The people have their reasons

OR more precisely, the Filipino people’s will in choosing their presidents has its reasons and its logic, which the Finks just don’t understand or refuse to understand. Comprehending it and the people’s decision last May 9 is unsurprising.

The key point to understand is that contrary to the flawed “history” and narratives crafted under the three Yellow regimes and its powerful oligarch — and US-owned media apparatus — EDSA I was never the will of the majority of Filipinos.

At most, only 20 percent supported it — mostly in Metro Manila and Cebu and supported by the US and the elites. The crushing of the RAM-led coups right after EDSA in 1986, however, intimidated the nation to accept the three Yellow regimes (Cory’s, Ramos’ and Aquino 3rd) and their narratives.


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Are the Pinks up to something evil?

THAT the Pinks refuse to accept the total routing of Leni Robredo and claim cockamamie theories on how their candidate was cheated merely confirm the suspicion that they have been living in a fictional world, in which they are a superior species and the sole guardians of morality.

But even I didn’t expect that they, or at least their leaders, could be plotting something really evil to stop the people’s loud and clear verdict to choose Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. as their president.


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Marcos’ landslide victory inevitable

IF one looks objectively at developments in the past decade or so, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s (BBM) landslide victory — the first majority president in our history ever — was inevitable, although his own political acumen was also a major factor. These developments are as follows.

First, the Yellow elite-manipulated revolution has been a failure, and the masses have gradually realized that the Yellow forces that started with Cory Aquino’s regime have served only their class.

The last Yellow regime, that of Benigno Aquino 3rd demonstrated how rotten it was — in its incompetence (the loss of Scarborough Shoal and its belligerent stance toward China, the Mamasapano massacre, the colossal mishandling of the Super Typhoon Yolanda’s disaster), in its ruthless highhandedness (the removal of Chief Justice Corona and the persecution of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo), and in its corruption (mainly the hijacking of the budget through the Disbursement Allocation Program). After Aquino, to use the Yellow’s own favorite slogan, the masses’ realization was: “Never again!”


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Genuine People Power will occur today – at the polls

THE real, authentic expression of the people’s will occurs today.

Unlike the bogus ones in 1986 and 2001 which were a Machiavellian mix of mobs and the threat of the use of force, this people power today will be expressed through secret ballots cast by at least 60 percent of voting citizens, who after more than a year of careful deliberation and relentless black propaganda by the Yellow elite, choose Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as their president.

The 1986 “People Power” hardly represented Filipinos’ voice. Even using the reports of the Yellow-controlled vote counter, the Namfrel (National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections), nearly half (47 percent) of Filipinos still wanted BBM’s father as president. The official Comelec results showed him the winner with 54 percent of votes. The US cleverly engineered a massing of warm bodies in front of Camp Crame with the people mostly there not demanding to topple Marcos but as Cardinal Sin told them, to prevent the bloody take-out of the mutineers holed up there.


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Do not vote for a US puppet!

AND obviously, incontrovertibly, it is Leni Robredo who has been and will be the US puppet. For me, this really is by far the most important factor to consider in these elections.

It is scandalous indeed that the Left here  — including the Communist Party founder Jose Ma. Sison — which has been the political movement that exposed and opposed US imperialism, is rooting for the American candidate.

It was the country’s most pro-US foreign secretary Albert del Rosario — who with President Aquino 3rd lost us Scarborough Shoal because they believed the lies of an American diplomat* — who was the main convenor of 1Sambayan that had pushed for and supported  Robredo’s candidacy. My sources claim that it is del Rosario with about a dozen of his rich Yellow friends who are Robredo’s biggest funder. 


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Leni: Loony, lying or lazy?

INTENDING to check on some detail about her qualifications (that she was a “professor”), I was amazed —  or maybe not – that Vice President Leonor Robredo’s official biodata posted on her office’s government-paid website, was totally unchanged since Dec. 8, 2021.  Why that date? 

Because that was when I debunked several claims in her biodata that were incontrovertibly false. Neither she nor her office bothered to challenge my claims. She just ignored them, and didn’t’ even revise her CV to make it truthful. That’s the kind of president the Pinks want, somebody with a sense of impunity.  


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Anti-Marcos ‘NYT’ article lists editor Magsanoc, tycoon Yuchengco as killed during martial law

YES, the “venerable” New York Times spread those lies in a recent article, so nauseatingly biased against the Marcoses, in order to portray that martial law was so hateful that Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s (BBM) impending victory in the presidential race is merely due to Filipinos’ gullibility to social media disinformation.

A photo accompanying the article showed a portion of the “Bantayog ng mga Bayani Memorial,” which has names of deceased personalities, who struggled against the martial law regime. Actually, at least half of these are Communist Party political officers and New People’s Army fighters as well as Yellow anti-Marcos activists. This was because it was a project financed by the Cory Aquino regime, the Lopez oligarch and CPP activists.


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Isko sold Divisoria to a secretive Chinese firm in Seychelles

PRESIDENTIAL candidate Francisco Domagoso, aka “Isko Moreno,” as the Manila city mayor, sold the Divisoria Market in August 2020 to a company 40 percent-owned by a secretive firm of Chinese nationality, registered in the tax-haven island nation of the Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean just off Somalia in East Africa.

On paper and as Domagoso has been claiming, the buyer was one, to use Domagoso’s term, “Ermita-based” firm, Festina Holdings, the Divisoria Public Market’s former lessor, which purportedly offered the highest bid of P1.4 billion to buy the 3,702 sqm lot. A 50-story building will be built on it with the vendors currently occupying it to be given stalls in the nearby Pritil Market.


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‘P203B’ unpaid Marcos estate tax: Another of Carpio’s Hitlerian ‘Big Lies’

Swiss deposits part of Marcos estate

Retired Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio has made several big lies in his discussions over our South China Sea claims, many of which are being repeated even by otherwise intelligent people.

Now in the homestretch to the May elections, he’s created another Big Lie: presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. owes government P203 billion in estate or inheritance taxes. Carpio is hoping this Big Lie can stop Marcos from winning the presidency 31 days from now.

It’s a classic case of a Big Lie which an unscrupulous politician spreads for his electoral ambitions and which biased, or plain stupid media disseminates. The gullible candidate Isko Moreno has gone on to say silly things, such as that the “P203 billion” will feed 59 million Filipinos for a year. He has practically made it his platform of government, that if he wins the presidency, he will make it his priority to collect those unpaid estate taxes.

The forever anti-Marcos Philippine Daily Inquirer jumped on the fake issue, claiming in an editorial that the BIR isn’t doing its job if it doesn’t collect the P203 billion. That paper got that idea from Carpio who said: “What is the BIR waiting for? “

I find it astonishing that he forgets that when that tax deficiency was first issued in 1991 and when the Supreme Court allegedly made it “final and unappealable” in a decision in 1997, the administration in power was that of Fidel Ramos, in which Carpio was one of the most powerful Cabinet members, being the presidential legal counsel. He recommended for Bureau of Internal Revenue head Liwayway Vinzons-Chato, a colleague in the law profession. Why couldn’t they get the “tax” paid?


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