This nation is on the verge of take-off, finally

THE most important consequence of the elections the other day is this: The political landscape has been cleared for our country to finally take off, not just in terms of its economy and its nationhood.

The results of the senatorial contest prove without an iota of doubt that there is massive support for President Duterte. He has presided over the funeral of the elite-based Yellow Cult that had ruled the country for 18 years under Cory, Fidel Ramos and Aquino 3rd.

Outside of Davao, practically nobody knew who Duterte’s aide Christopher “Bong” Go was. Yet the senatorial contest shows him in the same league as two personalities — Cynthia Villar and Grace Poe — who are household names not just because they are incumbent senators. Villar’s husband ran for President in 2010, while Poe did so in 2016.

Filipinos simply took Duterte’s word that Go would be a good senator. He is basically Duterte’s trusted political proxy in the Senate.

Former police chief Rodolfo “Bato” dela Rosa was, after Duterte, the face of this administration’s war against illegal drugs. Its alleged “extrajudicial killings” had been the focus of the Yellows’ propaganda, supported by American media and the press outlets the US government and its proxies have been funding. De la Rosa was even fading from public consciousness, since he retired seven months ago — a long time in politics. (more…)

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Red-Yellow alliance vs Duterte will massively fail

THE unholy alliance between the Communist Party with its rabble of front organizations and personalities and the stragglers of the Aquino Yellow Cult will massively be defeated in today’s elections, which are really a referendum on President Duterte’s administration.

My bet is that the Red-Yellow axis won’t get a single Senate seat.

Forget those clowns who stupidly called themselves Otso Diretso, a monumental PR disaster as the term was so easily ridiculed—e.g., Otso Inidiro, Otso sa Nitso, Hateful Eight. If they were not megalomaniacs, such really mediocre people like Hilbay, Gutoc, Macalintal and Alejano would not have given the slightest thought to running for the Senate. Their families should take them for psychiatric treatment.

The collapse of the Yellow Cult indeed is reflected in the fact that it couldn’t even field candidates of some stature, other than these weirdos.

The Red-Yellow axis’ epic fail will be highlighted in Benigno (“Bam”) Aquino 4th and Mar Roxas’ defeat, their names itself symbolic of the Yellow Cult.

According to the Pulse Asia polls, Roxas was in the 8th to 12th slot in its survey undertaken February 24-28, with 39.8 percent of respondents choosing him. The pollster’s latest poll, undertaken May 3-6 has him out of the Magic 12, ranked only 16th and 17th, with only 21 percent voting for him, a huge fall of 18.7 percentage points.

That means, assuming an 85 percent turnout of the 62 million registered voters, that Roxas in just two months’ time has lost about 10 million voters – a landslide rejection of one who thought he would be voted president three years ago. (more…)

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Roxas to the Senate? His reward for wrecking MRT-3?

I WROTE the column reproduced below on May 17, 2017, and there were several others on the same topic earlier in 2016 and 2015.

Mar Roxas and Emilio Abaya, who were Aquino 3rd’s transport secretaries when the MRT-3 went to the dogs, did not contest any of its claims, or even its title: “For the MRT-3 mess, Roxas and Abaya should be in jail by now.” Yet he wants to be in the Senate now.

The Duterte administration did file in November 2017 plunder charges against the two as well as other Aquino Cabinet members for rigging the bidding for the P4-billion maintenance contract for MRT-3 to favor a Liberal Party-linked outfit. Guess what?

The Ombudsman then, Aquino’s favorite woman in robes, Conchita Carpio-Morales, dropped the charges against Roxas, and reduced from plunder to just graft those against Abaya and the other Cabinet members. She did this June 25, 2018, a few weeks before her compulsory retirement on July 25.

Last year, Liberal Party head Francisco Pangilinan said that Roxas would not be running for a Senate seat in the elections this May. Why can’t I shake off the suspicion that being a senator is one way of making sure he won’t be indicted again?

The Yellows — and Church leaders — have been on a propaganda tack calling on Filipinos not to vote thieves (magnanakaw) to office, especially to the Senate.

Beyond bribes, the worst kind of theft is that of the million Metro Manila commuters’ well-being, who had to endure daily during Aquino’s term the disastrous results of Roxas and Abaya’s mismanagement of the MRT-3.

The two DoTC secretaries when the MRT-3 became a daily hell for commuters.


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PCIJ and other media entities funded by US govt should disband themselves

IF they have any ounce of integrity and patriotism left in their bones, those running the four media entities funded by the US government, should disband their outfits. Nothing less is demanded of them.

Or have their US masters told them to just wait for the courts or the Securities and Exchange Commission to order them dissolved, so they could shriek, “The Philippine press is being persecuted?”

These outfits are the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (PCIJ) — which have been funded by the US State Department for over a decade — as well as Vera Files and Rappler which have received American government money in the past two years.

