Rapist-murderer’s near-release, a huge argument for capital punishment

THE silver lining in the dark cloud that was the near-release of the rapist-murderer, former Calauan mayor Antonio Sanchez, is that the episode is a huge argument for the restoration of the death penalty.

How much more heinous can a crime be than that of Sanchez — a powerful and rich jueteng lord — who for a night’s entertainment raped the 19-year-old Eileen Sarmenta, then had his bodyguards also violate her, and ordered them to shoot her dead — in her face, as it turned out. His bodyguards followed Sanchez’s sadistic ethos, and tortured Sarmenta’s companion, Allan Gomez, before shooting him in the head.

A civilized society must have such a gruesome crime be punished with the severest form of penalty, depriving the perpetrator of his life. Sanchez’s release was under a law passed during former president Benigno Aquino 3rd’s administration, and apparently — to be frank, I’m not sure — would have occurred if not for the public outrage over it. (more…)

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Duterte must outlaw Communist Party, now!

A MOUNTAIN of evidence has been piling up that the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), through its front organizations like Anakbayan, has continued to dupe our gullible youth, barely out of adolescence, to join their long- discredited project to topple our democratic system.

Simply put, they want to install — to be quite frank about it — the mass murderer Jose Ma. Sison as the Filipino “Dear Leader,” or some NPA commander who has spent his adulthood in jungles, the kind of milieu that created the genocidal Khmer Rouge of Cambodia.

Isn’t it such a no-brainer that it is high time this violent organization is outlawed?

With his coalition’s control of Congress and his immense popularity, President Duterte — because of his long stint as Davao City mayor, the only president to have a deep insight into the insurgency and its record of brutality and treachery — would default on his sworn duty to defend the Republic if he cannot get the legislature to reimpose the Anti-Subversion Law, which the opportunist President Fidel Ramos got Congress to repeal in September 1992, three months after he assumed power. “Opportunist” as Ramos’ overarching interest was for his regime to be politically stable, even at the cost of the Republic’s future.

Nearly three decades after that “experiment” of letting a violent organization be shielded by our own laws, allowing it to continue its killings, why are we so stupid as a nation not to do anything about it? (more…)

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Ressa’s perfidy toward PH exposed

THE exposé by US broadcast network CNBC August 19 that Rappler head Maria Ressa had hired a “lobbying juggernaut to take on Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte” has revealed the depths of this woman’s betrayal of her mother country.

I have never heard of major US public relations, lobbying or law firms having been contracted by a Philippine entity, except in the months before and after EDSA 1, when the Yellows and then the Cory-government itself hired Sawyer Miller and seven other lobby and PR firms to undertake a massive campaign to demonize Marcos and his regime. Even the Noynoy Aquino government, because of the cost, couldn’t afford to hire a lobby firm to get the US government’s support during the Scarborough stand-off with China in 2012 and for its arbitration case filed the next year.

Except for Ressa’s case, I have never heard before of a US law, PR or lobby firm being contracted by a Filipino to defend him or her in media, in the courts, or the US Congress in criminal cases committed in the Philippines, to be tried in a Philippine court, and under Philippine laws.

We should be outraged over Ressa’s perfidy. She is spitting on our Constitution and nation by contracting a US firm to do so, one of whose tasks would be to paint our country as a dictatorship suppressing the press, and that there is no rule of law here.

What lobbying in the US Congress will this entail? To convince the US government and Congress to undertake actions to influence our courts, and if that doesn’t succeed, to overthrow the Duterte government?

Façade and lobby of topnotch and expensive law firm she hired. PHOTO FROM THE FIRM’S WEBSITE.


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Yellows didn’t care to bring Ninoy’s killers to justice

EACH year since Benigno Aquino 3rd stepped down from power, the commemoration of his father’s death is becoming more and more pathetic, with the crowd the other day at Ninoy’s tomb not even reaching a hundred.

This holiday really should be canceled, if only to spare Ninoy and his family the storm of insults — e.g., “Happy traitor’s day,” “Ninoy died. So what?” — he gets in social media every August 21.

What demonstrated this year that the Yellow Cult is all but extinct is that no high Liberal Party leader and others who profited from Noynoy’s rule were there: no Franklin Drilon, no Francis Pangilinan, no Edsel Lagman, no Risa Hontiveros. Antonio Trillanes 4th, a Nacionalista was there, to his credit, in gratitude to the Yellows for making him, a bungling coup leader, a senator for 12 years.

