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The Yellow (aka Pink) mind

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IT’s sad that a few former classmates at the Ateneo [now a bastion of the Yellow/Pink ideology], ex-comrades from way back, a few friends and even relatives [including a young one so brainwashed by Assumption’s Red nuns] don’t even try to make the slightest effort to read my book Debunked, which took several years of my life β€” and my editor, my wife’s β€” to research and write. Allow me a bit of exaggeration; it took a part of my soul to draft and publish (I guess, until you’ve written a book, you will never realize how really difficult it is to write a book).

They know me, my background as bold or crazy enough (at least in my youth) to be an armed rebel and get jailed for it, my profession as a journalist, which means my job has been to research political and economic events β€” and therefore I have arguments and information to support my views.

In short, I have basis for my columns and claims, and didn’t just pick these out of the blue, and this makes me different from many who just go about their ordinary lives earning a living.

In this day and age, I am just a click away from them to ask “where did you get this info?”, “what is your basis for this claim?”, or even why did you change your mind in your views of the communists and Marcos (after 36 years). I’d certainly be glad to respond to them.

An ingrate’s backstabbing.

They never do. They prefer to believe lies and narratives of people they’ve never met, who haven’t done real research but simply believed the narratives of the Yellow oligarchs, spread through ABS-CBN, Inquirer and Star, and in the Yellow universities.

I am so disappointed, as it shows such disrespect for a former classmate, a friend and relative.


In one case that has particularly insulted me, an old classmate from college suddenly intruded into my life, just to sell me something that he was a salesman of. I bought his product which got him a sizable commission. I opened the door of my home to him, and even dined and wined him with his two friends that I had never met before.

I realized later he was so of the Yellow Mind, who even changed his Facebook profile picture to one with a pink background, and a small note, “Vote Leni.” He admitted though that he was too busy with work that he couldn’t afford the time to read my articles and study the issues. Rather than discussing the issues with him, I gave him my book. It even had a dedication: “More power to you and your endeavors.”

Guess what? A friend copied to me a post of his with the Ateneo chat group. Taunting me, he even posted an image of my book with my dedication, with the note: “I never read any article in that book honestly. He writes well but he also feeds on lies.”

He didn’t read any chapter in that book, he has never read any of my columns, yet he claims “I feed on lies.” I requested that he apologize to the Ateneo chat group for his lie. He never did.

That is precisely the Yellow Mind, and perhaps even a representative of the Yellow character.

I am still hoping though that with the new president, whose father was vilified to no end by the Yellows, most Filipinos β€” even the Yellows β€” will begin to have an open mind.


The above essay was posted on my Facebook page the other day, and I was surprised that it became a bit viral, resulting in engagements of about 90,000 (likes, shares, comments, saves) and 400 comments, making it among the most read of my posts on that platform.

I realized long ago that many readers of my column aren’t Facebook users, so I am publishing my post here. I was also surprised that from the comments, many aren’t informed that the book Debunked is solely distributed by Popular Book Store. It can also be bought online at: https://rigobertotiglao.com/debunked/.

I thank the commentators for their encouraging remarks. [I converted their names to initials as time did not permit me to get their approval for making them more public than a Facebook post.] Following are a sample of these remarks.

DC: I’m in a few Ateneo alumni groups. They were a source of laughs during the elections. When it comes to yellow politics, they get all horny with their virtue-signaling and self-righteous posts and won’t tolerate any other opinion.

VO: It’s like religion, they found a fellowship that makes them feel welcomed instead of standing for what is true. On the brighter side, there are 31 million people willing to believe you than a sore bigoted classmate.

AR: Kaya nga magkaalyado ang Dilaw, CBCP/oligarchs at Leftists, eh. Sila ang mga blinded at brainwashed! Lagi silang TAMA, laging MALI ang kabila.

RJ: Extremists and cultists will always burn, destroy and hate on books, art and culture different from theirs.

NR: I am sure you have changed the opinion of other people more compared to your so-called yellow-minded friends many times over. I for one am very thankful for your book Debunked for it has changed the way I think about martial law and FEM.

RBD: They believe that their political belief is the only truth that exists. Such a pity they will sacrifice friendship, camaraderie, families, loved ones just for it.

JQ: I already sided with the anti-communist movement long before your book got published, but you helped me galvanize my stand. I and countless others would like to thank you for putting your thoughts and experiences into writing, so that we may learn and become enlightened. More power to you, Sir Bobi!

GNL: Heartbreaking, the way the yellow army will cancel anyone for the sake of their lies… Truth has no room in their self-righteous minds and hearts…

DL: It’s a shame that one’s political belief is so narrow and closed, it doesn’t allow room for a dissenting opinion. It just shows that we never stop learning: politics and friendships do not go hand in hand with some people. I’ve started reading Debunked, and I thought I was reading a very, very interesting novel, it’s a page-turner.

AA: Sooner or later they will find the truth. They will realize their wrong beliefs, their misconception of truths. If that happens…

YSP: So sad that some of us just refuse to open our eyes to uncover important things hidden from us for a very long time.

EN: I read your book, Sir, well narrated, well referenced, so factual and very thorough.

TJ: Oh, he was totally indoctrinated! He must have lost all independence of thought and critical thinking, even curiosity. A certain form of death among bigots.

EL: It’s okay, Sir. I feel you. I also have a very dear friend for 40 years plus, and we don’t talk to each other anymore because of politics. I even messaged her privately for reconciliation but she didn’t budge. I just think that maybe her part of my life story has just ended.

LBP: As tightly closed their minds are to academic discourse, so are their minds an open pit for plain propaganda bereft of reason and evidence.

SL: Of course, they won’t read it because they prefer to stay in their dark comfort zone.

FO: Doesn’t matter what his politics is β€” this shows what kind of a human being he is. And at an age where he should be showing wisdom, constraint and respect.

JN: I always share your writings, your ideas, your political and social views to my friends and relatives…including my two sons who are now so aware of what is happening around them politically and historically. Your columns regarding how we lost Bajo de Masinloc, how the Yellows and the US connived to send Marcos to exile, the ABS-CBN and the Lopezes.

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  1. Dorina Rojas

    The Yellow (aka Pink) mind is jaundiced and/or leukemic, just like their dying conscience. Because their brains are terminally ill, we just have to wait until they drop dead, literally or figuratively, and that will be very soon. Only sensible people like Mr. Tiglao will then be around to lead and guide us. See you around, Sir.

  2. Jojo

    Hi Sir Bobi. Do you have any written articles where you mentioned the main or basic reasons you changed from being against the Marcoses to being anti-yellow (excuse the inaccuracies of my terminologies). I used to be yellow, too, until I began to be disgusted with them and with the Aquinos, especially BS. All I knew about the bad side of the Marcoses are narratives from the yellows before (post-ML and pre-EDSA). I want to hear from the likes of you and Atty. Trixie what made you change sides. thank you in advance

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