Psst… US isn’t with Unclos

It’s been awkward—even comical—for the Aquino administration to be begging the United States for arms to defend our Scarborough Shoal claim, which it declared is based on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos): the Americans aren’t with the convention.

The US—together with Israel and Turkey—is among 34 nations that have not ratified Unclos; they therefore officially do not recognize it. State Secretary Hillary Clinton in 2009 said the US Senate would ratify it soon. Three years later, it hasn’t even scheduled a vote on it. (more…)

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Colossal deception on Corona’s accounts

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’ allegation that Chief Justice Renato Corona has $12 million in dollar accounts will go down in Philippine history as one of the biggest and most deviously constructed deceptions ever foisted on the public.

Morales unfortunately swallowed hook, line and sinker the deeply flawed analysis of raw data made by Heidi Mendoza, whom President Aquino deep-selected to overtake five officer-levels to become deputy commissioner of the Commission on Audit. (more…)

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Scarborough fail: How Aquino blew it

Solid as our territorial claims against China are, we could lose these areas if President Aquino keeps making colossal blunders on this front.

Blunder No. 1:  The biggest, and the damage done probably irreparable until we get somebody else to represent our nation: Mr. Aquino deployed a warship, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, to Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal to confront the Chinese fishermen, with naval soldiers even boarding their vessels. (more…)

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Justice triumphs

IT WILL be an episode studied in law schools and social science departments by many generations of Filipinos to come:

How President Aquino used the House of Representatives as well as his allies in the Senate, the enormous resources of the executive branch, and even a witting or unwitting mainstream media to coerce the Supreme Court by attacking its head, to subvert the agrarian reform program, and to hand over P10 billion to his Cojuangco clan as payment for its hacienda. (more…)

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Aquino camp faking letters to the editor

Not contented with mainstream media sympathetic to its master, President Aquino’s camp has been faking letters to the editor to vilify those critical of his actions and policies, sources disclosed to this writer. Such bogus letters, many oozing with uncivilized venom, have especially targeted, ever since the impeachment trial started in December, Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Mr. Aquino’s PR operatives have hijacked young people’s Facebook names and fabricated e-mail addresses to use as authors of these spurious letters. These bogus e-mail addresses are mostly Yahoo or Hotmail addresses, as these services enable their users ($20 yearly for Yahoo Plus) to use so-called “disposable e-mail addresses” which conceal the senders’ identities. (more…)

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‘The people cried out: Crucify him!’

It’s the most startling feature of the biblical account of Christianity’s defining event. It wasn’t the High Priest Caiaphas nor Pontius Pilate, nor any powerful man or elite who condemned Jesus of Nazareth to crucifixion.

The people did. The Gospel writers’ use of the Greek words   “laos” and “iodaios,” both of which were terms for people of the area (i.e., Judea), incontrovertibly means they weren’t referring to a lynch mob or curious bystanders roused to a rabble, but to  “people” as in “We, The People.” (more…)

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Drilon led assault vs Corona, didn’t he?

How short our memories are.  It was Sen. Franklin Drilon who fired the opening salvo of this regime’s assault against Chief Justice Renato Corona.  When the idea of taking out the Chief Justice had seemed too reckless a campaign for President Aquino to undertake, it was Drilon who launched the attack.

Drilon issued on Nov.  28, 2011 a widely circulated press release, using the Senate’s stationery, entitled “Drilon: Corona voted in favor of Arroyo in all 19 cases brought before the Supreme Court.”   It was the most comprehensive—even if fallacious—brief alleging the Chief Justice’s bias for former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Before that, Mr. Aquino could only whine against Corona, with no understandable, specific accusations against him. (more…)

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Give up Hacienda Luisita now, Mr. Aquino!

With so much of our nation’s attention and the regime’s resources focused on the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona, with even the press shamefully yoked to this project, and especially with the damage it has inflicted on the Supreme Court as an institution, President Aquino owes it to the country to make a declaration.

This is necessary to convince everyone that his is really an anti-corruption crusade, and not just a last-ditch effort to prevent the bankruptcy of his Cojuangco clan because of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Hacienda Luisita case. (more…)

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How they fool people with polls

President Aquino’s camp has been adept in manipulating media and polls to manufacture a counterfeit public opinion, and then claim it as “people’s wisdom.” Malacañang spokesmen even cavalierly justify former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s anomalous arrest and the assault on the Supreme Court on grounds that “public opinion” supports these moves.

Opinion surveys are legitimate research tools. To mystify their findings though as “the voice of the people” and base our moral compass and our sense of justice and fairness on poll findings is utter inanity or crass populism. (more…)

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Unas and the Philippine press’ abdication

If you applauded the arrest of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as a “triumph of justice,” yet you are puzzled by who, or even what, “Unas” is, then read on and find out how the press has abdicated its role and thereby helped in the travesty of justice.

Unas is one Norie Unas, whose allegation that Arroyo ordered cheating in the 2007 elections for her senatorial slate is the sole basis for her arrest. He claims he “overheard” the former president giving the order to his boss. (more…)

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