The only Liberal Party leader there was Mar Roxas, who didn’t even wear yellow to the occasion, didn’t bother to give a speech, and spent his time wearing his “What-me-worry smile.”

Going by the event yesterday, it is the has-been “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino who is now the leader of the Yellow Cult. She dominated the affair, and even threatened those who criticize her brother: “Tigilan na ninyo siya. Kung hindi, ako ang makakatapat niyo.” (more…)

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Ninoy: Not a hero, not even officially

TODAY is a special non-working holiday, officially “Ninoy Aquino Day” as decreed by Republic Act 9256, signed into law in February 2004 by President Arroyo, when Speaker Jose de Venecia and Senate President Franklin Drilon headed Congress.

Curiously, the proclamation did not call Aquino a “hero,” nor did it explain why a holiday was being declared in his name. The terse six-paragraph text merely said it was a holiday “in order to commemorate the death anniversary of former senator Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino Jr.” That he is a hero is an interpretation from the fact that only two other persons have holidays declared in their honor, Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, who were declared heroes in the same legislation that enacted their holidays.

Peruse the following facts and decide for yourself if you think Aquino is a national hero.

The superstar of the Liberal Party tipped to win against Marcos in the forthcoming 1973 elections, Ninoy was arrested in the hours after martial law was declared. He was found guilty of subversion and murder by a military court in 1977, together with New People’s Army (NPA) leaders “Kumander Dante” and Victor Corpuz.

In May 1980, Ninoy had a life-threatening heart attack. He refused to be put under the knife at the Philippine Heart Center, built by the Marcos regime in 1975, and Asia’s first specialized center for cardiac surgery, endorsed by the best cardiac surgeons in the world.

Aquino claimed that since it was a government hospital, Marcos could easily order its doctors to kill him, under the guise of a botched operation. While that was a slap on the face of the Filipino surgeons at the center, it was a clever move on Aquino’s part, for him to escape the country. Marcos feared that if Aquino died of a heart attack in prison, it would be blamed on him. That would have seriously undermined the semblance of stability that he had built after the 1978 interim Batasan Pambansa elections, in which the opposition leader ran and lost.

Sentenced to death by military court: NPA leaders Buscayno and Corpus, left and center, and Ninoy. GOVERNMENT PHOTO


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Lifestyles of the Left and famous, and their ‘princelings’

SOCIAL media was abuzz in the past several days, with netizens cheering on as Krizette Laureta Chu, an ordinary but very active and audacious blogger, take on — and shame — the leftist Bayan Muna leader Teodoro Casiño, a three-term party-list congressman, for threatening her with a libel suit.

Casiño claimed that Chu’s posting of a photo in her timeline (that went viral) of him and his son (his face blocked out of course) in a La Salle school activity was a violation of their right to privacy.

Chu had posted the photo to show the hypocrisy of the Left who recruit — brainwash, really — students from schools that cater mostly to the lower middle class to join the New People’s Army and die in some jungle, while their leaders like Casiño put their children in expensive schools like La Salle, cloistered from the real world.

There were also posts that claimed another Bayan Muna leader, Carlos Zarate, had his son studying in Europe. Zarate though has not confirmed nor denied the report.

Casiño, however, confirmed that his son was studying at La Salle, where the yearly tuition is at least P200,000. The Bayan Muna leader, however, claimed that a “benefactor” he didn’t identify was paying for his son’s tuition. (more…)

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‘PH, deadliest country’ report: A colossal fabrication

READ on, and I guarantee you’ll be shocked and angry at the sanctimonious European and US NGOs and media’s lies about our country and its President.

A few weeks ago, Global Witness, a UK-based entity purportedly championing issues, came out with its 2018 report, published like an expensive magazine with dramatic color photographs and graphs, and melodramatically titled Enemies of the State.

It claimed that last year, with “30 environmentalists” killed by state forces, the Philippines was the “world’s deadliest country for defenders of their land or the environment.” Global Witness is mainly funded by ideological imperialists, the tycoons George Soros and Pierre Omidyar. The two, through North Base Media and Omidyar Network, have also have been the main foreign investors in the stridently anti-Duterte website rappler.com.

Ours is the deadliest country, the report claimed, since Brazil — the country notorious for the killing of those resisting logging by businesses of its Amazon rainforest — had only 20 such deaths, Columbia 24, and India 23.

