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Debunking the Christ myth

THIS week is the time of the year when even the state, by declaring three “holy” days related to the Christ myth as official holidays, strengthens superstitious beliefs created centuries ago when superstition and baseless dogmas, rather than science and rationality, dominated the human mind.

As an analogy, we believed in ghosts, Santa Claus, angels in our childhood. These beliefs — except for a few and for a certain kind of mind — vanished unnoticed in our adulthood, as we imbibed civilization’s greatest tools of the science and rationality

A Filipino woman this time pretending to be the Messiah. AFP PHOTO

To start getting out of one’s mindset built since childhood, you have to recognize that in this modern age, science has been the singularly powerful tool for us to understand reality, to separate what’s false and mythical, and what’s true and factual (or historical). Science just in a brief span of 100 years of the modern human’s 200,000 years of existence has unlocked the mysteries of the atom and of the human genome, so we understand now that the world is not composed of “earth, air, water and fire,” nor are we just a more sophisticated form of dust.


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2016 arbitral ruling supports China’s Ayungin actions

Last of 2 parts

The Philippine military’s ignorant spokesmen’s, as well as the envoys of America’s vassal countries (like Japan and Australia), recent statements on the Ayungin Shoal tension are close to being hilarious.

They claim that China was ignoring the July 12, 2016 decision of the ad hoc arbitral tribunal on the suit filed by the Philippines against China in 2013, when Chinese vessels blocked and water-cannoned a boat that the Philippine Navy had hired to deliver supplies to the BRP Sierra Madre grounded at Ayungin Shoal.

Why don’t they read the decision itself? Even if China rejected the entire arbitration (proceedings) — after all, how can an arbitration be an arbitration if only one party participates? — one of its rulings basically supports Chinese actions in that shoal.


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Is the military planning, and hoping, for Filipino casualties to trigger outrage against China?

First of 2 parts

A SERIOUS accusation indeed, but all the facts support my allegations.

The other day, the Navy even nearly succeeded in doing so when the small wooden-hulled civilian boat it hired suffered “heavy damage” after it was shooed away by the Chinese firing powerful water cannons as it approached Ayungin Shoal. The boat was attempting to station a fresh platoon on the BRP Sierra Madre and provide it with “supplies.” (I will explain below why I have italicized “supplies.”)”Personnel are being rotated in to ensure that BRP Sierra Madre’s mission posture remains uncompromised. This rotation-resupply (RoRe) operation is again a manifestation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ resolve in rightfully and lawfully maintaining its presence at the shoal in the continued protection of Philippine sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone,” the AFP said in a statement.

The AFP is deceiving us, most probably upon orders of its US puppeteers.

Such operations have been done several times in the past six months and in 2013, with the same result: The “supply” missions have been blocked by the Chinese coast guard using water cannons and through dangerous vessel maneuvers, which force the Filipino boats to scamper away or be rammed by the steel-hulled China Coast Guard ships.


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‘Israel has killed journalists, poets, novelists and writers of all kinds’

ANOTHER of Israel’s war crimes has been its deliberate targeting and killing of journalists and other writers since its siege and genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

This genocide has been obviously to avenge the Islamic Resistance Movement’s (Hamas) attack on October 7 that killed 1,300 Israelis. Israel’s murderous rampage, which its leaders claim is necessary to totally exterminate Hamas, has killed 31,000 Palestinians, 12,000 of whom were children and even infants in hospitals, through daily bombings and since January the Israeli troops’ ground assault.

The killing of reporters and other writers by Israel has been unprecedented in recent conflicts, with the Committee to Protect Journalists reporting that 99 writers were killed in Gaza in three months, more than in any conflict elsewhere in a year’s time. It is not only civilians that Israel has been slaughtering, but those in my profession. It is a dangerous precedent to prevent the facts and truth from being revealed to the world. In the case of one Palestinian journalist, his entire family of five were killed in his apartment by a bomb — obviously guided there by Israeli intelligence.


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PCSO opens applications for ‘jueteng’ operators

OK, I’m actually really referring to the popular numbers game called small town lottery (STL), which is essentially jueteng, but given a legal garb in 1987 and placed under the supervision of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) on orders of President Corazon Aquino.

Amid the recent media ruckus over the allegedly suspicious number of lotto winners, the PCSO quietly put out a small inconspicuous ad in this newspaper which, sources claimed, point to a system by which corrupt big money is generated through the STL: selection of its authorized operators for the games and how they could easily cheat government.

