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The birthday boy didn’t exist?

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Two of Dr. Carrier’s books claiming Jesus was a myth.
Two of Dr. Carrier’s books claiming Jesus was a myth.

Most people don’t really bother to think about what really is a central feature of their lives: their religion, their belief in a Deity. This is remarkable in that it is religion which tells us what would happen – or think would happen —  after the few decades of our existence. Doesn’t that make religion – our religion—an important thing to think about to study?  Ordinary people of course don’t have the leisure to do this.

But science through the  academe in the past several decades have made religion a field of study using  the same scientific method, and putting aside faith and superstitution,  that it has used to study the natural world,  resulting in the discovery of the universes’ “secrets”, thing such as DNA, sub-atomic particles and origins of the cosmos.

The result of these studies on religion though will trouble the Christian faithful.

The first wave of the unravelling of religion has been through books, published from 2005 to 2009 by the so-called “Four Horsemen of the New Atheism”: evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins  (The God Delusion, 2006) , neuroscientist Sam Harris (The End of Faith, 2005), cognitive scientist Daniel Dennet (Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, 2006),  columnist Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, 2007). These four have made such a systematic, comprehensive debunking of religion – demonstrated incontrovertibly to be a relic of mankind’s infantile period – that these books are said to have ushered in the era of atheism.

After these overall philosophical and logical critique of religion has been the attack on Christianity itself, ironically undertaken  by religious scholars of that religion.  

Probably 40 percent of scholars – excepting the fundamentalists —  who have studied Christianity as their fields of scholarship concluded that a Jew named Yeshua did exist and who was deified as Jesus Christ (“Yeshua the Messiah”) by a fringe sect of Judaism.  However, he was not a god at all but was one of the scores of similar Jewish apocalyptic who proliferated in the Mediterranean and Middle East after the traumatic destruction by the Romans of the Jews’ Temple of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Dying-rising gods with similar biographies. (Photo: kiwihellenist.blogspot.com)
Dying-rising gods with similar biographies. (Photo: kiwihellenist.blogspot.com)

All the “Yeshuas” claimed they were the savior prophesized who would defeat the evil empire, Rome — and were executed by the Romans using their favorite torture-killing gadget, the crucifix.    Marxists even invented their own Yeshua, claiming that he was a revolutionary fighting the Roman Empire, and that this Yeshua started the so-called “liberation theology.’


There has been a plethora of books with such themes, the most popular by New Testament scholar  Bart Ehrman (How Jesus Became God),  John Crossan (Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography), and the best-selling Zealot by Reza Aslan.

Jesus Christ though has been shrunk from being a God  to being merely a charismatic.,  but  failed preacher, and now as having never existed. These so-called mythicists claim Yeshua was merely the invention of the proselytizer Greek-Jew Paul, in practically the same way the ancient Egyptians concocted the god-man Osiris, or the Greeks, the demi-god Hercules, or even King Arthur by the English. One of the oldest deities, popular in Sumeria, was of Inanna, who like Jesus died but was resurrected to become rule of all gods. The only difference between the wo was Inanna was female

The mythicists argue that Jesus Christ is a mythic figure, concocted in the first and second centuries to become the core of a new religion. They point out that most of the alleged accounts of Jesus – even his death and crucifixion – were borrowed from the Old Testament’s prophets such as Elijah.

The mythicists also claim that elements of the Jesus story were prevalent in myths during that era and in that part of the world. The theme of a dying-rising god was common in ancient religions: Osiris, Attis, Heracles, Baal, even the Rome’s founder Romulus.

One of their strongest arguments will surprise most Christians: There wasn’t any eyewitness account of Jesus. The New Testament is 100 percent hearsay. But weren’t Mark, Luke, John and Matthew, who wrote the Gospels, disciples of Jesus, who narrated their time with the Messiah?

Aramaic, not Greek

No, I learned that in my first theology class at the Ateneo in my youth. The Gospels are written in educated Greek. The four evangelists’ language was Aramaic and, having been recruited from the poor, they were illiterate in an age and society where only an estimated 1 percent of the population, mainly the priests and rulers, were literate. No way they could have written the Gospels.

