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Yellows’ disgusting anti-Chinese racism in the midst of a global health crisis

IT is so disgusting that at this time when we humans feel a sense of solidarity in the face of a serious threat to all of our species, the Yellows have demonstrated such anti-China racism at its most sickening level.

Exhibit A here is a column published the other day in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, or PDI, by somebody I was told is a frustrated ex-nun, who has been a personification of the Yellow mind: rabidly anti-Duterte and anti-Marcos, a self-styled defender of the Roman Catholic Church who reeks of religiosity, self-appointed guardian of human rights and, of course, pro-American.

Her column’s title, which I never thought a decent broadsheet would ever publish: “7 ‘deadly plagues’ from China.”

What did she want to tell her readers? That the 2019 novel coronavirus is one of seven plagues China has deliberately brought on the Philippines, and soon on all mankind? Worried that her readers might not get the gravity of her assessment, she herself wrote: “‘Seven plagues’ has a biblical, apocalyptic ring to it. I am not being whimsical or facetious. The words also serve as a wake-up call.”

It is certainly shocking — or maybe not — how a supposedly religious person, purportedly an activist for noble causes would condemn a nation of 1.4 billion souls, whose nearly 30,000 people are afflicted, with and over 500 killed by the disease and about 61 million of banned from going out of their homes. Has racism and opposition to President Rodrigo Duterte steeled her heart so much, she cannot even write a sympathetic word for her fellow human beings?

It is not an exaggeration to say that her message is a blood-curdling cry: “China is the source of the plagues we read of in the Bible, and the kind that have killed millions of Christians in Europe in the Middle Ages. To hell with China.”

It didn’t occur to her that the plagues “from China” she lists are hardly of biblical proportions, nor have they been the creations of the Chinese. She writes: “Here, the ‘seven deadly plagues’ from and by China that are bedeviling the Philippines: diseases (the 2019 novel coronavirus acute respiratory disease or nCoV that is spreading across nations, SARS etc.), gambling, prostitution, crime, drugs, kabastusan (rude behavior) and grabbing of Philippine territory. You can add more based on your own personal knowledge.”

All these originated from China?

This is patently a racist rant. Racism does not have any place in a modern society. I’ve scoured a lot of opinion pieces here and in Western newspapers. I’ve not come across any piece remotely close to the PDI writer’s shameless racism.

The Yellow author’s virulent racism is because of the mix of two things. First, it represents the embers of the anti-Chinese bias prevalent among a certain class of our society, originating when we were under the Spanish who, from time to time, burned the Parian (Chinatown then), and killed or drove off the Chinese, blaming them mainly either for disease outbreaks (mainly cholera) or a downturn in the economy.

Second, they see President Duterte as pro-Chinese. Therefore, the Chinese are bad. That is the simple flawed logic of the Yellows.

It is just as disgusting how another PDI columnist, a retired academic, while straining to claim that he is not anti-Chinese and that there is no place for sinophobia in these times, couldn’t resist justifying in the same column such racism: “It seems counterintuitive to entertain thoughts about propriety and compassion at a time when China has done nothing but bully its way into the West Philippine Sea, or when some of its people behave as though they could do anything while they are here as guests because they happen to be under the express protection of our own government. It is hard to resist schadenfreude when one is dealing with a country that has tended to brandish its newfound economic power like a weapon.”

From the priest’s Facebook post

What this writer is really saying is that all this anti-Chinese sentiment is merely the very human sentiment of schadenfreude, or pleasure derived from somebody else’s misfortune, especially when that somebody has been a bully. “If there is sinophobia, the Chinese deserve it,” this writer is saying.

Indeed, behind the fear-of-God façade of many of the religious in this country is xenophobia, perhaps the side effect of the Catholic Church’s anti-Jewish basis and its “we-are-the-chosen-by God” narrative. A prime example — and a demonstration that such bigots are usually anti-Duterte — would be a Facebook post by one Erik Salamat, who appears to be a priest since he posed a photo of himself in a soutane carrying a crucifix. His post reads:

“May 2 places lang sana na pwedeng i-confine ang mga Instsik na nasa Pinas na positive sa coronavirus: 1) sa kwarto ni Pres. Digong; 2) sa kwafrto ni Sen. Bong Go. Tapos magkwentuhan sila d’un ng mga chekwang fairy tales.”

This priest and that PDI religious columnist should learn compassion from Japan, a nation of non-Christians, of atheists really.

According to reports, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said since the outbreak began last month, “the Japanese government and its people from all walks of life have expressed sympathy, understanding and support to us,” adding that she was “deeply touched.”

She cited donations of masks, goggles and protective gear — which are in short supply in China — and lighting up the Tokyo Skytree broadcasting and observation tower in red and blue to pray for the country.

Hua continued: “In response to the extreme and discriminatory words uttered by some countries, officials from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare countered…that what is at fault here is the virus, definitely not people.”

“I believe many Chinese netizens have also noticed these heartwarming details,” she said. “We thank people from any country who have shown sympathy, understanding and support during this difficult time. We will keep this in our hearts.”

One thing this coronavirus breakout has reminded us is how lucky we are for having rid the country of the Yellow regime, with the Yellow worldview slowly vanishing from our society.



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