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High time those doing Yellow type of web-based black propaganda are jailed

THE vileness of the “Bikoy” video and the unearthing of the fact that it was put into the worldwide web by a website that was set up and managed by a longtime supporter of the Yellows — especially of Vice President Leonor Robredo and the Otso Diretso senatorial candidates — should prod our Republic to put an end to their propaganda weapon of choice — anonymous, libelous posts and videos in the worldwide web.

That video spread the lie that President Durterte and his children (even his 14-year-old daughter) have been receiving bribe money from illegal drug syndicates. This was obviously a major desperate attempt by the Yellows in the homestretch to the May elections to discredit Duterte, and consequently his senatorial candidates, who are leading in the polls.

Cybercrime authorities have unearthed the fact that the video was first put into cyberspace by a website metrobalita.net, which was closed as soon as this newspaper exposed those findings.

Patriotic netizens and, I am told, the National Bureau of Investigation itself, have concluded after a rigorous research who set up metrobalita.net. The column yesterday of my colleague Sass Rogando Sasot explained in step-by-step detail how this research was done.

The website was by one Rodel Jayme. Who is he?

He’s a Yellow social-media technician, especially in the 2016 elections, with the Mar Roxas-Leni Robredo campaign, and an administrator of the Facebook page set up back in 2015 dedicated to the Yellow Cult called “The Aquino Legacy.” The page has recently been campaigning for Sen. Bam Aquino and for Robredo’s election lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, who had two advertisements in the Metro Balita website. Jayme has proudly posted his selfies with such Yellow figures as Robredo and Jim Paredes.

To be quite honest, Jayme looks to me to be a sincere believer in the Yellow Cult, one who had easily dived into the huge ocean we call the worldwide web, and offered his skills in that new media for that political group.

The Republic though has to put its foot down and file cybercrime charges against Jayme in order to teach young people like him a lesson that the freedom of the worldwide web cannot be used to commit a crime, even if for them it would seem to be for a noble cause.

Alleged ‘Bikoy’ video uploader Rodel Jayme with Yellow personalities.

It is an abomination to spread lies in the internet behind the cloak of anonymity, as the Bikoy videos have done. It is in the genre of videos spread in the internet showing masked IS jihadists beheading those who do not share their beliefs.

Such anonymous posts in the internet have been the Yellows’ propaganda weapon of choice, obviously because they know they can’t really argue for the veracity of their claims. It has been the style of anti-Duterte and foreign-funded media entities to resort to versions of such anonymity, when they post articles without any individual authorship other than the collective PCIJ, Rappler, or CMFR. That is not responsible journalism.

The worldwide web has given us access to a tremendous amount of information, at the tip of our fingers, on a scale never before seen by mankind. It is a powerful democratizing force as it allows even those without financial resources to communicate their views not just to their countrymen but even to the world

Sadly, those spreading lies, backed up by oligarchs’ politicians, are using this same worldwide web to spread lies. We have to stop them, and the first thing to do is to charge them and see to it that they are jailed. That will end the use of this favorite propaganda weapon of the Yellows.


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