‘Arbitration victory’ today’s American WMD lie

REMEMBER George W. Bush’s hysterical claim in 2003 that Iraq had horrible “weapons of mass destruction” – WMDs, deadly chemical and biological weapons that could kill millions – which the US and its allies used as an excuse to invade Iraq?

That was one of the most terrible crimes against humanity in our generation. It killed a million Iraqis and triggered the civil wars chaos that continues to this day in that country, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Yemen and in Libya.

Remember that even the supposedly best newspapers in the world swallowed hook, line and sinker that claim, probably the worst hoaxes ever foisted on humanity in the 21st century? That the New York Times, which a few of my colleagues think is the modern bible, profusely apologized that they were hoodwinked by Bush over WMD, that their coverage was so totally wrong? That an American Pulitzer Prize winner was found to have fabricated her articles on the WMD?

Reading US State Secretary Anthony Blinken’s statement yesterday – as his predecessor last year did – praising the 2016 arbitration “against China,” and making the totally unfounded claim that “China continues to coerce and intimidate Southeast Asian coastal states,” and how, except for a few, the political elite and media are praising it and still can’t see it as a sham, I can only conclude the following:


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Vietnam: Proof that ‘arbitral victory’ is a colossal fraud

A Vietnamese military outpost in the Kalayaan area, after upgrading in June 2016. PHOTO VNEXPRESS.NET
A Vietnamese military outpost in the Kalayaan area, after upgrading in June 2016. PHOTO VNEXPRESS.NET

First of 2 parts

THERE is incontrovertible proof that what the Yellows claim as the country’s “victory” in the compulsory arbitration the Aquino regime brought against China in 2013 is fraudulent: Vietnam claims the Spratlys (Truong Sa to them, Kalayaan Island Group to us) as their sovereign territory, as much as does China (Nansha Qundao).

If, for argument’s sake, the arbitral panel ruled illegal China’s sovereignty in the Spratlys and ordered it to vacate the seven reefs it occupies, on which it built artificial islands, the Philippines still won’t be able to get these. It will have to contend with a fiercer claimant: Vietnam, which claims as much as China does and with as much intense nationalist fervor as the Chinese do.

A very rough analogy would be if an Atty. A convinced you to file a suit against Mr. C to declare him as having no legitimate claim to a land you claim to own. You win the suit, pay huge attorney’s fees, but then you later find out that a Mr. V also has claim, a bigger one, on it. And worse, Atty. A was actually working for Mr. V. You were scammed.

If China vacates the Spratlys, Vietnam would be rushing in to occupy the Chinese-claimed territories and even those that we do. In such an eventuality, do you think United States would help us? Unlikely, as it has been wooing Vietnam since it broke off from the Chinese aegis in 1978. Another war against the Vietnamese? Never, US media would shriek.

The United States and the likes of former foreign secretary Albert del Rosario and foremost Sinophobe Antonio Carpio can’t run to the West claiming a superpower is bullying the Philippines.


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Run, Pacman, run!

AFTER having been very critical of his ambitious plans, I thought about the issue the past few days, and I’ve changed my mind. I’m convinced Sen. Emmanuel “Pacman” Pacquiao should run for the post of President of the Republic.

His candidacy will be good for our democracy and the country’s image, especially globally, which is in tatters because of the US media and their brown minions’ relentless tirades against President Duterte.

For a dirt-poor Filipino to become one of the greatest boxers of all time, and to cap his career by going for the highest post of the land, Pacquiao running for president will show the world that we are such a vibrant democracy, where anybody can vie for the position. The downside to this of course is the possibility that there would be a deluge of young Filipinos going into boxing rather than college, believing they could, like “Pacman,” later in their life get a four-year course in three months.

The silly reportage of US media and by the likes of Maria Ressa, Randy David and Sheila Coronel that we have an authoritarian government will be totally debunked if Pacman runs for president. The Philippines will be the darling of the foreign press, as we will be only the second country after Liberia to have a sports celebrity running for president. (The football star succeeded in Liberia.)

The boxing celebrity TIMES FILE PHOTO
The boxing celebrity TIMES FILE PHOT

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Hilbay rats on Carpio, reveals real aim of suit vs China

INDEED this often happens after a crime, when the gang members disagree among themselves, and they end up ratting on each other.

His shiny ego pricked by former Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio’s thinly veiled criticism of him in his July 1, 2021 Philippine Daily Inquirer column, that he purportedly tried to block the filing of the arbitration case against China,  former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay immediately hit back at Carpio the following day. 

Inadvertently, he disclosed the real goal of the arbitration: To remove the Chinese blocking of certain oligarchs’ natural-gasextraction project in the disputed Reed Bank.

In a self-congratulatory, five-page document he posted in his Facebook wall, Hilbay revealed what I have been claiming in several past columns.  It wasn’t patriotism that drove former foreign secretary Albert del Rosario and Carpio to propose and undertake vigorously the arbitration suit against China.