All biblical experts, even the passionately Christian ones, are unanimous that the gospels were written (the earliest is Mark’s in AD 70 about two decades after Jesus’ reported crucifixion) by anonymous Greek-speaking, highly literate writers after hearing accounts of the Messiah by disciples of the disciples of Jesus’12 apostles.

Furthermore, the mythicists argue, there are no non-Christian accounts reporting that a Jesus existed and was crucified. The often-cited reference to Jesus by the first-century Roman-Jewish historian Josephus —  the phrase in his “History of the Jewish people, “the doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth” — has been conclusively established to have been clumsily inserted into the text a century after Jesus’ supposed life, obviously by a Jesus believer.

The mythicists’ arguments seem to be gaining traction both in the academe and in bookstores, and in social-e that they have their “rock-star” of sorts: the 54 year old Richard Carrier who has a doctorate in ancient history from Columbia University, where he studied the history of science in antiquity. Carrier has published nine books  providing details for his argument that Jesus was just one of many dying-rising gods in the Middle East, from which the Jews patterned their Jesus Christ – in desperation after the Romans did the impossible, the total destruction of their Jerusalem Temple and their forced dispersal.

Outer space

A summary of Carrier’s Jesus Christ from Outer Space reads:

The earliest Christians believed Jesus was an ancient celestial being who put on a bodysuit of flesh, died at the hands of dark forces, and then rose from the dead and ascended back into the heavens, i.e. what we call now as “outer space.”  But the writing we have today from that first generation of Christians never says where they thought he landed, where he lived, or where he died. The idea that Jesus toured Galilee and visited Jerusalem arose only a lifetime later, in unsourced legends written in a foreign land and language. Many sources repeat those legends, but none corroborate them.”

But why could  a copy-cat “Jesus movement” grow to become one of the world’s largest organized religions?

It was embraced in the 3rd century as one of the major state religions of the Roman Empire — the most powerful empire the world has seen — as ordered by the wily Constantine the Great as one way of consolidating this rule over an empire of varied cultures and peoples. The rest, to use the cliché, is history, as the successors of the Roman Empire, the medieval kingdoms of Europe (Spain, England, France and Germany), and then the modern superpowers that included the United States, embraced Christianity also as their de facto state religions.

State religion

That is of course the way other major religions of the world grew, as a state religion that rulers use to make the ruled believe that they rule by divine ordinance. After being the war religion of Arab tribes that created their Caliphates in the eighth century in the Middle East, Islam became the state religion of the Ottoman Empire that emerged in the 14th century and rivaled the Christian European empires.

Hinduism and Buddhism, of course, didn’t grow as huge as Islam and Christianity did, even if they were much older than these two relatively modern religions. India, whose main religion is Hinduism, and China, where Buddhism competed with Confucianism, never became world empires.

It is not coincidental that the central figure of Christianity is more often called Christ the King, or that of Islam’s as Allah the Most Powerful.

It would be such an irony indeed, if the most popular birthday celebrated by 2.4 billion Christians turns out to be a myth, that no such Jewish preacher  who saved and continues to save  the world was born.

Post Script

What is a major development for the study of religion is that technology is here to make widely available studies that only universities had kept in their libraries, their price beyond the rich of ordinary people. Now there have been lively debates in podcasts on religion. Carrier in fact has been so active in the world of podcasts, his ideas spreading like wildfire. Check out his interviews at YouTube.

