Columns on the South China Sea Disputes


Feb 2023
Marcos puts us further in harm’s way, to help US in a Taiwan war

Expanded EDCA will have severe economic backlash

Jan 2023
Three issues Marcos should keep in mind during his China visit

Marcos terribly misinformed about PH dispute with China

Nov 2022

China likely to blacklist PH as a tourist destination because of POGOs

VP Harris’ visit to Palawan will raise Taiwan, South China Sea tensions

Aug 2022
Why war between China and US over Taiwan is now in the realm of possibility

Feb 2022
Exposed: Why Aquino 3rd sued China, and was hostile toward it

How to address our South China Sea territorial and maritime-area disputes

Junk the old, US-imposed Cold War thinking to resolve our disputes with China

Dec 2021
Astonishing ignorance over our South China Sea disputes

Blowback: China’s artificial islands

Arbitration suit vs China: Aquino 3rd regime and the US’ big blunder

Aug 2021

SWS misinforms the public on South China Sea issue Aug 02

July 2021

PH the only country in the world without an official map   July 21

Abaya must explain hand in hoax-making US firm SimularityJuly 19

Aquino official behind US firm spreading fake news on Chinese activities in SCSJuly 16

‘Arbitration victory’ today’s American WMD lieJuly 14

Vietnam: Proof that ‘arbitral victory’ is a colossal fraudJuly 12

Hilbay rats on Carpio, reveals real aim of suit vs ChinaJuly 7

June 2021

Carpio: The newest clown in town June 16

‘West Philippine Sea’ appellation: Aquino’s brainwashing trick, and a curseJune 9

Deliriously livid at Duterte or just an anti-Chinese racist?June 04

Yellows lost not just Scarborough Shoal but also our Kalayaan Island GroupJune 02

May 2021

Congress should probe Scarborough fiasco May 28

Aquino abandoned ScarboroughMay 26

Why the US fooled the ‘Bajo 3’ into losing PH territoryMay 17

Cuisia: ‘US diplomat told me Chinese would leave Panatag’May 14

Not a debate but full-blown probe of Panatag loss, anti-China drive neededMay 12

Salim (aka MVP), Razon, Ongpin’s project behind Aquino’s discord with ChinaMay 10

Arbitration ‘award’: A P1-billion useless piece of paper May 07

Twitter-mad Locsin a disgrace to the country May 05

Carpio and Sison are PH’s biggest liars May 03

April 2021

Del Rosario lost Panatag to China April 26

Chinese maritime militia invasion a hoax; Duterte should fire Lorenzana and LocsinApril 23

Use P15B for new Senate building to defend PH sovereigntyApril 21

Generals should shut up on international disputesApril 16

Locsin so patently ignorant about arbitration suitApril 14

AFP Chief lied on new ‘illegal structures’ at Union BanksApril 12

Reef row: US plot in its ‘re-pivot’ to AsiaApril 07

Colossal lies, delusions on the Felipe Reef brouhahaApril 05

March 2021

China, US should thank Carpio, del Rosario — profusely March 22

Scholars praise Duterte’s China policyMarch 17

Feb 2021

Carpio scared SC: ‘Without EDCA, China will soon grab our territories’ Feb 24

Carpio, Aquino regime disseminated spurious EEZ mapsFeb 10

We don’t have territorial sea, EEZ, maybe even WPS – yet: Blame CongressFeb 08

Oct 2020

Revealed: The crux of our SCS dispute — natural gas Oct 05

Sept 2020

Duterte terribly wrong — or just diabolically clever — in his arbitration statements at UNOct 28

Will the US help us in a fight with China?Oct 02

Aug 2020

Locsin dumps Duterte’s China policy — and follows Trump’s election stunt Aug 31

Aquino a US pawn to maintain its hegemony in AsiaAug 26

Exploiting arbitration ruling, Malaysia claims most of our Kalayaan Island GroupAug 12

Yellows silent on Malaysian grab of PH territoryAug 10

Arbitration suit vs China: A colossal hoaxAug 05

July 2020

Yellow zombie ideas on our China dispute July 31

Suit vs China: Oligarchs’ last resort to salvage their gas project in SpratlysJuly 24