Carpio and Hilbay: Both probably right.
Carpio and Hilbay: Both probably right.

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Is Pacquiao’s ‘college degree’ fake?

YES, it’s a bogus degree, at least based on the information so far available, unless Sen. Manuel Pacquiao and the University of Makati (UMak) that issued his degree explain otherwise.

In December 2019, Pacquiao was awarded by the UMak a bachelor of science degree in political science, after a year’s study (not three months) at that institution. UMak’s president at the time was Abigail Binay, also Makati’s mayor, after its longtime president Tomas Lopez passed away in February 2019.

UMak, however, is not authorized to issue the kind of bachelor’s degree that was given to the senator.

Under existing laws on education, the only way to skirt the four-year course (four years, because it humanly takes that long to complete the 120 to 130 college units required) for a bachelor’s degree is through the so-called Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP).

The boxing champion with his questionable degree.
The boxing champion with his questionable degree.

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Never again such crimes and hoaxes

Last of 3 parts

THE late Benigno Aquino 3rd’s predecessors all made huge errors and even committed crimes against the nation. But Aquino’s were so incontrovertible and even horrible that his thank-you-Noynoy fawners do not even bother to contest most of these allegations.

What I find so despicable is that several of these crimes were disguised as noble projects, which Aquino and his cabal managed to get the media, the Church and Congress to support.

Journalism, as they say, is a rough draft of history. I am presenting my draft, and I dare the Yellows to contest this, and I commit to presenting their responses in this space.

These crimes and hoaxes, just one of which would be enough for history to condemn Aquino, are as follows.

No Image

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Never again should we have an oligarchs’ president

Second of 3 parts

“THOSE that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” the British statesman Winston Churchill wrote in his variation of the Spanish philosopher George Santayana’s famous repeating-the-past aphorism. Former president Benigno Aquino 3rd’s death is an occasion for us to learn from history.

What made up for Aquino’s lack of qualifications for the presidency, created the illusion that he was a good president and which covered up for his crimes and hoaxes were four attributes of his presidency. These, however, were seriously detrimental to us as a nation.

First, Aquino had a tight hold on media, whose influence on people’s minds was even stronger than during Marcos’ strongman rule because of its expertise in clothing lies as truths.

This was not because this media believed in Aquino, but because they not only were owned by oligarchs who saw Aquino as their own but were managed by Yellow cultists who saw him as the son of their saint, whom they had the sacred duty to protect.

Rappler tribute to Aquino (June 24, 2021)

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Carpio: The newest clown in town

THAT club of megalomaniacs called 1Sambayan was the town’s laughingstock last week. They used our country’s sacred Independence Day to pontificate on the kind of president and vice president they would like, based on their fictional world.

They named six nominees for the presidency. Four rushed in an hour’s time to decline the nomination; Mary Grace Poe – who placed third in the 2016 elections – just minutes after that pathetic group made their announcement. Nominee Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo didn’t say whether she accepted the nomination or not but in her usual way, blah-blahed inanities about the need for us to unite.

Only the super-megalomaniac of them all, the bungling putschist Antonio Trillanes 4th, accepted the club’s nomination. I bet 1Sambayan convenor, the Aquino regimes’ blundering, foreign secretary Albert del Rosario will be squirming in his seat when his club meets with Trillanes on the nomination.

Trillanes had accused del Rosario of treason in his handling of the Scarborough Shoal fiasco, even telling me in an interview that he should be shot by firing squad. Trillanes claimed that del Rosario had even spread fake news during that crisis to worsen the country’s quarrel with China – such as releasing to the Philippine Daily Inquirer an old 1990s photo of Chinese navy men planting their flag on the shoal, to stoke Filipinos’ anger against China.

1Sambayan doesn’t even deserve to be called an opposition group: Without media, nobody would pay any notice to this group of delusional retired men (and women) and clerics still brainwashed by passé liberation theology rhetoric, none of whom could even win a post as barangay chairman. Worse, with their misdeeds against the country. they don’t have any right at all to open their mouth about where our nation should be going.


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New book suggests Pacquiao shouldn’t run for any post

OF course, the book doesn’t say so directly.

But if boxing legend Sen. Manny Pacquiao reads Damage: The Untold Story of Brain Trauma in Boxing, he would be convinced without an ounce of doubt of the stark reality of the career that has brought him fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.

Damage, written by renowned boxing journalist Tris Dixon and released last month, reveals in vivid detail and through scientific studies professional boxers such as Pacquiao have a very high chance of suffering brain damage not just from his 71 official fights but in his thousands of sparring sessions to prepare for his bouts.

By winning public office, especially the presidency, Pacquiao will be putting his country at risk of having an official unable to undertake his functions because of brain shrinkage and degeneration, the scientific term for which is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), referred to before in boxing reportage through the pejorative term “punch-drunk” and later “dementia pugilista.”

Cover of explosive book released last month.
Cover of explosive book released last month.

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