The US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) — admittedly doing the propaganda work that the Central Intelligence Agency used to do, as its founder has stated—has given these four more than P100 million for at least 10 years, without which they would have folded many years ago.

The Yellows’ poster boy Jim Paredes and their social-media operator Rodel Jayme have proven themselves to have much, much more integrity and sense of honor than the operators of these four outfits.

After his video sex chat was posted in the worldwide web, Paredes apologized and withdrew from public life, even stopping his weekly column at the Philippine Star. Jayme profusely apologized that the website he had set up was used to upload a piece of vile black propaganda against President Duterte and his family.

By contrast, the PCIJ et al. have astonishingly buried their heads in the sand. They do not even mention the words “USAid” or “NED” in their statements. They continue to propagate the falsehood that their funders are private US philanthropic foundations like the Ford and Asia Foundations.

The evidence against PCIJ et al. is more solid and damning than Paredes’ video or internet experts’ “link analysis” that traced the Bikoy video to a website which was found to have been set up and run by Jayme, and constitutes three aspects.

First, the fact of US funding for the PCIJ et al. is indisputable.

Heads of media firms funded by US govt through AID and State Department: clockwise, from top left, Coronel (ex-PCIJ), de Jesus, Ressa and Tordesillas.


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NED’s minions succeeding in Venezuela, netizens will crush them here

Funding to PCIJ, CMFR at least P100M
IT’s serendipitous that we have unearthed at this time the huge funding that the National Endowment For Democracy (NED)—widely viewed as a CIA propaganda surrogate—has been giving to the four rabidly anti-Duterte news websites here, the grossly misnamed Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), Vera Files and Rappler.

This is because the discovery, which the four have not denied, comes at a time when the ugly results of the NED’s dirty, vile work in sowing chaos in a sovereign country in order to overthrow the democratically elected administrations have become riveting news.

I am talking about Venezuela, where the NED has funded opposition groups and PCIJ-type media outfits since 2000 against then President Hugo Chavez. The NED and the US have not let up on their efforts, intensifying these against Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro. During Chavez’s watch, Venezuela even filed criminal cases against an organization funded by NED, for getting foreign funds to incite Venezuelans against its government.

The US no longer conceals that it wants Maduro overthrown, with the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo recently threatening to send US troops to do so.

Don’t believe everything US media has been saying about Maduro and Venezuela. Chavez and Maduro had made some very bad economic policies. But it was the US effort to topple the oil-exporter that precipitated the political crises which turned into economic crises.

You want it here? Riots in Venezuela, helped by NED, also PCIJ and CMFR funder.


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US govt funding for anti-Duterte media: P74M

Rappler – P180M from ‘private’ entities
THE four internet-only media firms that have been stridently critical of President Duterte’s administration have received at least P74 million in funds from the US government, through its US Agency for International Development (AID). The AID is the US federal agency that extends development aid throughout the world, not because of charity, but as a means of advancing its geopolitical interests.

This revelation is not from some anonymous source, but from the website of the US AID itself and its main conduit, the National Endowment for Democracy. (Credit is to the popular blogger Rey Joseph Nieto for pointing me to these websites. His articles on these are posted at his blog ThinkingPinoy.)

These media firms are the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), Vera Files, the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), and Rappler. The amounts are huge for thinly staffed websites with little overhead and none of the huge paper costs that burden newspapers. These therefore mainly went to the salaries (reported as “allowances” by its few operators). No wonder these four have ignored my private and public requests to them to disclose their funding sources.

We are a sovereign nation. Why do we allow a foreign power to fund media entities dedicated to painting the duly elected president black, in the hope that the masses, or the military, would be roused to topple him?


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Yellows’ vilest propaganda line: Inciting anti-Chinese racism

FROM odious blogger Jover Laurio and former Aquino 3rd spokesman Edwin Lacierda, to its stalwarts at the highest levels of government like Vice President Leni Robredo, Francis Pangilinan, and even Justice Antonio Carpio, the Yellows have been trying to rouse anti-Chinese xenophobia as their main propaganda thrust against President Duterte.

“The Chinese are invading our territory, they are taking over Filipino jobs, they are mining our sand to build their artificial islands, and they are uncouth people spitting on the white sand of Boracay. This is the fault of Duterte who has been befriending the Chinese.” As Laurio put it in a poster she hung over a pedestrian overpass, and Lacierda in his tweets, Duterte has made the country a “Province of China.”

This in gist has been the Yellows’ newest, most despicable black-propaganda line, since their allegations of extrajudicial killings because of Duterte’s war against illegal drugs have failed. Indeed, that campaign has been a huge feather in Duterte’s cap, with Social Weather Stations’ surveys showing nearly 80 percent of Filipinos supporting it.

