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What happened to the P12B allocated to modernize sugar industry?

THIS is another case of what I always thought has been one of the biggest problems of our nation: Yes, we are a nation of laws, but we seem to pass laws and then forget about them.

In the case of the Sugar Industry Development Act passed in 2015, we forgot that a huge P2 billion was allocated to the industry yearly to improve its productivity.

Whatever happened to the P12 billion allocation in six years, that there is not an iota of evidence to show that our sugar industry is improving its productivity?

All the dire armchair pontifications about the sugar industry, that it is so unproductive it should be allowed to die a natural death upon the government’s lifting restrictions on importations — that it is a zombie industry, dead but unburied, one columnist declared — miss one important thing: there is a state policy that it is an industry that will be made competitive with massive government financial and organizational help. That policy hasn’t been changed.


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