Western and local Yellow media bannered the claims, without taking an iota of effort to validate them. The New York Times even had a brutal piece by its editorial board that had a devious wordsmith’s trick, if you can detect it: “ In 2018, 164 defenders of the land and environment were killed, with the Philippines of the brutal President Rodrigo Duterte taking over from Brazil as the deadliest place to resist rapacious developers and governments.”* This indeed is another confirmation that Western media, especially those in the US, have long lost their professionalism and objectivity.

The Global Witness report on the Philippines is such a colossal fabrication.

To pretend that its findings are based on data, Global Witness listed the names of the 164 killed in the 20 countries it reported on. I checked each and every “victim” in the Philippines it listed.

Global False Witness’?: Its fabrication (top), and as reported by gullible media. SCREENGRAB FROM GLOBAL WITNESS, NEW YORK TIMES, GUARDIAN and CNN WEBSITES


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Not just ROTC, but mandatory military service to strengthen the nation

I FIND it astonishing that commentators with doctorates in political science who oppose the revival of mandatory college-based military training (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps or ROTC), miss one of the most important reasons why this is necessary.

This is the fact that one of the most essential features of sovereign states — the most important social organization in this stage of humanity’s history — is their military. There is no state that doesn’t have a military (except perhaps the Vatican). It’s a no-brainer that the strongest states in the world are those with the strongest military forces. Even the orthodox political science definition of a state is that it is the only entity within a defined territory which has the legitimate use of force — which the military and its cousin the police exercises.

A state’s military force does not just tell the world that its sovereignty is to be respected, thereby strengthening its citizens’ patriotism, and pride in it. Through military service, citizens of one country get to realize deep in their hearts and minds that they are members of a community called the nation-state, which is so important that they can be called to risk their life for it as soldiers. The ROTC is in fact the “lite” version of military conscription, the least demanding way of requiring a citizen to contribute to the nation. (more…)

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Party-list system, Yellow and Red media fool youth into joining communists

IT was indeed heart-wrenching to hear mothers tearfully relating at a Senate hearing, how their teenage daughters — for chrissake! daughters — abandoned their homes and schools as they were recruited to become full-time cadres of Anakbayan which, I will mince no words, is one of the fronts of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

To be honest, I am astonished at how the communists are still able to recruit students – by definition an educated, thinking sector – into their ranks, most likely to lose their lives for a useless cause, and be buried in unmarked graves in some jungle.

Maybe it’s self-serving, but in my time, there were so many things that would have easily convinced anyone to join the Communist Party. There was the global student movement against the “Establishment.” There was the Vietnam war which made “US imperialism” so real. Philippine elites were in deadly combat, so that two villages in the North were even ruthlessly burned to the ground because they didn’t vote for one gubernatorial candidate.

The Communist Party even succeeded in nearly pushing things to breaking point when it bombed with four grenades the Liberal Party’s miting de avance in 1971. Thousands of students marched to lay siege to Malacañang, with several killed or wounded by brutal “fascist police.” The biggest country in the world, China, was at the height of its Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which purportedly would make it the beacon for socialist revolutions worldwide. And of course, there was Che Guevara, of whom countless youths fancied themselves to be the reincarnation of.

Party-list system, Yellow and Red media fool youth into joining communists 2
NPA propaganda in a web-only news site. Contrary to media regulations, Bulatlat doesn’t disclose who its editors are, not even its address.


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CIA-linked outfit funds Davao-based anti-Duterte news site

THE National Endowment For Democracy (NED), accused of being a venue for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) propaganda and destabilization operations in Eastern Europe and most recently in Hong Kong, has added another Internet news site here to its stable of such outfits critical of the Duterte regime.

In what is practically an up-yours message to Duterte, the internet news site is based in Davao City itself, and purportedly covers mainly Mindanao: MindaNews.com.

Just two years ago MindaNews was a bare-bones internet site with very little following. Especially this year, it has surged as a full-blown website, obviously patterned after another NED-financed outfit Rappler.com, after that controversial US funder gave it $70,000 (P4 million in 2017 and 2018), and reportedly another $35,000 for this year. MindaNews doesn’t disclose this very important information in its website.

NED actually is just the implementing agency, with the funds provided by the US government’s State Department through its arm, the Agency for International Development, as reported in the latter’s website.

While purportedly a non-partisan news outfit (as Rappler also claims), MindaNews spins news reports into anti-Duterte propaganda, with its opinion writers clearly having a anti-government stance. (“Another extension of martial law in Mindanao is an abuse of power.”)

CIA-linked outfit funds Davao-based anti-Duterte news site 2
US-funded news outfit operating right in the President’s hometown. SCREENGRAB FROM MINDANEWS and NED.


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