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Colossal Deception 
is the culmination of Tiglao’s research, and ultimately, condemnation of the de facto turnover of the economy, notably key sectors such as telecoms and utilities to foreign oligarchic control. It could also be the unknowing Filipinos’ handbook for channeling their outrate to the right respondent over pathetic products and services of local telecommunications providers, utilities, and even media.  — Journal of Contemporary Asia 2017, Vol. 27, No. 4.

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Definitely one of the best books I read, not just on how foreign companies skirted the law and regulatory capture, but also on economic nationalism and developmentalism. – Review at www.goodreads. Com

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Tiglao’s book unmasks businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan as proxy for Salim in the Philippines.

“Pangilinan is First Pacific’s highest paid executive, with his compensation in 2015 amounting to $7.5 million, bigger than the $2.8 million of the firm’s chairman and majority owner Salim or of the other two executive directors. It is very likely that if included are his other salaries in PLDT, Meralco, MPIC and at least a dozen other First Pacific subsidiaries, Pangilinan is the highest paid executive in the country making roughly P1.5 million for each of his working day.”

Tiglao, who is now a columnist of The Manila Times (he also used to write a column in The Philippine Daily Inquirer), ends every chapter of his book with the question, “What kind of country have we become?”

It’s question that many of us are asking. – Ellen Tordesillas in

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I just bought and scanned this. I’m so happy it’s made available now in Amazon as i have waited for this since October last year. he respected author has been researching and writing about the real owners of Telecoms in the Philippines in his Manila Times column since 2014. So to me, this is a compilation of his research that I  can keep.

  1. Tiglao is one of the few credible journalists I trust. He doesn’t belong to Phililppine mainstream media. I give 5 stars   – Review posted at

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Written by veteran investigative journalist Rigoberto D. Tiglao, “this book exposes one of the biggest deceptions ever foisted on the nation, which has hidden from it foreigners’ complete domination of our telecommunication industry and certain other public utilities, a blatant violation of the Philippine Constitution. Former President Benigno S. Aquino III defied in 2012 a Supreme Court ruling ordering a stop to the foreign control of such strategic public utility.” – Cecilio Arillo, Business Mirror.