Two oligarchs triggered our quarrel with ChinaJuly 22

Arbitration ruling opened us to Chinese or Vietnamese military aggression in South China SeaJuly 20

Locsin and Lorenzana so terribly misinformed about PH vs China arbitrationJuly 17

Jan 2020

Yellow trio helping China’s case in South China Sea disputes Jan 14

Carpio persists in lying about arbitration ruling vs ChinaJan 11

Arbitration tribunal’s most useless ruling, and its worstJan 02

Dec 2019

We lost our islands with arbitration award Dec 31

Sovereignty claims, not maritime entitlementsDec 28

Arbitral PH vs China: A colossal deceptionDec 26

Nov 2019

US Navy confirms real intent of PH arbitration vs China Nov 26

Have we forgotten that the Aquino-del Rosario tandem lost Scarborough twice over?Nov 07

Oct 2019

Bring case vs China to UN? Are they crazy? Oct 22

Duterte ushers in a new era: An independent foreign policy Oct 12

Sept 2019

Aquino-del Rosario offered Sabah to Malaysia for its support in arbitration case vs China Sept 19

Arbitral ruling a colossal deception: It damaged our national interestsSept 14

Aquino-Del Rosario betrayed our national interest in arbitration suit vs ChinaSept 10

‘PH can’t have its Kalayaan Island Group’ – arbitral tribunalSept 05

Arbitral award vs China: We shot ourselves in the footSept 03

July 2019

Fake SWS poll stokes anti-China sentiments July 20

Fake news? No such ‘PCA decision’ on suit vs ChinaJuly 18

Colossal blowback: PH arbitration suit prodded, justified China’s island-building blitzJuly 16

3 myths about China and The Hague tribunal verdictJuly 04

Impossible for Carpio and del Rosario not to know that they are deceiving the countryJuly 02

June 2019

Duterte is wrong to call Carpio buang… or maybe no June 29

Del Rosario: The worst foreign affairs secretary in our historyJune 27

US fooled del Rosario into losing Panatag but he blames, vents his ire on, ChinaJune 25

Rushed oil search by ‘MVP’ firm triggered hostile stance toward ChinaJune 22

Nope, Duterte won’t lose Recto Bank the way Aquino and Del Rosario lost PanatagJune 18

April 2019

Yellows’ vilest propaganda line: Inciting anti-Chinese racism April 30

Pag-asa Island? Oops, arbitration award ruled it’s just a rockApril 9

Carpio is ignorant, or lying about loan terms in his anti-Chinese rantsApril 6

March 2019

Aquino, Del Rosario endorsed fake book on the PH-China suit March 30

US fooled Del Rosario and Aquino for its ‘Pivot to Asia’ strategyMarch 28

Del Rosario’s ICC case: Cover-up Part 2 for his boo-boo in losing Scarborough March 26

US will defend PH in a South China Sea war? Don’t bet on it March 05

Nov 2018

Is Carpio General Almonte’s mouthpiece? Nov 29

‘Del Rosario, Bensurto, Inquirer worsened row with China’ Nov 15

Trillanes: Aquino and Del Rosario lost Panatag Shoal to China Nov 13

Sep 2018

South China Sea: Biggest reason for US to want to kill Duterte Sep 15

Aug 2018

Revealed: Marcos’ secret operations to take over entire Spratly archipelago Aug 14

Aquino, Del Rosario begged US to use its military in Scarborough crisisAug 07

Did the US manipulate Aquino and Del Rosario to lose Panatag to the Chinese?Aug 04

Aquino, Del Rosario must disclose to the nation exactly how they lost PanatagAug 02

July 2018

SWS lies in its polls vs China and govt policy July 19

Del Rosario admits he was hoodwinked into giving up Panatag July 10

Duterte’s $1-B Chinese investments three times Aquino’s $300MJuly 07

June 2018

Aquino, Del Rosario and media hid the loss of Panatag to China from the nation June 26

Aquino, Trillanes blamed Del Rosario for Panatag lossJune 21

Yes, Senate must investigate how Aquino, Trillanes and Del Rosario lost PanatagJune 19

We must do what Vietnam, Taiwan, China and other Spratly claimants did: Build, build, buildJune 16