To play this very popular game, a player chooses two numbers from 1 to 40, and if his chosen numbers match the winning combination drawn in any order for that particular draw, he wins hundreds of pesos on a P1 bet, depending on how many bets were received and how many correctly guessed the winning combination.

Its popularity is due to the small amounts of bet one could make, and its returns. An P800 win makes a big difference in a wageworker’s daily life. Yes, you haven’t heard much about it since it is mostly the poor in small towns which play it, with collectors (kubradors) even going to people’s houses to collect the bet.


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Lies spread by the gullible, the ignorant or brown Americans

Last of 2 parts

THERE is one major reason why President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. sees nothing idiotic in his vitriolic anti-China foreign policy. This is the fact that otherwise intelligent, even respectable commentators have been unable to see through the US-crafted and disseminated propaganda against China.

This is mainly due to the fact that, their effective culture being American, they have been gullible in believing the US-crafted and disseminated narrative over the South China Sea controversy, which had gone full-blast as part of the Americans’ realization at the start of this millennium that China has emerged as a superpower, and is threatening their hegemony in Asia.

Its so-called Pivot to China declared by the Obama administration in 2009 was its unabashed announcement to its allies that it would henceforth pay more attention to China as a rival, if not an enemy, and would encircle as it has done in the case of Russia.


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Marcos’ belligerent stance vs China is idiotic and will lead to our ruin

First of 3 parts

I DON’T mince words on this issue anymore since President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is being goaded by the US to provoke China to a violent skirmish, which would lead to our total loss of even the nine islands and reefs we have occupied since the 1970s, and, more importantly, to our utter economic ruin.

First, a weak country can never win in a fight against a bigger nation, especially against a superpower whose military is the second mightiest in the world. That is not a defeatist stance but geopolitical realism or simple acceptance of reality.

I had goosebumps when, in an interview in Australia, Marcos said he was “standing up to China is a David and Goliath situation. And then he added with a boastful smile, “And of course, you know David won.” That statement is shocking, with our president basing his belligerent stance against China that could get Filipinos killed on a fairy tale.

Since ancient times, except in the case of Alexander the Great’s army that defeated the Persians, no weaker state has ever defeated a militarily stronger state. Coalitions of weaker states, as the Allied forces did in World War 2 against Germany and Hitler) defeat a stronger state. Asean nor any other Asian countries certainly won’t join us in a fight against China.


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In the dark over electricity prices

CONSUMERS are generally in the dark about how the power rates they are being charged by Meralco are being determined.

So, no information often means no worry, unless the consumer loses the wherewithal to pay and runs the risk of disconnection.

Thus, when Meralco announced its latest rate hike effective February — 57 centavos per kilowatt-hour, which means about P114 additional each month for a wage worker’s house — the silence from the usual groups, mostly in the Left spectrum of the political scale, has been taken to mean acquiescence, a quiet acceptance of what has become routine.

Few are aware that there’s such a thing as a competitive selection process, or CSP, which decides whether we pay higher or lower electricity costs.

CSP, however, is far from being competitive, a misnomer in fact. There is a permanent equation that CSP cannot brush off — higher fuel costs equals higher generation costs equals higher billing for consumers.


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Marcos’ delusion worse than I thought

President’s delusions as reported by newspaper banner headlines

Second of Two Parts

Last Friday,  I pointed out that President Ferdinand, Marcos Jr. and his security officials were delusional in that they keep on referring to Bajo de Masinloc as Philippine sovereign  territory that is the target of a “foreign power” (read: China),  which the President repeatedly has said he would not allow it to take even one square inch of it.

Marcos holds this belief despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary — which is precisely the definition of a delusion. President Benigno Aquino III after a nine-week stand-off in 2012 with the Chinese lost Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough Shoal) to that superpower. 

We lost not just a square inch of what we claimed was our territory but 232 billion square inches, i.e. 58 square miles that is the area of that feature in the Spratlys converted to square inches.  Wasn’t he reading the newspapers in 2012, when he was a senator?  

However, Marcos delusion does not only involve a denial of reality, that the Philippines still controls Scarboorugh Shoal.  From his speech the other day at the Australian Parliament, his delusion also involves includes another serious element of that disorder: Having grandiose, but false ideas over oneself.

In that speech, Marcos said: “As in 1942, the Philippines now finds itself on the frontline against actions that undermine regional peace, erode regional stability, and threaten regional success.”


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