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Aquino 3rd: Such a shameless, sociopathic liar

FORMER President Benigno Aquino 3rd demonstrated how much of a shameless, sociopathic liar he is at the hearings of three Congress committees on the Dengvaxia debacle.

He claimed that he undertook the mass vaccination using the defective Dengvaxia vaccine since 1 million Filipinos get sick of dengue annually, and boasted that he “cannot allow this to happen.”

That is a total lie. Health department figures show that in the past 10 years the incidence of dengue has never exceeded 200,000 annually, with 131,827 cases in 2017. Dengue is not among the top 10 prevalent diseases in the country or among the top 10 causes of deaths in most years.

The most prevalent diseases in the country are those affecting the lungs. About 2 million Filipinos get sick of respiratory infection, pneumonia, and bronchitis; 345,000 of hypertension, 326,551 of diarrhea, and 272,000 of influenza.

Deaths due to dengue has averaged less than a thousand per year (731 in 2017) in contrast to the 140,000 deaths due to heart and vascular diseases, 36,000 to pneumonia, 25,000 to tuberculosis, and 20,000 to diabetes.

Why would Aquino lie about the incidence of dengue, to exaggerate it? Continue reading

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Ninoy did not expose the “Jabidah massacre,” he even doubted it

Aquino delivering a privileged speech at the Senate

The Manila Times, March 19, 2013

The “Jabidah Question”: First of Three Parts

Contrary to many accounts, senator Benigno Aquino Jr. did not expose the so-called “Jabidah massacre” 45 years ago today, which the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) exploited to the hilt to rally Muslims to its secessionist cause.

What he revealed to the world, and asked for a stop to, was the clandestine plan of his archenemy president Ferdinand Marcos to train and send Muslim commandos to Sabah to organize a revolt against Malaysia, the first step for the Philippines to take over the territory.

This conclusion is incontrovertible based on the late senator’s privileged speech on March 28, 1968 titled: “Jabidah! Special Forces of Evil?”

The speech is posted at the archives section of the official government website and at my personal website as an annex to this column.

That there was a Jabidah massacre has been mostly uncritically believed, as indicated in the following Wikipedia entry:

“The Jabidah massacre . . . refers to an incident in which members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines massacred a number of Moro Muslim recruits who were escaping their covert training to reclaim Sabah . . . It is widely regarded as having been the catalyst behind the modern Moro insurgencies in the Southern Philippines.”

The entry continued: “Sources differ regarding the details, with the number of victims ranging from 14 to 68, and some sources assert that the massacre is a myth.” The “some sources” it referred to consist solely of University of the Philippines anthropologist Arnold Molina Azurin who investigated the episode intensively in his book, Beyond the Cult of Dissidence.Continue reading

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