Reviving anti-Chinese xenophobia would be the vilest propaganda tack ever to be undertaken by the Yellows. It is dangerous, and a very slippery slope for our country. Racism has been, and will be, a demon that has resulted and will result in bloody wars. That the Yellows are on to that tack only demonstrates their shameful lack of concern for the future of the country, just for the sake of toppling Duterte.

The Yellows know full well that they are fanning the embers of centuries-old anti-Chinese xenophobia in the country.

Yellow blogger behind ‘Philippines, Province of China’ propaganda poster.


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High time those doing Yellow type of web-based black propaganda are jailed

THE vileness of the “Bikoy” video and the unearthing of the fact that it was put into the worldwide web by a website that was set up and managed by a longtime supporter of the Yellows — especially of Vice President Leonor Robredo and the Otso Diretso senatorial candidates — should prod our Republic to put an end to their propaganda weapon of choice — anonymous, libelous posts and videos in the worldwide web.

That video spread the lie that President Durterte and his children (even his 14-year-old daughter) have been receiving bribe money from illegal drug syndicates. This was obviously a major desperate attempt by the Yellows in the homestretch to the May elections to discredit Duterte, and consequently his senatorial candidates, who are leading in the polls.

Cybercrime authorities have unearthed the fact that the video was first put into cyberspace by a website, which was closed as soon as this newspaper exposed those findings.

Patriotic netizens and, I am told, the National Bureau of Investigation itself, have concluded after a rigorous research who set up The column yesterday of my colleague Sass Rogando Sasot explained in step-by-step detail how this research was done.

The website was by one Rodel Jayme. Who is he?

He’s (more…)

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US-funded media outfits must be shut down

An affront to the Constitution and our sovereignty
WITH the disclosure that they have been the conduits for spreading vicious black propaganda against President Duterte, it is high time, even an urgent matter of national security, for our sovereign state to shut down the four media outfits, funded by American entities, which have been used as tools to advance US hegemony over Filipino consciousness.

These are the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (set up 1989), the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (also in 1989), Vera Files (2008), and Rappler (2012).

It is indisputable that these news websites got funds from US entities — among them the Asia and Ford Foundations, National Endowment for Democracy, the Omidyar Network, North Base Media — which have even been explicit in their soft-power task to advance American interests globally.

For the first time, the PCIJ yesterday admitted that it received a huge fund (an “endowment”) from the Ford Foundation, and from other foreign sources it has not named yet.

PCIJ should “investigate” the recent Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling — upheld by the Court of Appeals — in the case of Rappler. It said that the constitutional ban on foreigners in media (Article XVI Section 11) is absolute: “Anything less than one hundred percent Filipino control, as stockholder or through any other means, is a violation.” It will be a stretch of imagination for PCIJ to claim that its foreign funds have not decreased at all the 100 percent Filipino control mandated by the Constitution.

Only funds
However PCIJ quibbles that “foreign funds are not foreign ownership,” or that foreign funds were used only for training, it cannot avoid the SEC’s ruling that even 0.01 percent foreign participation in a media firm is unconstitutional. If PCIJ releases its books, it will be incontrovertibly proven that without foreign funding, it wouldn’t have survived even for a month. The same is the case for Vera Files and CMFR. With its first funder Benjamin Bitanga refusing to put in more money in 2014, Rappler would have closed down in 2015 if it had not gotten a P100-million infusion from the US firms Omidyar Network and North Base Media. (more…)

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Vile video vs Duterte the work of Otso Diretso, Trillanes’ writer and US-funded websites

CYBERcrime experts have determined that the black-propaganda video titled “Ang Totoong Narcolist,” which fabricated preposterous, vile allegations against President Duterte and his children, that they were linked to the illegal drug syndicates, was released by a dubious website that rooted for Yellow “Otso Diretso” candidates.

The video hosted by one “Bikoy” was distributed first by anti-Duterte writer Ellen Tordesillas, known since many years ago to be Sen. Antonio Trillanes’ most loyal and noisy apologist, and disseminated by three news websites here funded by US neoliberal entities—Tordesillas’ “Vera Files,” and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)—as well as by the leftist National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL).

The video was largely ignored by netizens, with viewers for each of its four “episodes” not exceeding 2,000. It was so amateurish and its allegations clearly fabricated that it bored or turned off people.

Netizens for instance quickly pointed out that the deposits allegedly made by drug lords to the bank accounts of Duterte’s children were made on holidays, when banks are closed. Obviously copying from B-movies, the video claimed that Duterte’s former special assistant and senatorial candidate Bong Go had a dragon tattoo on his back, which ostensibly links him to narcotics syndicates. Go simply took off his shirt at a press conference and showed he had none.

The videos got Duterte’s goat, however, as it made vicious allegations against his children. It even alleged that his 14-year-old daughter Kitty, the apple of his eye, is a drug addict.


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