Two Aquinos lost us Philippine territory, Marcos acquired territoryJune 09

P10B for senators’ new offices? Use the money to fortify our Spratly islands instead!June 05

At last, the only rational policy for our disputes in the Spratlys: Fortify our islands and reefs there!June 02

May 2018

Carpio continues to mislead us on South China Sea issue May 31

Carpio, Robredo and Golez make a fool of themselves over Chinese-bomber issueMay 29

Intellectual dishonesty the likes of Justice Carpio’s will keep PH as US proxy in AsiaMay 26

July 2017

‘Arbitration’ suit vs China a colossal cover-up July 14

Look beyond the territorial dispute: We must learn from ChinaJuly 9

May 2017

At last, with Duterte, we’re no longer the US lackey in Asia May 01

July 2016

‘Am-boy’ envoys gang up on YasayJul 31

Will we be the West’s ‘tank man’ vs China?Jul 17

Psst… ‘All superpowers usually ignore international verdicts’Jul 14

The Philippine suit: A brilliant US machination? Jul 12

May 2016

PH lost Scarborough, and Aquino should be made accountable May 24

Oct 2015

But why wasn’t a US ship deployed to Panatag in 2012? Oct 29

July 2015

Use ‘BBL’ and CCT funds to defend our Kalayaan sovereignty Jul 07

Aquino gave China reason for reclamation Jul 05

June 2015

China reclaims, fortifies territories; What does Aquino do? Jun 30

Congress should probe Aquino, Trillanes and del Rosario Jun 28

May 2015

Aquino, the first President to lose Philippine territory May 31

April 2015

Trillanes: DFA chief to blame for Spratly mischief Apr 24

Nov 2014

Trillanes: DFA chief deliberately worsened PH row with China Nov 30

Aug 2014

Wag the Dog, Aquino style Aug 19

April 2014

America’s colonial burden’ Apr 15

Oct 2013

NYT: “Not if but when: PHL will lose Spratlys” Oct 29

March 2013

Malaysia’s masterstroke that buried our Sabah claimMar 20

Where is ASEAN?Mar 13

Lacierda lying on Sabah issue, ignorant, or plain dimwittedMar 08

Almendras: Sabah crisis doesn’t need Cabinet meeting Mar 7

Malaysian spokesman Dato Aquino? Mar 7

Philippine Daily Inquirer Articles:

September 2012

DFA: another institution damaged by Aquino Sep 27

June 2011

The Spratlys: Marcos’ legacy, or curse? Jun 22

May 2012

Psst… US isn’t with Unclos May 10

Scarborough fail: How Aquino blew it May 03

Bulgar Articles

Oct 2019

Dilawan, nagpapagamit sa mga Kano para pabagsakin si P-Digong Oct 23

July 2019

Hawak ng mga Tsino ang Scarborough Shoal dahil sa kapalpakan ni ex-P-Noy, period! Jul 12

Jun 2019

Nawala ang Scarborough Shoal noon, gustong isabak ang ‘Pinas sa giyera ngayon | Del Rosario…  Jun 28

Pagkansela ng gobyerno sa diplomatic passport, pagkampi raw sa China | Resbak ni Sec. Locsin kay VP Jun 26

P-Digong, ‘di nagpadala sa hiyaw ng dilawan kontra China | Ang tunay na lider, umaaksiyon batay sa… Jun 19

Gimik ng mga dilawan, buking! | ‘Pinas at China, gustong pag-awayin para makaepal ang Estado Unidos Jun 17

May 2019

Todo-banat sa China at kay P-Digong | Galawan ng mga dilawan, buking na pinopondohan ng U.S. May 3

Apr 2019

Pinakakarumal-dumal na propaganda ng mga dilawan | Mga Pinoy, gustong magalit sa China para madamay Apr 29

Mar 2019

Gumastos pa ng P500 milyon sa wa’ ‘wentang kaso | ‘Pinas, pinaglaruan lang ng U.S. kontra China Mar 29

Para mapagtakpan ang kapalpakan sa Scarborough Shoal | Tropang P-Noy, kinasuhan si Chinese Pres. Xi Mar 27  

Hirit na ipagtatanggol ang ‘Pinas ‘pag giniyera, hinding-hindi mangyayari | U.S., ATRAS SA MGA K Mar 4