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  1. Cecille Chan

    I was twelve. I started really early searching for “the truth” or “right religion”, starting with the premise that there must be a “right religion”. Fast forward many decades, I still could not settle on one. The more I studied the “Holy” Bible, the more perplexed I got with the claims of it being holy. Even reading George Lamsa’s version didn’t do anything for me. His work supposedly captures the real essence of JC because Lamsa spoke Aramaic like JC did. The Bible thumpers salivate for the donations from the barely surviving social security recipients that enable them to afford their $2,000.00 Sunday suits and enable them to drive around in a Rolls Royce going from their mansions to the “church of god”. I very easily question their honesty and intent. Reverend (and I say that loosely) Jim Baker fleeced his followers of millions of dollars. His dog had an air conditioned house. Think about the old retirees skipping a meal or two just so they could send him money. He was cheating on his wife. Then there was Rev. Peter Popoff who would announce to the congregation specific names and illnesses of people he was going to heal; claiming it was an ability bestowed upon him by god. It turned out he had a runner with a microphone walking around the congregation and Popoff was actually receiving the information through an earpiece. Such an egregious hoax. There was Benny Hinn. YT has a plethora of videos about his being a massive fraud. I remember his trip to the Philippines. People screamed and cried for his attention, hoping for a healing. There is Oprah Winfrey’s buddy, “John of God” who was also masquerading as another god-anointed healer. He was arrested for running a young girls farm in Brazil where he was keeping young girls he kidnapped. He was impregnating them and then selling their babies for a lot of money. These were disposable babies. They had no birth certificates. There was no record of their existence, so no one would be looking for them. John of God was the delight of the pedophiles and adrenochrome imbibers. The girl who was able to escape and reported his criminality was later found dead. It was called “suicide” by hanging. I say she was “suicided”. There is Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, etc., blah, blah. You can research all these people on your own, and marvel at how their debauchery is never seen by majority of their religious followers. Do you people really know who wrote the HB? They surely are busy trying to provide archaeological data to support their writings, i.e., “We found Noah’s Ark”, “There really was a King David”, thus the HB has got to be true! The same people controlling the world today are most likely the authors. Religion is a control system, and nothing more. God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac to prove his loyalty to god. Does any of you ever question this? What kind of a god is that? Then this bogus claim of a “chosen people”. What kind of a god is that who has a chosen people he gives preferential treatment to over everyone else? Start using your brain, not your emotions. Oh, yes, I am familiar with the definition of “faith” being sold every day to the faithful. Dawkins, Darwin, Hitchens, etc. Hitchens easily became my favorite. When he passed away from cancer, many of the so called Christians taunted him, “Now, you will burn in hell”, etc. Piso’s Christ is a good book to read. I’ve come to the conclusion that a character similar to JC existed, probably more than one. The Romans saw his popularity and used him as a rallying point to unite the gullibles into submission to authority. “He died for your sins”, you can’t possibly turn against him. People were getting more and more angry with the high taxation, etc. The arena fights where humans were pitted against lions, were getting less and less effective as distractions. Today, we have so many distractions, i.e., orchestrated wars, baseball, basketball, football, soaps, social influencers, Trump is getting arrested, holocaust, etc. These people will kill anyone, use anyone in order to maintain their power, profit, and control over you. They did not just start yesterday. They’ve been at it for centuries. If you care to do some research, read at least one translation of the Sumerian Tablets of which there are about 500, 000, and are extant. Find out where your HB writings came from, meet your lascivious “gods”, etc. Wake up from your stupor. You are being manipulated. If you are truly a loving person, then love everyone as yourself. What do you need religion for? What do you need a savior for? Imagine that, he dies for you to save you from your sins. It sounds more and more like a joke, and the best joke ever told on that is by George Carlin. https://youtu.be/8r-e2NDSTuE

  2. Daryl

    One is simply lost in studying the bible unless learning about the foundation.
    People have missed to study first, the language, people of the scriptures, land and culture.
    They have simply replace Israel as church, hebrew as english, ancient culture with modern worldview. Hebrew mind with greek philosophies.
    I wont be suprised why seeker cant find the truth.

  3. Dorina S. Rojas

    Even if the doubts about Jesus being God continue to be discovered and discussed openly, I still believe that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings of the universe. I read, listen and observe all other subjects related to this because they clarify many things and strengthen my spiritual belief.

  4. joey perando

    from geo-politics to religious concoctions- you don’t stop amazing me with your unwavering polemics. Carry on!

  5. joey perando

    from geo-politics to religious concoctions- you don’t stop amazing me with your unwavering polemics. Carry on!

  6. Jamil Almarez

    The growth of atheism in the West is attributed to unauthentic scriptures which if full of contradictions, interpolation, unscientific claims, unhistorical claims, deletions and additions. These cannot be denied by an openminded and truthfull son of Adam.

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