It first went online on April 3, or when the first part of the video was uploaded into the worldwide web. It was last updated April 15, when the “Bikoy” video’s “4th episode” was released. Since then though it has not been updated at all.

Whoever is responsible for it couldn’t resist the temptation of rooting for the Yellows (or perhaps the Yellow financiers demanded their money’s worth) that it had a prominent flashing ad for the so-called “Otso Diretso” senatorial candidates. Two were devoted solely to candidate Romy Macalintal, whose claim to fame has been his defending Vice President Leni Robredo from charges of massive cheating in the last elections. The site even had a “news article” titled “Look: Atty. Macalintal, napaiyak sa aklay na kanta ng mga PWDs para sa kanya.” That “news” was not reported anywhere else in media, and appears to be totally made up.

Link analysis
According to the cyber-crime experts’ “link analysis,” Vera Files head Tordesillas, who is also a columnist of the Malaya newspaper, first accessed the video using her personal website www.ellentordesillas.com and that of the newspaper she has a column in, www.malaya.com.ph.

Tordesillas has long been known to be Trillanes’ apologist. I had been told this many years ago when I was then President Arroyo’s chief of staff in the 2000s, by military intelligence who briefed me on her very close association with Trillanes. She was even at the Manila Peninsula a day before the hotel was invaded by Trillanes’ gang in 2007.

She has never written in her blog or in her Malaya column a single piece critical of Trillanes. In fact, she wrote glowing pieces on him, with one article in 2013 titled “Sa Puso ni Trillanes ang Kapakanan ng Sundalo.” My military sources even jested that her reference to “puso ni Trillanes” was a slip of the tongue for the smitten Tordesillas.

The cyber-crime experts—who were called in as the videos clearly violated the Cyber-libel Law—claimed their link analysis showed that it was Tordesillas who distributed the “Bikoy” video to the PCIJ (where Otso candidate Chel Diokno is a board member), to her Vera Files, to Rappler, PCIJ, and to the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) another Duterte-hating organization. These websites then sent it to as many email addresses as they could. (See cyber-crime expert’s graphics on page 1.)

If you don’t think that the use of the word “people’s” in its name is a neon sign that NUPL is a communist-linked organization nearly as much as the “New People’s Army,” consider the following.

Its chairman for many years has been Neri Colmenares, the Red-front Bayan Muna’s party-list representative in Congress for three terms, who has the gall to run for the Senate in the coming elections. Its president is Edre Olalia, who for decades has been communist ideologue Jose Ma. Sison’s official attorney.

Cheap shot
The “Bikoy” video is just another cheap shot of that unholy alliance against Duterte now: the Yellows, the Reds, and Trillanes’ gang of mutineers as well as internet media companies funded by US entities which think they can mold the minds of Filipinos and remove Third World leaders that they don’t like.

The PCIJ, an entity funded since its creation by US entities like the Asia Foundation and in recent years by the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy a few weeks back undertook its own black-propaganda offensive against Duterte and his children by claiming that they had “big spikes in wealth, cash while in public office.” Beneath that screaming headline though is its own data showing that Duterte’s wealth indeed increased—from P1 million to P28 million in 19 years, hardly a “spike” compared to the rise in his predecessor Benigno Aquino’s wealth from P15 million to P55 million after just a year in office.

Last year, the PCIJ also published former police sergeant Arturo Lascañas’ purported diary exposing the “bloody exploits of the Davao Death Squad” and then Davao Mayor Duterte’s alleged complicity in the group’s murders.

I have conclusively proven that diary to be a total fake (“Trillanes, using PCIJ, taking us for fools with Lascañas’ obviously fake journal”). Few believed in that PCIJ yarn, and no newspaper published it. Tordesillas though went to town on it, claiming that Lascañas had been told by God to reveal the truth.

It wasn’t God though behind Lascañas but Trillanes, who even organized the press conference in which the “diary” was made public. It turned out to be the preliminary phase of Trillanes’ Yellow-funded plot to get the International Criminal Court to investigate the President for alleged human rights abuses. The NUPL followed Trillanes’ cue and, led by Colmenares, filed last year a second case at the ICC against Duterte for his war against illegal drugs.

This “Bikoy” video is so obviously from that Yellow-Reds’ worn-out playbook, this time for its desperate attempt to win votes next month for that hateful eight called the Otso Diretso.

It is an opportunity though to throw into jail the kind of people fond of cyber-libel, who cowardly try to hide their identities in this new form of media.


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